Chapter 1363: He Definitely Went Sightseeing

“But how can we stand and watch Li Lu spend the rest of her life in a coma?!” Blood Knife Ancestor said pensively.

In truth, Golden Brow Ancestor was feeling just as depressed.

Just based on godhead and talent, Li Lu was their Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate’s number one genius.

If Li Lu were to die because of this, it would be a great loss to the Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate!

More importantly, their darling disciple Xiaolong had deep feelings for Li Lu. If Li Lu continued to be in a coma, it would be a big blow to him.

“Maybe, our Fortune Gate’s headquarters’ Fortune Divine Artifact could suppress and force out the evil spirit from Li Lu’s body.” Lightning Hammer Ancestor suddenly came up with an idea.

The others were surprised by his words.

Myriad Flames Ancestor’s eyes lit up. “That’s right!” The Fortune Divine Artifact in our Fortune Gate’s headquarters is said to suppress all kinds of godforce, restrain all evil spirits and phantoms, therefore, suppressing and expelling the evil spirit from Li Lu’s body is definitely not a problem!”

Other Ancestors’ eyes also shone with hope.

A heartbeat later, Golden Brow Ancestor smiled bitterly as he said, “Even some of the Fortune Gate headquarters’ Grand Elders aren’t qualified to borrow the Fortune Divine Artifact, then what chance would we stand in their comparison? Only the headquarters’ Gate Chief and Ancestors are allowed to touch the Fortune Divine Artifact!”

With this, that small ray of hope that was shining in their eyes turned bleak.

Even though the Fortune Divine Artifact could suppress all kinds of godforce, and eliminate all evil spirits and phantoms, unfortunately, they weren’t even qualified to ask the headquarters to borrow the divine artifact!

Golden Brow Ancestor might have been qualified to enter the Fortune Gate’s headquarters, but he was not qualified to meet with the headquarters’ Gate Chief or Ancestors. In truth, Golden Brow Ancestor couldn’t even get a Fortune Gate’s Grand Elder to see him.

Furrows returned to everyone’s face as they fell into a predicament.

“Where is Xiaolong?” Golden Brow Ancestor suddenly asked Blood Knife Ancestor, then added, “Better tell him to come back.”

Blood Knife Ancestor didn’t expect that, but nodded his head in understanding. He understood the underlying meaning of Golden Brow Ancestor’s words. At the moment, Li Lu was able to wake up occasionally. Therefore, Golden Brow ancestor wanted to give Huang Xiaolong an opportunity to meet her before her soul fell into complete slumber.

Should Li Lu’s soul fall into a complete slumber, she wouldn’t get to hear Huang Xiaolong’s voice and his thoughts.

Without delay, Blood Knife Ancestor quickly took out his communication talisman to contact Huang Xiaolong, and inquired about his location.

Moments later, Blood Knife Ancestor received Huang Xiaolong’s reply.

“In the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City?” Blood Knife Ancestor was surprised.

Years back, Huang Xiaolong had gone to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, and subsequently, to the Reverence World. Even though Blood Knife Ancestor hadn’t known Huang Xiaolong’s purpose for visiting the Reverence World, Huang Xiaolong had seemingly stayed there for a couple of years. Why had he come back so suddenly? On top of that, why was he in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City?

“Xiaolong is in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City?” Golden Brow Ancestor was also surprised.

Blood Knife Ancestor nodded.

Black Ice Ancestor snorted with disdain, “Didn’t you all say that he had gone to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield in search of Li Lu? Didn’t you all say that he had gone there to train? It looks like he was doing nothing but simply sightseeing nearby. Since he had already returned to the Vientiane World surface, why didn’t he rush back to see Li Lu, instead of playing in the royal city! What bullsh*t of a deep love for Li Lu!”

The more Black Ice Ancestor verbally trashed Huang Xiaolong, the more excited she became. Her face was full of dislike for Huang Xiaolong, as if the mere mention of his name made her extremely uncomfortable.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor’s brows furrowed in displeasure.

“We did not tell Xiaolong about Li Lu’s matter, so, he didn’t know an evil spirit had possessed Li Lu’s body.” Golden Brow Ancestor explained. “Otherwise, he would have rushed back to see Li Lu the moment he returned to Vientiane World, had he known about Li Lu’s condition, and he would have been sadder than any of us. As for going to the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, there must be something he needed to do there.”

“He won't go there for no good reason.”

Black Ice Ancestor snorted again and disagreed loudly, “You’re his Master; of course you would make excuses for him! What reason could he have had to go there? Then tell us, do you know why he went to the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City? Does he intend to pay his respects to the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s number one genius disciple Xiang Li? Huang Xiaolong provokes trouble everywhere he goes; first it was Wangu Ziyi, then the sea tribe’s Guo Jun. When doesn’t he provoke trouble?”

“If he provokes Xiang Li at the royal city and raises the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s ire, then his identity as the Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate’s disciple must be revoked, and he should be expelled. Or else, our Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate will get destroyed because of him, sooner or later!”

Black Ice Ancestor’s accusations enraged Blood Knife Ancestor. He roared at her, “Enough! Old hag Black Ice, I will fork your holes!”

Fork your holes!

Black Ice Ancestor was dumbfounded. She subconsciously tightened her legs, and her face turned green.

“You—!” Her lips quivered with anger.

“You what you! Isn’t it because of you that Li Lu became like this? Isn’t it because of you that Li Lu is possessed by an evil spirit?!” Blood Knife Ancestor roared. “Huang Xiaolong defeated Wangu Ziyi as well as Guo Jun on the battle stage in an upright manner. How is that provoking troubles? Or are you saying that Xiaolong should have stood on the stage and gotten beaten by his opponents? Should he have let them humiliate him? That is not provoking troubles!”

Close to the end, Blood Knife Ancestor’s anger reached a boiling point; he bellowed at Black Ice Ancestor’s face, “I will fork your holes!”

Another ‘I will fork!’

Black Ice Ancestor felt as if her lungs were about to explode from anger, as she had remained chaste.

“Enough, stop bickering!” Golden Brown Ancestor broke off their argument. 

Only then did Blood Knife Ancestor stop.

On the side, Sky Sword Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, and the others were watching with great enthusiasm.

“Blood Knife, tell Xiaolong to rush back here by tomorrow,” said Golden Brow Ancestor.

Blood Knife Ancestor nodded and proceeded to contact Huang Xiaolong, to tell him to rush back to the Fortune Gate tomorrow.

Huang Xiaolong was completely unaware of all these arguments between the two Ancestors, as he was still in the Ten Thousand Royal City at this time. He was baffled when he received Blood Knife Ancestor’s message, informing him to rush back to the Fortune Gate.

‘Master had specifically contacted him to tell him to return? Something must have happened, but what was it?’

Then again, Huang Xiaolong had already decided to return to the Fortune Gate the next day. He would know it as soon as he returned.


The sky gradually gave way to the rising sun.

Huang Xiaolong sat on the little cow and they were at the front of their group. Divine elephant Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er were following behind them. Ancestor Xiang Hui, Patriarch Xiang Tai, and the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders and Elders had respectfully seen Huang Xiaolong’s group out of the royal city.

Huang Xiaolong had refused to bring Ancestor Xiang Hui and Patriarch Xiang Tai back to the Fortune Gate with him. After all, his Masters, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor recognized them as the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Ancestor and Patriarch. He didn’t want to cause an uproar due to his actions.

Once they were out of the royal city, Huang Xiaolong’s group alternated between teleportation and high-speed flying, instead of using the transmission array.

Based on their current strengths, flying and teleporting were faster than using the transmission array.

The speed of the transmission arrays on the Fortune Mainland was not very fast.

“Say, kiddo Xiang Xun, your current strength is not your peak strength, am I right?” The little cow asked along their way. “There are still hidden petrifications seals inside your body, right?”

The divine elephant Xiang Xun was astounded by the little cow’s question. He asked carefully, “Senior Xiaoniu, you know about the petrification seals? Then, do you know how to resolve them?”

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