Chapter 1274: You Know My Great-Grandfather?

The little cow flashed a radiant smile at the void devil beast when he called her ‘Little Azure Cow,’ and said, “You don’t look like you can give me what I want?” Her tone was full of provocation.

Naturally, the void devil beast heard the provocation in her words and was enraged by them.

The little cow smacked her lips and went on, “You are a descendant of Xu Changtian, am I right?”

The void devil beast stiffened, but it started trembling again with eyes widened in shock, “Y-you, you’re saying, you know my great-grandfather?!”

‘Impossible! It’s impossible that this Little Azure Cow knew his great-grandfather!’ The void devil beast denied the possibility in his head.

"Of course I know Xu Changtian.” The little cow went on, “In the past, that kid used to act arrogantly in front of me, but once he shitted on the ground with a single slap from me. Since then, every time he would see me, he would always call me Ancestor Niuniu.”

The void devil beast dazed for a second, then his eyes turned scarlet with fury. Black flames soared from his body as his roar shook the whole square, “Little cow, you’re seeking death!”

In his eyes, the little cow was mocking his great-grandfather!

‘His great-grandfather was one of the greatest existences between heaven and earth, so how could he possibly shit himself because of one slap, that too from this little cow?! This was a total bullsh*t! Absolutely impossible! Therefore, this little cow was definitely making up stories.’

However, when the void devil beast tried to rush out with the intention of crushing the little cow into smithereens, he was blocked by the ancient Burning Purgatory Magical Formation’s energy from the eight stone pillars. A painful howl pierced the air as the ancient Burning Purgatory Magical Formation’s burning flames devoured the void devil beast’s black flames.

The void devil beast’s energy became chaotic. Clearly, that attack didn’t feel too good and it certainly came with a price.

Even so, his angry scarlet eyes were fixed on the little cow, as they were still filled with a chilling killing intent as he looked at the little cow.

The little cow shook her head like a disappointed elder. The little cow took out a little golden bell from her collar. This golden bell looked like a ring, and there was a small black hole on its top side, that emitted endless devil qi.

“You—that is…!” The killing intent vanished right away from the void devil beast’s eyes. All of his desire to shred the little cow into pieces was gone as he stared at the little golden bell with a flabbergasted expression.

“This… the Golden Void Bell Ring!”

“It is the Golden Void Bell Ring!”

The void devil beast repeated in a voice quivering with excitement.

The Golden Void Bell Ring was the Void Devil Beast Clan’s supreme divine artifact, which was carried by his great-grandfather all the time. But why did this little cow have the Golden Void Bell Ring??

As the direct descendent of the Void Devil Beast Clan, the void devil beast could tell that this was the genuine Golden Void Bell Ring. This was the most shocking and unbelievable thing to him.

“Since you can recognize this Golden Void Bell Ring, you should know that seeing it is equivalent to seeing Xu Changtian himself.” The little cow intentionally shook the Golden Void Bell Ring in front of the void devil beast.

The Golden Void Bell Ring let out a melodic chime as the little cow shook it.

The bell’s chime did not sound special to Huang Xiaolong’s ears, but in the void devil beast’s ears, it sounded like the devil’s voice was banging on his soul. There was fear in the void devil beast’s eyes, his whole body was shaking. He crouched on the square and became extremely respectful towards the little cow, “Disciple Xu Baisheng greets Senior!”

Xu Baisheng was this void devil beast’s name.

The little cow was very satisfied with the dread on the void devil beast’s face, thus, she said, “Stand up.”

The void devil beast Xu Baisheng stood up shakily only after the little cow’s command, while he gazed at her with extreme respect and apprehension simultaneously.

“Master, should I rescue this void devil beast now?” The little cow asked Huang Xiaolong.


The little cow had spoken so grandly that Xu Baisheng now completely believed that the little cow knew his great-grandfather. But she was actually calling this black-haired young man Master? The void devil beast Xu Baisheng’s legs quivered weakly, as he was close to collapsing on the ground as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head as he gave the little cow his permission to free the void devil beast.

The little cow walked up to the eight stone pillars and streaks of purple lightning crackled around her two golden horns, turning into a lightning liquid that wrapped around one of the stone pillars.

Xu Baisheng was shocked as he watched the ancient burning purgatory magical symbols began to dim when the purple lightning liquid wrapped around the stone pillar. It didn’t take long for all the symbols to disappear, as if they had been erased!

'This…!' This was the first time for void devil beast Xu Baisheng to see such a thing! In this universe, has there ever been such purple lightning?

In truth, Huang Xiaolong was equally shocked. He could see that these ancient purgatory magical symbols were powerful, or else this formation couldn’t have imprisoned the void devil beast here for so long. However, the little cow’s purple lightning had easily erased these ancient burning purgatory magical symbols like wiping away dust?

It seemed like the little cow’s strength had increased, so had the power of her purple lightning along with her strength.

After the little cow erased the ancient burning purgatory magical symbols from the first stone pillar, she moved on to the second stone pillar. With the same method, she began to erase the ancient burning purgatory magical symbols. 

Subsequently, it was the third stone pillar, the fourth stone pillar… and lastly, the eighth stone pillar’s ancient burning purgatory magical symbols were erased.

All in all, it took the little cow three hours to remove all the symbols from the eight stone pillars.

Though it was only three hours, the little cow was panting with exhaustion at the end. It was obvious that she had consumed a lot of godforce to erase the ancient burning purgatory magical symbols on the eight stone pillars.

Xu Baisheng rushed out joyously from the formation area. He had finally regained his freedom after several hundred million years of imprisonment!

But he quickly came to the little cow's side and asked with concern, "Senior, are you alright?" He was extremely courteous and cautious.

The little cow glared at Xu Baisheng with displeasure, “Not alright! Can’t you see? Get your ass over here and massage my shoulders!”

“Yes, Senior!” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng acknowledged respectfully and hastened to the little cow’s side, and began massaging her shoulders. His actions were light and gentle, as if he was afraid that he might hurt her.

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless by the little cow’s actions. He threw a healing pellet at her and waited until she swallowed it before saying, “Let’s go.”

By now, various forces of the Void Sky World’s experts were entering the Devil Prison Mountain. Therefore, Huang Xiaolong preferred to leave as soon as possible.

The little cow jumped up at Huang Xiaolong’s words and started walking towards the great hall behind him. Her swift actions left Xu Baisheng dumbfounded.

“Quickly, catch up!” Suddenly, the little cow’s tail struck the void devil beast like a whip. He grimaced from the pain, but his legs quickly followed behind her.

A while later, the three exited the underwater great hall. Outside, there was still the blood-red sea, where it was very difficult to determine the directions.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong could sense some powerful Hell creatures lurking in the depths of the blood-red sea.

But, with the void devil beast Xu Baisheng leading them outside, they smoothly left the sea.

The little cow looked around as she flew to the sea surface. She gnashed her teeth, as she realized that the Short Blade Gate’s Elder Lin Bi was not around anymore, and cursed under her breath, “His granny, there’ll be a day when this cow will hang you upside down by your birdy and whip you to death!”

Huang Xiaolong knew that the little cow was talking about Lin Bi. He lightly slapped her head and poured cold water on her, “Wait till you breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm before you say anything.”

The three then flew out from the Devil Prison Mountain. 

Coming out from the Devil Prison Mountain, Huang Xiaolong did not immediately leave the Void Sky City, but bought a sequestered residence instead. He planned on staying there for a few days to refine the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruits. 

The Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit, ranked eighth among the top ten wonder fruit of the universe. Thus, Huang Xiaolong was looking forward to seeing how much his strength would rise after refining the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruits.

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