Chapter 1277: Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

Huang Xiaolong surveyed his new surroundings, and he could see that there were tall mountains all around them.

Before coming to the Clear Spirit World, he had done some homework. There were a lot of mountainous terrains in the Clear Spirit World, and almost half of its lands were mountains.

“Hey, you three! What are you so dazed for?!”

“Leave quickly!”

Huang Xiaolong had stood on the transmission array for only five breaths, before the several disciples of the Clear Spirit World’s forces guarding the transmission array had shouted at his group.

There were about thirty or so disciples, but all of them had Seventh Order Ancient God Realm strength and above. The three leaders were Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciples, and more importantly, the strongest of the three was a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm!

But Huang Xiaolong merely glanced indifferently in their direction. The two who shouted at him were disciples clad in gray robes that had a very obvious Xiao () character on them. Obviously, these two were Xiao Family’s disciples.

“C’mon.” Huang Xiaolong said to the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng. Since they had just arrived at the Clear Spirit World, he didn’t intend to cause any commotion. 

However, not everything went according to Huang Xiaolong’s plans. The two Xiao Family’s disciples weren’t in the mood to let Huang Xiaolong leave that easily.

“Stop right there!” Huang Xiaolong’s group had just stepped out from the transmission array, when one of the early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciples barked, while he brought several disciples as he stepped out to stop Huang Xiaolong from leaving.

The Xiao Family’s early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciple was called Xiao Jingyuan.

Xiao Jingyuan gave Huang Xiaolong a detailed glance from head to toe and then chuckled maliciously, “You seem to be very displeased right now, are you? Now, I suspect you have an ulterior motive behind coming to our Clear Spirit World. Come, bring this punk in for interrogation, and check him clearly, see if there is anything suspicious on his body.

There was always an interrogation room nearby every transmission array.

Every disciple on guard duty at the transmission array knew that as long as they would claim someone to be suspicious, they could bring him to the interrogation room and ‘question’ him.

Of course, more often than not, the majority of disciples would take advantage of this rule to make things difficult for outsiders. Moreover, as long as they entered the interrogation room, any treasure that they labeled ‘suspicious’ would be righteously confiscated by them.

This kind of behavior was no different than a bandit’s.

Huang Xiaolong looked indifferently at the Xiao Family’s disciple, “Are you sure you want to do this?” How could he not understand the intentions of the Xiao Family’s disciple?

Xiao Jingyuan smiled coldly as he said, “Absolutely sure!” Then, he ordered several Xiao Family’s disciples who were standing behind him, “After you guys bring him inside the interrogation room, make sure he gets ‘comfortable’ there.”

Gets comfortable… The several Xiao Family’s disciples caught on immediately.

“Yes, Captain.” They acknowledged and moved towards Huang Xiaolong while Xiao Jingyuan watched Huang Xiaolong with a cold sneer.

‘Merely a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm disciple.’ He had seen too many disciples like this, mediocre talent but who would act arrogantly relying on their families’ backing. It didn’t matter even if this punk was a super force’s disciple from the neighboring world surfaces; as long as he didn’t die, the force behind this punk won’t come looking for trouble with Xiao Family just because of this.

In a few seconds, the several Xiao Family’s disciples were already gathered right in front of Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, don’t worry, we guarantee you will feel unprecedentedly comfortable in a while.” One of the Xiao Family’s disciples laughed. With that said, his arm reached out like an agile snake as he aimed to clutch Huang Xiaolong’s shoulders.

This was the Xiao Family’s Falcon Snake Claw technique, where he claw brings great pain to the victim as it pierces and hooks the flesh, and once captured, the victim rarely could escape. 

However, just as the disciple’s Falcon Snake Claw was inches from Huang Xiaolong’s shoulders, a streak of lightning fell from the sky, and the Xiao Family’s disciple was screaming within the next second. Lightning fire was burning his hand. Regardless of how much he swung his hand or jumped around, the lightning fire continued burning his hand. 

In front of the rest of Xiao Family’s disciples, the lightning fire incinerated his palm to his bones, as it was burned away! The lightning fire then spread up to his arm and devoured it entirely in less than a minute. Only then did the lightning fire vanish.

The rest of the Xiao Family’s disciples sucked in a breath of cold air, as they looked at the empty space left by the disciple’s incinerated arm.

Xiao Jingyuan was greatly shocked.

The little cow was swinging her tail proudly, as the lightning fire was summoned by her.

Over a dozen breaths passed before the rest of Xiao Family’s disciples reacted. All of them quickly spread out to encircle Huang Xiaolong’s group.

The other forces’ disciples who were also guarding the transmission array did not make any moves. They were more than happy to just watch a good show.

Xiao Jingyuan had lost his confident cold sneer by now. He glared gloomily at Huang Xiaolong and demanded, “Punk, I don’t care who you are, it would be better for follow us obediently right now!”

Huang Xiaolong was in no mood of wasting his time in talking with Xiao Jingyuan, therefore, he punched out fist straight at Xiao Jingyuan.

A cold light glinted in Xiao Jingyuan’s eyes seeing Huang Xiaolong’s action and he sneered, “Idiot!” A bright blue light burst out from his body as his fist collided with Huang Xiaolong’s fist head-on.


Their fists’ force swept out and in the next second, Xiao Jingyuan was sent flying like a broken kite. The collision’s impact also sent the rest of Xiao Family’s disciples tumbling away.

The other remaining forces’ disciples were awestruck at the scene that had just unfolded before their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong left the transmission array on the little cow’s back. When they were passing by Xiao Jingyuan who was lying on the ground, the little cow ‘unintentionally’ stepped on Xiao Jingyuan’s palm.

CRACK—! Everyone could hear the breaking sounds of his bones.

“It’s broken, broken!” Xiao Jingyuan couldn’t help but scream, as a sharp and excruciating pain traveled from his palm towards his heart.

While Xiao Jingyuan was screaming in pain, as the little cow kept rubbing the sole of her hoof on the Xiao Jingyuan’s palm with fervor, as if she had just stepped on dung.

Xiao Jingyuan kept screaming in pain hoarsely.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng who was following behind the little cow also stepped on Xiao Jingyuan’s palm as he walked past him.

By now, Xiao Jingyuan’s body was twitching uncontrollably on the ground.

Once Huang Xiaolong’s group had left, the Xiao Family’s disciples who were sent tumbling away earlier, finally got up to help Xiao Jingyuan. Xiao Jiangyuan’s eyes were filled with hatred as he looked in the direction of Huang Xiaolong.

“Report back to the family that this person is a devil clan spy, anyone that comes across him is to kill him without mercy! Also, for those two beasts with him, anyone that brings their heads to me will be heavily rewarded!” Xiao Jingyuan ordered with a distorted expression.

The Xiao Family’s disciples looked at each other, then one of them asked, “Captain, this, will this…?”

Anyone could tell that the young man was human, probably a top genius disciple from some world surface’s hegemon force. If they were to execute this order, it might bring endless trouble.

Xiao Jingyuan glared at him, “What’s there to be afraid of? I’ll take responsibility if anything happens!”

“Yes, Captain.” The group of Xiao Family’s disciples replied weakly.

Thus, it didn’t take long for the news to spread among the Clear Spirit World’s families and sects.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong’s group appeared before a great primeval forest.

This primeval forest was named Sinister Ghost Forest, as it was one of six perilous lands in Clear Spirit World. Passing through this Odious Ghosts Forest was the fastest way for him to reach the Xiao Family’s headquarters on the Stone Buddha Mainland.

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