Chapter 1359: Kill Regardless!


The Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Patriarch Xiang Tai’s face reflected a doubtful concern after listening to Ancestor Xiang Hui’s questions.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Ancestor Xiang Hui said.

Both of them tore space and entered the void. In seconds, they appeared in the great hall of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s headquarters.

At this moment, Xiang Yuan, Xiang Weizhen, and the rest of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan's Grand Elders and Elders were awaiting their arrival in the great hall.

"Greetings to Ancestor and Patriarch!”

The Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders and Elders all stepped forward and saluted by going down on their knees, when they saw Xiang Hui and Xiang Tai appear.

Ancestor Xiang Hui nodded at everyone, and permitted everyone to rise.

“I believe everyone here is already aware about the crux of the matter.” Ancestor Xiang Hui was the first to speak, then he looked at Xiang Yuan and said, “Xiang Yuan, explain the incident in detail once more.”

Ancestor Xiang Hui was exercising caution, since the matter involved a God King Realm master.

“Yes, Ancestor!” Xiang Yuan, Xiang Weizhen, and the other two Grand Elders complied respectfully.

The four of them supplemented each other’s sentences as they described the incident. They also recounted their brief exchange with Feng Er and the void devil beast Xu Baisheng.

However, Patriarch Xiang Tai and Ancestor Xiang Hui frowned when they heard that Xiang Li had instigated Huang Xiaolong unnecessarily, while backing up Guo Jun. They glanced at Xiang Li with disappointment.

Xiang Li fell to his knees with a bitter expression as he admitted, “Ancestor and Patriarch, the fault is with Xiang Li; I’m willing to take Patriarch and Ancestor’s punishment!”

Ancestor Xiang Hui harrumphed with dissatisfaction, and stated, “You will be punished accordingly when this matter is resolved, stand at the side for now.”

Xiang Li shuddered, but respectfully saluted and retreated to the side without another word.

“Ancestor, even though it’s Xiang Li’s fault, Huang Xiaolong still ignored our royal city’s rules. On top of that, he also injured Xiang Li despite knowing his identity as the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s disciple. We need to resolve this matter efficiently!” One of the Grand Elders fumed.

This person was the head of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders, named Xiang Xiaojie.

Grand Elder Xiang Xiaojie’s status in the clan was only second to Xiang Hui and Xiang Tai. He also had the third highest potential to breakthrough to God King Realm, other than Xiang Hui and Xiang Tai. Xiang Xiaojie was also Xiang Li’s great-grandfather. 

“Yes ah! Ancestor and Patriarch, we cannot treat Huang XiaoloNg favorably just because he has a God King Realm by his side. If we don’t capture and punish Huang Xiaolong, our dignity would be compromised.” Another Grand Elder seconded Grand Elder Xiang Xiaojie’s suggestion.

Subsequently, other Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders spoke in agreement one after another.

All of them were in favor of holding Huang Xiaolong accountable for breaking the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City’s rules. They decided on setting up a strong example in maintaining order in the city, despite a God King Realm Master backing Huang Xiaolong. This would also deter others from causing trouble in the city even if they were to have a God King Realm Master by their side.

Xiang Hui’s expression was calm as water, as he said matter-of-factly, “Capture Huang Xiaolong? Then, I’ll let you handle the God King Realm master by Huang Xiaolong’s side. I will reward you heavily once Huang Xiaolong is captured!”

Xiang Xiaojie blanked for a moment. His arrogance deflated faster than a balloon as he squeezed weakly, “Ancestor is joking, right?”

Although he was confident about breaking through to God King Realm in half a year’s time, he was still far from being able to battle a God King Realm master.

Xiang Xiaojie was at least aware of his limitations.

To be precise, a demonic beast, even the one that has just broken through to God King Realm has a higher battle power than a human race early First Order God King Realm.

“But, I believe that we can easily deal with the demonic beast with the help of Ancestor and Patriarch!” Xiang Xiaojie said confidently with a smile.

Xiang Hui ignored Xiang Xiaojie. How could Xiang Xiaojie’s little scheme escape his eyes?

“Everyone be prepared, we’re heading to the Holy Elephant Square.” Xiang Hui organized his thoughts then issued an order to the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders and Elders.

Everyone complied respectfully.

In the meanwhile, Huang Xiaolong was exerting his full effort in guiding the grandmist worm further into the layer of stone around the petrified divine elephant.

Huang Xiaolong’s grandmist worm was already halfway through, and it would take another forty-five minutes or so to actually reach the divine elephant’s body.

Huang Xiaolong had sensed the little dispute between Feng Er and Xu Baisheng with the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Grand Elders through his divine sense. He also knew that the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Patriarch and Ancestor were coming for him. This had made him anxious, but there was no other way than to focus on the grandmist worm.

Time trickled by.

Huang Xiaolong continued to manipulate his grandmist worm further in the layer of stone.

The little cow, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er became more nervous as time passed.

The closer the worm moved towards resurrecting the petrified divine elephant, the crucial it became to leave Huang Xiaolong uninterrupted. 

Right at this point, the void devil beast Xu Baisheng suddenly raised his head to look towards the horizon, and jumped to his feet.

In the next moment, a bright light rippled across the sky as the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Ancestor Xiang Hui and Patriarch Xiang Tai appeared with the clan’s Grand Elders and Elders.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er turned to look in their direction a second before they appeared.

Only the little cow was still lounging on the ground, with her tail sweeping occasionally while biting on a high-level Ancestor God Realm’s godhead.

Ancestor Xiang Hui, Patriarch Xiang Tai, and the rest scanned Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, the little cow, and finally, their gaze was fixed on the void devil beast Xu Baisheng. 

Xiang Yuan and Xiang Weizhen had previously informed that the ordinary looking demonic beast was the God King Realm beast king.

Ancestor Xiang Hui and Patriarch Xiang Hui were inwardly shocked when they saw Xu Baisheng, as they could see that Xu Baisheng was not a demonic beast, but a magic beast from Hell!

Could this be a magic beast from the depths of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield?

“May I know this friend’s name?” Ancestor Xiang Hui asked after a second thought, and added, “What is your relation to Huang Xiaolong? And what is your purpose behind coming to the Holy Elephant Square?”

Xiang Hui’s tone could be considered polite and amiable; he also avoided uttering a single word about Xiang Li, Xiang Yuan, Xiang Weizhen, others’ injuries. He was intrigued by this God King Realm magic beast’s connection with Huang Xiaolong.

“My surname is Xu; as for why we’re here, you will know in another hour or two.” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng stated. He did so because he could see that the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s Ancestor was a peak late-Third Order God King Realm master, thus he was qualified to speak to him.

In an hour or two?

Ancestor Xiang Hui and Patriarch Xiang Tai were even more curious about what Huang Xiaolong was doing, and their focus was fixed on him. All of a sudden, a possibility crossed their minds!

Could it be?!

But neither of them could be certain.

After all, how long has it been? No one had been successful..., otherwise, why would the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan be guarding here for billions of years?

Grand Elder Xiang Xiaojie interjected, “Although I don’t know what remunerations Huang Xiaolong has given you for temporarily protecting him, you’d better not interfere in the affairs between Huang Xiaolong and our Ten Thousand Elephant Clan!”

“Or else, even if you’re a God King Realm master, you’ll be killed regardless, once our heritage ancient grand formation is activated!”

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