Chapter 1372: Hand Out Huang Xiaolong

Feng Yingying and the group of sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs looked down at the various cities big and small on the Fortune Mainland from high-up in the air.

“I hope that Huang Xiaolong is at the Fortune Gate!” Guo Family’s Patriarch Guo Shi said with a cold, bloodthirsty glint in his eyes as he licked the corners of his lips.

Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Da sneered, “He better be, or else, we’ll start the slaughter with that Golden Brow and Blood Knife. Huang Xiaolong is their disciple, so if the disciple is not around, they naturally need to make up for his mistakes!”

Although Golden Brow Ancestor had already broken through to God King Realm for more than a decade, there were still seven of them. They could toy with Golden Brow Ancestor as they liked!

It was merely Golden Brow!

And they had even less to worry about Blood Knife.

“Come, let’s go to the Fortune City!” Feng Yingying commanded spiritedly.

“Yes, Lord Sea God!”

The group of sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs answered with vigor.

The group whistled boldly towards Fortune City without bothering to disguise their movements.

“There is no need for us to conceal our presence nor motives!” Feng Yingying added.

They will never need to hide in the Vientiane World ever again!

She wanted to boldly display the current strength of her sea tribe to Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, and the others at the Fortune Gate! She wanted everyone in the Fortune Gate to know that her sea tribe had seven great God King Realm masters!

The rest of the group was surprised as well as ecstatic as they complied.

Feng Family’s Patriarch Feng Kaiyun said, “The Fortune Gate’s Chief Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, and the others will soon know that our sea tribe has seven great God King Realm masters. I can’t wait to see Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, and the others’ expressions when this news hits them!”

“What expressions will they have?! They would definitely be scared until they piss in their pants!” One of the Patriarchs laughed.

The group laughed loudly, their laughter echoed in the air.

At the same time, Feng Family’s Ancestor Feng Jingxi’s momentum rose, Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Da followed.

Soon, the sea tribe’s seven great God King Realm masters flew towards the Fortune City at full momentum. The originally clear bright sky suddenly dim as dark clouds gathered, and thunder rumbled as if a thunderstorm was coming from the horizon.

The experts on the Fortune Mainland felt the terrifying pressure from the sea tribe’s seven great God King Realm masters, similar to a giant mountain pressing down and suffocating them. Their faces paled as they were forced into prostration.

Following that, even the sea tribe’s Patriarchs released their momentums.

Even though the other five Ancestors had yet to breakthrough to God King Realm, their cultivations had reached the very extreme of peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm. Moreover, the synergy of the group’s momentum was multiplying its effect.

“It’s, it’s the sea, sea tribe!”

“This, this is the aura of a God King Realm master?! Heavens, the sea tribe’s Ancestors have actually broken through to the God King Realm! So many of them broke through to the God King Realm!”

“They, they want… to attack our Fortune Gate?!” Some Ancestor God Realm masters trembled as they realized their situation.

The sea tribe has so many Ancestors who have broken through to God King Realm! Moreover, judging from the situation, they were going to attack the Fortune Gate! This realization made the forces and families’ experts who had sworn fealty to the Fortune Gate feel devastated.

If the Fortune Gate was defeated…!

Then, what would happen to them, and the forces who had sworn allegiance to the Fortune Gate? Will they become the sea tribe’s slaves?

The sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs laughed even louder seeing the terrified faces of the people down in the cities. They accelerated towards Fortune City as they followed Feng Yingying.

The news of the sea tribe’s arrival and their intentions spread faster than wildfire, and it soon reached Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, and the other Ancestors.

Inside the Fortune Divine Kingdom, Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, Black Ice Ancestor, and the rest looked grim.

“What?! The sea tribe’s Ancestors have broken through to God King Realm, and they are going to attack our Fortune Gate!”

Disbelief was written all over their faces, as this news was very hard for them to accept. They had completely been caught off guard.

“Many of the sea tribe’s Ancestors have broken through to the God King Realm! How is that possible?!” Zhu Yi screamed hoarsely.

“According to the disciples, at least seven of the sea tribe’s Ancestors have broken through to God King Realm!” Blood Knife persuaded. His voice was heavy as he went on, “The disciples wouldn’t make any shoddy report, therefore it’s likely to be true!” 

Attack our Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate! Isn’t Feng Yingying afraid of our headquarters’ retaliation?!” Black Ice Ancestor screamed.

Others fell into silence. The Fortune Gate’s headquarters?

All of them were well aware about the relationship between the Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate and their headquarters. As long as the sea tribe did not slaughter indiscriminately, the headquarters’ Elder in charge of this area would turn a blind eye to their situation.

“Let’s head out and gauge Feng Yingying and the sea tribe’s Ancestors’ purpose!” Golden Brow Ancestor said solemnly. 

The rest nodded.

At this point, the God King Realm Golden Brow Ancestor was naturally their backbone.

Golden Brow Ancestor, Zhu Yi, and the rest flew out from the Fortune Divine Kingdom, then tore space and appeared above the Fortune City.

Not long after they had appeared, they saw the roiling dark clouds and rumbling thunder at the tail of Feng Yingying’s group as their group accelerated towards them.

The powerful momentums coming from the sea tribe’s group billowed at the Fortune Gate’s group like a tsunami. 

Blood Knife Ancestor and the others’ faces slightly ashened.

They were all Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm masters, therefore they could instantly judge that the Feng Family’s Ancestor Feng Jingxi, Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Da, and five other sea tribe’s Ancestors had broken through the God King Realm!

The sea tribe suddenly has seven great God King Realm masters, and it’s true!

In front of this absolute power, Zhu Yi, Black Ice Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, and the rest felt panic gripping their hearts. For a brief moment, the thought of fleeing flickered in Black Ice Ancestor’s mind. However, she cut off this thought almost immediately, because if she were to flee, then she would be labeled as a Fortune Gate’s traitor.

The sea tribe’s group also saw the Fortune Gate’s group. Feng Yingying, the Ancestors and Patriarchs were filled with smugness when they saw the panic in Zhu Yi and the Fortune Gate’s Ancestors’ faces.

Moments later, the sea tribe’s group stopped above the Fortune City, keeping a distance of about several hundred li from Golden Brow Ancestor’s group.

In one of the residences below them, Zhu Feng was deathly pale looking at Feng Yingying’s group. Even though he could see a different view of Feng Yingying from below, he didn’t have the mood to enjoy this alluring sight at this scary moment.


As for He Fang and Chen Xuguang, they had already flicked their sleeves and exited Fortune Gate angrily after learning that Zhu Yi and the Ancestors won’t be taking any actions against Huang Xiaolong. They had vowed to make the Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate branch pay for their actions upon returning to the Fortune Gate headquarters. 


High in the air, Feng Yingying wore a faint smile on her face as she looked at Zhu Yi. “Twenty years have passed since the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony; long time no see. Gate Chief Zhu Yi is still as dazzling as ever.”

Feng Yingying had cultivated the ancient Enchantress Tribe’s enchanting technique, therefore despite Zhu Yi’s strong will, his breathing quickened with her every movement.

“Hehe, Lord Sea God is flattering me. May I know Lord Sea God’s purpose in coming to our Fortune Gate?” Zhu Yi calmed down and squeezed a smile on his face.

Feng Yingying spoke nonchalantly, “I would like to address and take care of a few matters at hand. Firstly, I want the Fortune Gate to surrender their forces on Fortune Mainland, and retreat and stay within the boundaries of the Fortune City. Secondly, hand over Huang Xiaolong to us. Don’t try to tell me that Huang Xiaolong is not at the Fortune Gate!”

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