Chapter 1186: 100% Strength

Resounding blasts came from the earth as speckles of golden light rose from the ground, gathering around Tan Lin's hands. The light speckles then turned into two huge balls of light, expanding at a crazy speed.

Those small golden speckles were threads of earth element energy from the depths of earth.

Earth element energy condensed to the limit and the two yellow energy spheres threatened to explode.

 The two spheres on Tan Lin's palms soon became ten meters in diameter, several times larger than him. The terrifying energy coming from them made Luo Yunjie, Tao Ming, Huang Yuanhui, Chen Kai, and many others show astounded expressions, causing them to back away. A burst of light shrouded Zhou Xu as if protecting him.

"Die!" Tan Lin shouted with all his might, his loud voice reverberating high into the air. Affected by the two spheres of earth energy, Huang Xiaolong retreated swiftly.

The two light spheres seemed slow as they rolled toward Huang Xiaolong, but in fact they were as fast as lightning, reaching Huang Xiaolong in an instant. Not to mention the fact that the stage wasn't big to begin with, two light spheres had already occupied almost all space. In everyone's eyes, Huang Xiaolong had no place to hide and could only meet it head on.

The two earth energy spheres rolled toward Huang Xiaolong, reaching him in the blink of an eye.

The two light spheres were too quick, engulfing Huang Xiaolong within. Between intermingling white and yellow lights, his figure soon disappeared from sight.

Then two light spheres expanded, looking like two huge stars before colliding. A great explosion ensued, causing violent energy to sweep out in all directions.

The barrier placed over the stage cracked after being hammered by this violent energy, looking like it was close to shattering.

Many retreated far away, frightened by the violent energy.

Glaring lights from the explosion caused all other things on the stage to lose their presence. No one could tell the situation on the stage, not to mention that Huang Xiaolong's aura vanished during the explosion.

 "Xiaolong!" Outside the square, Yao Chi cried out desperately watching this scene. Lu Zhuo and the others looked particularly pale, 'He's dead?!'

Being smashed by two giant earth energy spheres before taking the terrifying destructive power head-on, even a late-Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would he hard-pressed to survive!

Unable to sense Huang Xiaolong's aura, Tan Lin couldn't help laughing out loud, filled with satisfaction, "Huang Xiaolong, this time you're finally dead! It's good that you're dead, it's good! Three moves? I've killed you in two!"

People in the crowd exchanged glances while Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and the others were still in a daze. Huang Xiaolong had died just like this? 

"Who said I'm dead?" Out of nowhere, an aloof voice rang in the square.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and Tan Lin's laughter came to an abrupt stop. The smile on his face stiffened as his gaze fell onto the stage below where the glaring lights began to disperse, revealing a figure. When all rays of light disappeared, everyone saw Huang Xiaolong looking calm and natural as he stood on the stage

This sight felt like deja-vu, just like how they saw Huang Xiaolong earlier, there wasn't a hole or even a dirt stain on his robe.

    Huang Xiaolong patted away some dust on his robe, then looked at Tan Lin, saying "You have one last move."

One last move!

Tan Lin's face became fierce, denying madly, "Impossible! Impossible!! How come it turned like this, how could you be alive?!"

 In the void above, Blood Knife Ancestor asked, "Did any of you see how that kid avoided the explosion?"

Lightning Hammer guessed, "It should be a kind of innate ability!"

 Just now, Huang Xiaolong had used his Space Concealment ability and successfully avoided any damage from the explosion.

"Even we have misjudged this kid!" Myriad Flames Ancestor sighed.

"I wonder what kind of secrets he has on him." Sky Sword Ancestor suddenly said, "Say, do you guys think think kid's godhead is really just a high grade king rank?"

 Myriad Flames Ancestor and several other Ancestors were taken aback by this question. When they heard that Huang Xiaolong had a high grade king rank godhead, none of them had suspected otherwise.

Now, however, after hearing Sky Sword Ancestor mentioning this, the other four Ancestors suddenly realized that this youth perhaps, maybe, probably didn't have a mere high grade king rank godhead.

 "Sky Sword, you mean this kid could have an emperor rank godhead?!" Finishede saying that, Lightning Hammer Ancestor felt his tone might sound heavier than intended.

Emperor rank godhead!

If this Huang Xiaolong had an emperor rank godhead, adding his True Dragon Physique, then…! Thinking of this, Lightning Hammer Ancestor became excited, his eyes shining.

Blood Knife Ancestor's gaze turned hot as he watched Huang Xiaolong on the stage.

 Seeing Lightning Hammer and Blood Knife's hot gazes, Sky Sword couldn't resist saying, " You two won't be thinking of fighting over a disciple with me, right? Just now I was only guessing, whether Huang Xiaolong really has an emperor rank godhead or not cannot be checked now. Regardless of that, looking at his strength a far, he can indeed fight for the first place!"

"First place?" Black Ice Ancestor shook his head, "Not necessarily, that Zhou Xu isn't so simple, there's definitely a big secret on his body. Huang Xiaolong might not be able to win."

On the stage, a yellow light surged madly from Tan Lin's body. His entire person grew big, moreover, the yellow light formed a bear-like protective armor around him

 "The Body of the Firmament Bear?" It was the Twin Cities Sect's Body of the Firmament Bear!

A divine art that hadn't been successfully cultivated for millennia, no one expected Tan Lin to show this here.

"Successfully cultivating the Body of the Firmament Bear allows one to forcefully raise one's godforce and physical power. Now, this Tan Lin definitely has the battle power of a late-Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivator!" Someone in the crowd praised.

By this time, Tan Lin was completely covered by the bear-like armor, looking like an ancient Firmament Bear from afar. He then threw his head back and let out a roar before his fists suddenly struck out at Huang Xiaolong.

"Fury of the Firmament Bear!"

 Both fists punching out, flames danced and blasts rang again and again in the air. 

Watching Tan Lin rushing towards him like a small mountain, a bright light burst out from Huang Xiaolong's body, and everyone could see the airflow forming a primordial divine dragon around him.


Tan Lin's fists landed, yet Huang Xiaolong stood there, fully bearing the attack.

The lights turned glaring and the stage was shaking all over. However, Huang Xiaolong remained on the same spot, but it was Tan Lin who staggered back again and again from the impact.

 Everyone dumbly looked at Tan Lin, the Firmament Bear armor on his two fists cracked.

 "Third move!" Huang Xiaolong's aloof voice sounded.

Three moves had passed!

 Then, Huang Xiaolong moved. In a flickered, he arrived above Tan Lin in the air. Bright light was circulating around his body, exuding a majestic dragon might as if a primordial divine dragon had awakened inside his body at this moment.

Huang Xiaolong's right arm swung out a punch, just like how he punched Yang Liming earlier. He used seventy percent strength when dealing with Yang Liming, whereas now, Huang Xiaolong used a hundred percent of his True Divine Dragon Physique's physical strength!

Tan Lin raised his arms, fear in his eyes that reflected Huang Xiaolong swinging his fist down.

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