Chapter 1207: Wangu Dongchen

“Punk, are you sure you have the eyes of a human and not a dog's eyes?” The little cow snorted at the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall disciple guarding the entrance.

That disciple was stunned for a second, then his anger rose, “You!”

The brocade-robed person that came out from the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall walked over, “What’s the matter?”

The guard disciple’s face bloomed into a flattering smile and greeted, “Young Noble Wangu Bifei,” then briefly recounted what happened.


After listening to the guard, Wangu Bifei glanced over at Huang Xiaolong’s group, his gaze stopping on Yao Chi’s beautiful face as well as her curvaceous figure, causing his eyes to light up.

“Miss, do you want to go inside the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall?” Wangu Bifei smiled sheepishly. “I can bring you inside.” He looked sympathetic as he added, “With Miss’s beauty, why follow a small family disciple like him? I am a core disciple of the Wangu Clan, If Miss follows me, you can enjoy treatment a thousand times better than following this punk!” Wangu Bifei’s finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

He then shook his head, implying that Huang Xiaolong was simply unworthy of Yao Chi.

However, Wangu Bifei barely finished his words when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. In the next second, his body shot backward, crashing heavily into a stone decoration in the distance, shattering it and causing dust to fill the air.

The guard was dumbfounded.

Wangu Bifei struggled up from the ground, his eyes scarlet as he stared fixedly at the little cow. He was kicked by a cow just now!

At this time, quick but heavy footsteps sounded from the hall before them, clearly rushing towards the entrance.

“What happened here?!” Someone barked. A few seconds later, a group of guards appeared at the entrance, led by a middle-aged man.

The noise of Wangu Bifei crashing into that stone decoration had alerted the commerce hall’s experts.

“Head Supervisor Meng!” When the guarding disciple saw who it was, his face brightened with joy as he hurried to him, “It’s this punk! He insisted on bringing in his maid into the hall. Young Noble Wangu Bifei saw this and tried to advise him, but his mount actually kicked Young Noble Wangu Bifei!”

As Huang Xiaolong looked over, Meng Yuan was stunned when he saw his face, but recovered quickly. Cupping his hands and smiling, Meng Yuan said, “So, it’s Fortune Gate’s Young Warrior Huang Xiaolong. This one is Meng Yuan, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Fortune Gate, Huang Xiaolong!

The guard and Wangu Bifei’s minds buzzed endlessly and their eyes widened with shock as the stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Wu Island was close in distance to Fortune Mainland. In recent days, the most talked-about subject by experts from various places was the newly risen genius disciple, the first place winner in the All-Islands Great War, Huang Xiaolong! 

His name sounded like a thunderclap in the guarding disciple and Wangu Bifei’s ears!

During the All-Islands Great War's top ten battle, Meng Yuan had gone to spectate, therefore, he recognized Huang Xiaolong at a glance.

Seeing the party side smile and cup his fists in greeting, Huang Xiaolong could only reciprocate, “My pleasure.”

All of a sudden, Meng Yuan gave the guarding disciple a backhanded slap on the left side of his face. A stinging ‘pa!’ rang in the air and a big lump rose on that guard's face, causing blood to trickle from the corner of his mouth.

“Useless blind thing, quickly go beg forgiveness from Young Warrior Huang!” Meng Yuan coldly scolded. Even though the guard previously claimed that Huang Xiaolong wanted to trespass into the commerce hall, with his experience, how could he not understand what really happened.

Although the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall was a giant among trading houses, the headquarters and the branch were two different matters. Even their Vientiane World branch president would need to be polite and courteous in front of Golden Brow Ancestor.

Now, Golden Brow Ancestor’s personal disciple came over, yet their guard was so blind as to treat Huang Xiaolong frivolously, this made Meng Yuan extremely upset.

After knowing Huang Xiaolong’s identity, the guarding disciple dared not hold any grudges. He stepped in front of Huang Xiaolong with a forced smile, bowing in apology. Due to this swollen left cheek, the disciple’s smile was harsh to the sight.

Huang Xiaolong nodded indifferently, with that, the matter was considered as forgotten.

Seeing this, Meng Yuan had the guard disciple scram, then turned to Wangu Bifei at the side, “Young Noble Wangu Bifei, as you can see, this is all a misunderstanding. Let the matter end here, what do you say?”

Wangu Bifei’s face darkened for a few moments, then said, “Fine, I’ll give face to Head Supervisor Meng Yuan and take a step back in this matter. Huang Xiaolong, since your mount kicked me, as long as you let me handle it, this matter is considered settled.”

Meng Yuan slightly frowned. Everyone knew that a mount was equivalent to a battle pet, and many cultivators placed a high importance on their mounts. Wangu Bifei’s request was taking an inch for a foot.

“Sure.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Everyone present was stunned. Wangu Bifei did not expect Huang Xiaolong to agree so decisively. Wangu Bifei inwardly sneered, thinking 'This Huang Xiaolong must be afraid of my Wangu Clan. Is he trying to patch up our relationship this way? Then, this he still isn't stupid.'

Wangu Bifei strode toward Xiaoniū.

However, just as Wangu Bifei reached the little cow, another burst of sharp pain came from his chest before he could even react as his body flew out, spurting blood in mid-air. The pain was so strong that he felt numb.

“Huang Xiaolong, what is the meaning of this?!” Wangu Bifei screamed in pain.

Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly replied, “I agreed, but my mount did not, I can do nothing about that.”

At this point, how could Wangu Bifei not know that Huang Xiaolong played him? His face turned purple with anger, shouting, “Huang Xiaolong, you will regret this! My cousin is Wangu Ziyi, he won't spare you in the New Disciples Battle!”

Riding on the little cow, Huang Xiaolong came to a stand in front of Wangu Bifei. The little cow then snickered, once again raising its leg before stomping down. Yet again, Wangu Bifei let out a heart-wrenching scream.

“So Wangu Ziyi is your cousin, I’ve been rude.” Huang Xiaolong added, “May I know if your cousin came with you?”

Wangu Bifei’s face twisted in a grim sneer, “What, you’re afraid now? It’s too late!”

The little cow gave Wangu Bifei another kick.

“If Wangu Ziyi is also here, go tell him I’m at the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall.” Huang Xiaolong smiled a cold smile.

Now that he had broken through to peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm, Huang Xiaolong genuinely wanted to spar with Wangu Ziyi, to test his strength.”

Huang Xiaolong turned around, stepping through the entrance with Yao Chi and the others, led by Head Supervisor Meng Yuan.

Before leaving, Meng Yuan felt a little guilty leaving Wangu Bifei just like that, hence, he ordered several guards to heal his injuries.

After some effort, Wangu Bifei could finally stand on his feet and pushed away the commerce hall’s guards, staring icily in the direction Huang Xiaolong entered just now before turning to leave.

In the guest hall, Meng Yuan invited Huang Xiaolong’s group to sit and ordered tea to be served.

“Young Warrior Huang Xiaolong, this time, several Wangu Clan disciples came over to procure some things. Although Wangu Ziyu is not here, Wangu Dongchen is.” Meng Yuan felt it was better to caution Huang Xiaolong.

“Wangu Dongchen?” Huang Xiaolong looked confused.

Meng Yuan explained, “This Wangu Dongchen is also of one of the Wangu Clan’s genius disciples with an emperor rank godhead, it's just that his reputation isn't as loud as Wangu Ziyi's. He has a mid grade emperor rank godhead and early Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivation. In the Eternal Mainland’s All-Islands Great War, he ranked second, just below Wangu Ziyi.”

Huang Xiaolong calmly nodded. Soon, his tone changed, asking, “Head Supervisor Meng Yuan, frankly speaking, my main purpose for coming here is to by some chaos grade five-colored heaven refining stone, and chaos grade green flame spiritual liquid, ice jade spiritual liquid… Does the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall have these things?”

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