Chapter 1376: The Sea God Descends to The World

Huang Xiaolong casually opened both spatial rings that belonged to Guo Da and Guo Shi. His eyes lit up as he saw the piles of chaos spiritual herbs, chaos spiritual pills, and mountains of grade seven and grade eight spirit stones.

The sea tribe’s twelve prominent families had existed with more than a million years of heritage, so one could imagine the shocking wealth accumulated inside Guo Da and Guo Shi’s spatial rings.

Huang Xiaolong’s attention then shifted to Feng Yingying, and the remaining sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs.

If Guo Da and Guo Shi’s spatial rings had so much wealth, then Feng Yingying and the other Ancestors and Patriarchs’ spatial rings should be equally plentiful, right?

As Huang Xiaolong was trying to estimate the wealth inside the sea tribe’s group’s spatial rings, Feng Yingying and the rest of the sea tribe were deathly pale.

Guo Da’s dead!

Guo Family’s Ancestor, the acknowledged sea tribe’s strongest person, had died just like that!

Not to mention, he was killed not long after he had broken through to God King Realm!

A God King Realm master, was a legendary existence in this Vientiane World!

But now, such a legendary existence had died in front of them.

This sight was a greater blow to Black Ice Ancestor and Zhu Yi.

Black Ice Ancestor looked at the God King Realm Guo Da who was killed in front of her, and the impact was so big that she could not even distinguish whether Myriad Flames Ancestor was a male or female anymore.

Although Guo Da and Guo Shi still had their avatars in the sea tribe, they were still considered dead as their main bodies had died. Not to mention, when their main bodies died, the souls of their respective avatars were damaged in the process, which in turn would limit their avatars’ future achievements.

In the meantime, Huang Xiaolong had already put Guo Da and Guo Shi’s spatial rings into his own Ghost Buddha Ring. He looked at Feng Yingying and said, “Feng Yingying, you have two choices which are as follows: either become my subordinate Feng Er’s slave...!” He pointed at Feng Er.

“... Or you can choose to die like Guo Da and Guo Shi!” Huang Xiaolong stated coldly.

“What... you, what did you say?! Want me to be your subordinate’s slave?!” Feng Yingying screamed, her face was green with indescribable anger, and she was trembling with uncontrollable rage.

If Huang Xiaolong had given her a choice to be his slave, then she wouldn’t have been so angry. But Huang Xiaolong wanted her to be his subordinate Feng Er’s slave!

This was absolutely abhorrent!

“I want you dead!” Feng Yingying screamed as the Sea God sceptre appeared in her hand, and she struck out at Huang Xiaolong. The Sea God sceptre was enshrouded in a brilliant light.

Feng Yingying was too agitated to remember that the void devil beast Xu Baisheng was still by Huang Xiaolong’s side, and she lunged forward to kill Huang Xiaolong even at the cost of her life.

When Feng Yingying attacked, Huang Xiaolong signaled Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and others to stay put. He clenched his right hand into a fist and swung straight at Feng Yingying’s Sea God sceptre.


A strong force exploded from Huang Xiaolong’s fist that was enshrouded in a golden light, While the Sea God sceptre in Feng Yingying’s hands emitted a dazzling icy-blue light.

The others watched as Feng Yingying was repelled due to the collision, and she lost her balance.

The sea tribe's Ancestors and Patriarchs couldn't believe what they had just seen.

This…! Their Lord Sea God was a peak early Third Order Ancestor God Realm, yet she was repelled back by Huang Xiaolong!

Didn’t Huang Xiaolong just break through to the Ancestor God Realm, but his battle power…!

Feng Yingying looked at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief, as she recovered from her frenzy.

She looked at Huang Xiaolong’s right fist, and she was surprised to see very few minor scratches on it.

Her Sea God’s sceptre had merely left a few scratches on Huang Xiaolong’s skin!

The Sea God’s sceptre was claimed to be the sea tribe’s sharpest divine weapon! Yet it had barely pierced Huang Xiaolong’s skin! On top of that, how could Huang Xiaolong be stronger than her?!

While Feng Yingying was still in shock and disbelief, Huang Xiaolong’s figure flickered, and once again he swung his fist at her.

Huang Xiaolong’s right fist burst out in a shocking golden light.

“Metal Domain Canon, Golden Inunduating Sun!”

This was one of the strongest moves from Golden Brow Ancestor’s Metal Domain Canon.

The whole Fortune City was covered in golden light, blocking out all other colors; this radiant golden light contained an overwhelming destructive power.

Feng Yingying was flustered, but quickly circulated every ounce of her Sea God’s bloodline power.

“Sea God Descends to the world!”

She bellowed. A startling light started shining from her chest and bloomed outwards, while rings of light appeared behind her. At the same time, the Sea God sceptre in her hands hummed and shook as the sea divine beasts flew out from its body one after another. 

Feng Yingying gripped at the Sea God sceptre until her knuckles turned white, and unaware of what she was doing, she managed to shoot out a beam of light from her spectre. This beam of light struck Huang Xiaolong’s sky of golden lights.


Undulating thunderous explosions resounded in the air.

Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yingying both leaped back, and simultaneously staggered several steps backwards.

This time, it was a draw.

It was a draw! Even though Feng Yingying had employed her Sea God’s bloodline power and had used the Sea God Spectre, it was still a draw. Nonetheless, she had stood her ground and fought Huang Xiaolong under such dire circumstances.

But this result was unacceptable to Feng Yingying because she knew that Huang Xiaolong could transform into a primordial divine dragon. Huang Xiaolong’s strength would rise exceptionally, if he were to transform into a primordial divine dragon.

As expected, Huang Xiaolong let out a dragon roar right in front of Feng Yingying. With a sway, his body turned into a primordial divine dragon!

Compared to the last time, Huang Xiaolong’s primordial divine dragon’s body was thicker, and the blue dragon scales glistened brightly.

Boundless dragon might spread out.

“Down!” Huang Xiaolong was already above Feng Yingying the moment he transformed into a primordial divine dragon. His hill-sized dragon claw slammed down on Feng Yingying.

Huang Xiaolong had no patience for entangling with Feng Yingying, therefore he had transformed into a primordial divine dragon to kill her in the shortest amount of time.

“Huang Xiaolong, you dared to hurt our Lord Sea God...!” The group of sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs bellowed in anger and rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

However, before they could even reach Huang Xiaolong, they were swept backwards by the void devil beast Xu Baisheng’s fist.

Feng Yingying looked at the dragon claw falling on her like a hill, and her face turned a shade paler. She frenziedly pushed her Sea God’s bloodline power to the limit, and summoned her Sea God Divine Armor to protect her whole body while channeling all of her godforce into the sceptre in her hands and pointed upwards.

But it was futile. In a split second, Feng Yingying was struck by a great impact, smashing her to the ground.

The ground below shook violently, raising a curtain of dust. The others saw Feng Yingying lying in a human-shaped pit with her hands tightly holding onto the Sea God sceptre. 

With a sway, Huang Xiaolong reverted to his human form, and looked indifferently at Feng Yingying.

“Feng Yingying, have you thought about it? Be my subordinate Feng Er’s slave, or die!” He added, “You have one minute to answer!”

Based on Huang Xiaolong's current strength, he could control cultivators below Fourth Order God King Realm masters with his grandmist worm. However, Feng Yingying had the Sea God’s bloodline, therefore controlling her was not easy. Not to mention, she had the Sea God Divine Armor protecting her.

Feng Yingying laughed as she struggled up from the pit, her face distorted, “Huang Xiaolong, even if I die, I won’t be your slave, much less your subordinate’s slave!”

“Since it’s so!” A cold glint shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. Just as Huang Xiaolong’s finger pointed to kill Feng Yingying, suddenly, a strong sense of death and danger gripped his heart.

At the exact same time, a ray of blade light, faster than lightning itself, reached Huang Xiaolong in a split second, and slashed down from Huang Xiaolong’s head to his toes.

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