Chapter 1335: If They Don't Know What's Good For Them...

Huang Xiaolong did not find it necessary to team up with the Blue Spirit Gate group, since the void devil beast Xu Baisheng was a Second Order God King Realm master.

According to the little cow, even though there were numerous ghosts within the ghost cave, the strongest ones were only peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm. In other words, there was no ghost king with a God King Realm in the cave.

Huang Xiaolong was confident that his group could take care of themselves.

The Blue Spirit Gate's group was dumbfounded as Huang Xiaolong had spoken to them instead of Feng Er. Not to mention, he was just a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator. And to top this all off, he had outright declined the offer to cooperate with them. 

The Blue Spirit Gate’s disciples had obviously thought that joining forces would benefit both parties while inside the ghost cave.

"We're entering!" Huang Xiaolong said to the little cow, Feng Er, and the rest.

Just as Huang Xiaolong's group took a step towards the ghost cave, one of the Blue Spirit Gate's experts barked: "Stop right there!" Then he glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong and reprimanded, "Punk, who the f*ck do you think you are? How dare you speak to our Ancestor like that!"

"Even top forces' Chiefs address Ancestor Zhang Yunbo courteously! What sect do you belong to?" 

In their opinion, Huang Xiaolong was merely a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm junior disciple, yet Ancestor Zhang Yunbo had personally invited the other group of people to cooperate. But the other group had been nothing but ungrateful since they had refused this generous offer!

Huang Xiaolong stopped and turned around. His eyes narrowed dangerously, as he looked at that particular Blue Spirit Gate's expert.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er also turned to look sharply at that Blue Spirit Gate's expert.

"Who the f*ck do you think you are then?! How dare you speak rudely to our Manor Lord. What Blue Spirit Gate, I have never even heard of it." Gui Yi's frosty voice sounded as he released the coercion of a Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm master.

Even though the Blue Spirit Gate's expert was himself a high-level Ancestor God Realm, he cultivation was still at Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm. Under Guo Yi’s overwhelming pressure he was unable to even breathe. Air flow was completely stagnated for him, and the world seemingly froze.

The Blue Spirit Gate’s Ancestor Zhang Yunbo suddenly spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “My apologies. The people of my sect have spoken rudely, please do not mind his err.” 

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over the faces of Blue Spirit Gate’s people, stopping a second longer on the person who had admonished him earlier. He then turned and stepped into the ghost cave without another word.

As Huang Xiaolong disappeared into the ghost cave, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and others quickly followed behind him and entered the ghost cave.

The Sand Waves Sect's Grand Elders were inwardly gloating as they had assumed a fight would break out between Huang Xiaolong and the Blue Spirit Sect's group, as they wanted to seize that chance to escape. No one had thought that the hostile atmosphere would suddenly dispersed with a few words and a faint smile from the Blue Spirit Gate’s Ancestor Zhang Yunbo.

In the end, the Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders could only carry their disappointment with them as they reluctantly followed behind Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, and others into the ghost cave.

After Huang Xiaolong’s large group disappeared into the ghost cave, the Blue Spirit Gate’s expert who scolded Huang Xiaolong earlier harrumphed angrily, “Where did this fart-of a Manor Lord climbs out from! Ancestor, we should have captured all of them. We could have made them explore the path for us inside the ghost cave as cannon fodders!”

The other Blue Spirit Gate’s Ancestor, Jiang Dongyang, shook his head, “It’s not that easy to capture them. That girl’s strength is equivalent the four of our strengths. The two young men at her side are early Tenth Order and mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm masters. Not to mention, the group of people at the back, if I’m not wrong, should be the Grand Elders of Sand Waves Sect from the Reverence World.”

“Reverence World’s Sand Waves Sect?” The others repeated doubtfully. “Why would a group of Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders follow that black-haired young man? If I remember correctly, three of the Sand Waves Sect’s Ancestors are also visiting the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.”

“That black-haired young man is just a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm junior, how could he have so many Ancestor God Realm followers? Strange!” One of the Blue Spirit Gate’s Grand Elders was baffled as well, and added, “Also, he’s a Manor Lord of what? In the neighboring world surfaces, which forces has a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm brat as Manor Lord?” 

Zhang Yunbo said, “There are over ten thousand world surfaces around the Extraterritorial Devil’s Battlefield, and there are countless Manor Lords. It’s not unusual that we don’t know. We have come here to look for the Nine Turns Hundred Leaves Grass and Black Shadow Illusionary Soul Fruit, I hope that they are not looking for these two things as well.”

“Ancestor, if they are looking for the same two things like us…?” One of them asked.

Zhang Yunbo’s eyes glimmered sharply, “If they know what’s good for them, and do not compete with us, then, all is well. If they are tactless, then, let them become the ghost cave’s ghosts!”

“Let’s go!”

The Blue Spirit Gate’s group flew into the ghost cave.

By this time, Huang Xiaolong’s group had flown deeper into the ghost cave, with the precipitous cave walls.

Gusts of ghostly winds blew from the depths of the ghost cave. The deeper they went, the colder and stronger the winds became, accompanied by the Soulless Frigid Wind and death qi.

By this point, Huang Xiaolong had already summoned the Yellow Springs Magic Robe. He rode on the little cow, while the void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and others were around him, opening a path.

The magic symbols on the Yellow Springs Magic Robe glimmered brightly, blocking all the ghostly wind, Soulless Frigid Wind, and death qi that were blowing towards them.

Even so, everyone had activated their divine armors, and had also formed a godforce protective barrier.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er had formed the last line of defense to prevent ghosts from ambushing.

This was the first time the Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders had seen Huang Xiaolong’s Yellow Springs Magic Robe. Burning desire and greed flickered in their eyes after witnessing the Yellow Springs Magic Robe’s power.

Although they could not recognize the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, the Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders had enough eyesight to judge that the robe was a powerful ancient artifact, perhaps, a primordial battle robe.


Suddenly, thick ghost qi roiled as a Tenth Order Ancient God Realm ghost flew out from the side cave wall, with its mouth opened at Huang Xiaolong. 

However, Xu Baisheng lightly tapped in the air, and the ghost exploded into ghost fog, even before it had managed to leap halfway at Huang Xiaolong.

A thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, and he quickly circulated the Blood Pact Mandate. Huang Xiaolong swallowed the group of ghost fog into his body in front of everyone’s eyes. Almost simultaneously, the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s lightning energy started transforming the ghost fog into yin element energy and darkness element energy that were subsequently absorbed by his three supreme godheads.

The Sand Waves Sect’s Grand Elders were stunned agape, ‘ is this even possible?’

The group continued deeper into the ghost cave.

Along the way, they came across more than one ghostly ambush, there were even peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm ghosts. All of them were killed by void devil beast Xu Baisheng.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng continued killing the ghosts the whole way, and Huang Xiaolong kept devouring Xu Baisheng’s preys. However, at his current cultivation realm, and True Dragon Physique, he could only devour up to Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm ghosts. 

The further they went inside, the narrower tunnel gradually widened.

Three to four hours later, the group reached a wide empty space that resembled a square. The cave walls at the four sides were filled with big black holes. Every black hole was a ghost path leading to an unknown place inside the ghost cave leads to.

“At the end of some of these black holes are places where ghosts multiply and gather. There are ghost towns, ghost temples, and ghost kingdoms established by ghosts in there. Others are tunnels that lead to another space, or a land filled with various herbs.” The little cow explained. “We’re going into that black hole, the Nine Turns Hundred Leaves Grass and Black Shadow Illusionary Soul Fruit is there!”

Everyone looked at a black hole on the east side of the cave wall.

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