Chapter 1187: Huang Xiaolong Is Second Place For Sure?

Looking at Huang Xiaolong's right fist falling down, Tan Lin revealed a manic expression all of a sudden. He let out a blood curdling scream as golden-colored blood flowed out from his body!

"Ancient Devil Arts, Savage Blood!"

"Tan Lin's gone crazy!"

Looking at Tan Lin's situation, some experts in the crowd exclaimed. Even the Twin Cities Sect's experts showed solemn expressions.

Although this technique could stimulate the power hidden deep in one's bloodline for a short time, the side effects were nothing to sneeze at.

Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhou Xuantong frowned, but inwardly he sighed.

At this time, Tan Lin's fists punched at Huang Xiaolong.


Resounding booms shook the air akin to continuous lightning strikes.

Everyone noticed Tan Lin's quiverig body, then the firmament bear armor covering him fragmented, quickly disappearing, revealing Tan Lin's body within. Unable to withstand Huang Xiaolong's attack, Tan Lin's legs buckled, kneeling on the stage like Yang Liming did before. The entire stage shook and cracks began to appear.

Tan Lin's legs gave out and he was now kneeling on the stage!

He already suddenly howled, a painful expression on his face as if he was suffering some inhumane torture.

Tan Lin had an emperor rank godhead. Cultivating until now, he has reached Second Order Ancient God Realm and his temperament had been grinded to such a degree that most pain would not even make him frown. Yet be was now howling and screaming, one could imagine his pain.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to attack again, Twin Cities Sect's experts quickly shouted, "Tan Lin admits defeat!"

Having learned the lesson before with Yang Liming, the Twin Cities Sect's experts decisively admitted defeat without a trace of hesitation, for Twin Cities Sect's experts understood very well that if they had acted a second late, Tan Lin would end up as miserable as Yang Liming in Huang Xiaolong's hands.

Then again, Tan Lin's current situation was miserable enough.

Hearing multiple shouts of defeat from Twin Cities Sect's experts, Huang Xiaolong could only stop. In truth, he didn't plan to abuse Tan Lin like he did Yang Liming, after all, Tan Lin was an emperor rank godhead disciple; if he was crippled, Twin Cities Sect might not be in a hurry to settle with him, but Fortune Gate definitely wouldn't let this matter slide.

An emperor rank godhead disciple was a darling hard to come by in tens of thousands of years to the Fortune Gate, if crippled, one could imagine the consequences.

Although Huang Xiaolong and Tan Lin's match had ended, everyone was finding it hard to calm down.

Watching Tan Lin being carried down by others, some Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect's disciples felt their hearts jerked. All of them were inwardly glad that they did not meet Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage.

In the distance, the Ouyang Clan group looked like they fell into a bottomless abyss, especially Ouyang Yunfei, his hands and feet were shaking.


 Earlier, Yao Chi cried when she saw the two light spheres explode, thinking that Huang Xiaolong would die in that terrifying explosion. Now that she saw he wal okay, she was smiling like a rose that bloomed after the rain, showing her allure.

Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huang, and the others were smiling with heartfelt gladness.

'Won! He actually won!' Lu Zhuo was shouting frenzily in his heart.

Inside a building, Li Lu too patted her chest looking through the crystal wall. Delight could be seen in her eyes even as she grumbled, "Making people worry in vain!" Earlier, when she saw Huang Xiaolong being swallowed by the two light spheres, it felt as if her heart was sliced by a knife. That feeling was no different than the end of the world.

For a moment, her mind was taken over by an overwhelming desire to kill. However, everything was in the past now!

On the Elder stage, Gong Fei announced, "Second match, Barbarian God Sect Huang Xiaolong wins." Gong Fei was entangled to announce Huang Xiaolong as the winner, but he was powerless to do otherwise. 'This punk actual won!'

Inside a mansion, the Fortune Gate’s Young Lord was astonished and filled with disbelief when he heard Elder Lu Tai's report, "What? Tan Lin lost?! He lost to that Huang Xiaolong?!"

Tan Lin, one of three emperor rank disciples, actually lost to Huang Xiaolong! A mere peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm brat who was praxyically unknown before the All-Islands Great War?!

Lu Tai smiled wryly, "No one expected that Tan Lin will lose to Huang Xiaolong. On top of that, Huang Xiaolong gave Tan Lin a three move handicap, and after three moves, Huang Xiaolong defeated Tan Lin in a single move!"

Lu Tai also went to watch the top ten matches. Seeing the scene of Huang Xiaolong punching a hole through the stage, even he felt his heart miss a beat.

Zhu Feng was stunned again. He had given three moves to his opponent, yet still defeated Tan Lin in one move!


"If Tan Lin isn't this Huang Xiaolong's match, then Luo Yunjie isn't either." Lu Tai went on, "In this term's All-Islands Great War, only Zhou Xu can probably defeat him. Huang Xiaolong is definitely second place!" Speaking of this, various emotions filled Lu Tai. In the All-Island Great War held since ancient times until now, numerous terms passed, yet there had never been a disciple below the Ancient God Realm in the top ten!

This time, one had actually appeared, ranked second!

Zhu Feng nodded his head, "This Huang Xiaolong has exceeded everyone's assumptions, possessing such astonishing battle prowess. As strong as his True Dragon Physique is, no one thought it would be so heaven-defying, but even so, he's no match for Zhou Xu. I learned a secret; in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, Zhou Xu had easily killed a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm magic beast!"

Zhou Xu having a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm magic beast was amazing enough, but he was able to do it easily, which was proof of his strength!

At times, not even an early Third Order Ancient God Realm master could kill a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm magic beast.

While everybody was still shocked, watching Huang Xiaolong leaving the stage with complex thoughts in their hearts, they heard Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent voice, "Tan Lin's luck is quite bad meeting me in his first match."

Prior to Huang Xiaolong and Tan Lin's match, Zhou Xu had said Huang Xiaolong's luck was in the dumps to fight Tan Lin in his first match, even wondering if Huang Xiaolong could withstand ten strikes.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong's words, Zhou Xu frowned, then sneered, "You won against Tan Lin, so you are indeed qualified to be my opponent. However, you're only qualified, that's all! You will know when the time comes!"

"I'll be waiting." Huang Xiaolong retorted indifferently.

"The next match, Dragon Origin Sect’s Chen Kai, and New Stone Gate's Wu Qian'er!"

Amongst the top ten disciples, Wu Qian'er was the only female disciple. Hence, the men were more interested in this battle.

The moment Wu Qian'er landed on the stage, she raised a myriad of male admirers' supportive cheers.

Hearing the loud cheers, Wu Qian'er flashed them a smile.

Soon, the match started. Although Chen Kai's cultivation was quite high, he was a little weaker compared to Wu Qian'er. In the end, after a while of battle, she won and entered the top five.

After that came the fourth match, followed by the fifth.

Soon, the top five disciples were determined.

Dragon Origin Sect Zhou Xu, New Stone Sect Wu Qian'er, Heavenly Dan Sect Luo Yunjie, Anyang Gate Guo Yuanhui, and Barbarian God Sect Huang Xiaolong! Among the three emperor rank godhead disciples, only Tan Lin had failed to enter the top five, for he met Huang Xiaolong on the stage!

The next matches were to determine the top three. Gong Fei had Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, and the other three draw a token.

A while later, the results were out. Huang Xiaolong drew a 'one' and Zhou Xu a 'two' token. The other person who drew the 'one' token was the New Stone Sect's Wu Qian'er.

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