Chapter 1183: Huang Xiaolong Is Too Ruthless

The person judging Huang Xiaolong's stage number six was a core disciple named Zhang Yang.  Standing on the stage, he said, "Barbarian God Sect's Huang Xiaolong and Twin Cities Sect's Yang Liming, to the stage!"

Immediately after Zhang Yang's order, the spectating experts in the crowd stirred with excitement, all looking toward stage six. On the other several stages, it wasn't Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, or Tan Lin's turn to battle yet, so they too were watching.

Huang Xiaolong went up to the stage in one leap, however, Yang Liming was still standing below the stage, seemingly unwilling to move.

Yang Liming's head was lowered, no one knew what he was thinking. Perhaps he didn't hear Zhang Yang's voice?

Watching this, Zhang Yang had no choice but to once again shout, "Twin Cities Sect, Yang Liming, please come to the stage!"

Yang Liming's head suddenly jerked up, coming to his senses. Seeing that everyone was looking at him with strange gazes, the feeling of wanting to crawl into a hole came over him. After a brief hesitation, he leaped onto the stage. 

"I," Yang Liming spoke the instant his feet landed on the stage.

However, just as he was about to admit defeat, a figure flickered. In the next second, Huang Xiaolong was above his head, his right fist swinging down at Yang Liming. A resounding boom shook the air.

Yang Liming's face was ashen. At this time, he didn't have the luxury of admitting defeat. His entire body's godforce surged madly as he attempted to block Huang Xiaolong's attack with both fists. Heaven and Earth seemed to flip over as their fists collided.

The air currents flowed in reverse and yellow crepuscular rays shot to the sky.

"That's the Twin Cities Sect's secret technique, Mountain Tumbling Fist!"

"It is said that one punch can flip a primordial divine mountain upside down, the victim's internal organs, god-veins, even their soul would be turned upside down."

The crowd was astonished.

There was coldness on Huang Xiaolong's face as his right fist went in without hesitation.


Yang Liming's fist force was dispersed instantly, all yellow rays of light shattered into fragments, and the reversed airflow returned to normal. At the same time, the flesh on Yang Liming's arms exploded, causing a blood-curdling scream to pierce the air. Yang Liming's body was imbedded into the stage!

He was originally standing, but now his legs were almost all the way into the ground, his knees on the stage.

However, this wasn't the end. Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Supreme Godhead's devil qi was invading Yang Liming, making him scream until his voice was hoarse from the excruciating pain.

Everyone's faces tightened as they watched, a chilling coldness spread through their limbs.

Again, just one strike!

Even Yang Liming who was ranked eleven in the preliminary round wasn't Huang Xiaolong's match. Exactly how powerful was Huang Xiaolong's True Dragon Physique?!

 This scene surprised the Fortune Gate Grand Elders and old monsters who were watching. 

In a hidden space somewhere above the battle stage area stood five figures, enshrouded in a bright light that obscures their faces and bodies. These five were several of the Fortune Gate's Ancestors.

An old man with a stalwart figure enshrouded in a fiery light praised, "What a strong True Dragon Physique, I dare say that not even a Third Order Ancient God Realm cultivator's body is as strong as this kid's!"

This old man was the Myriad Flames Ancestor, one of Li Li's Masters.

"True ah, a pity though that he only has a high grade king rank godhead." The old woman beside him, enshrouded in a cold azure light shook her head, "We cannot violate the Fortune Gate's rules!"

This was Li Li's other Master, the Black Ice Ancestor. 

According to the Fortune Gate rules, only emperor rank godhead disciples were allowed to enter and cultivate in the Fortune Divine Kingdom, therefore, many Ancestors did not accept disciples who didn't have an emperor rank godhead.

On the stage at this time, Huang Xiaolong attacked again, his fist struck Yang Liming.

In the first attack, Huang Xiaolong used sixty percent of his True Divine Dragon Physique, but now it was seventy percent!

Rumble! Huang Xiaolong's fist buried Yang Liming deeper under the stage, leaving only his neck and head. Blood spewed out from various places on his body.

Yang Liming screamed, wailed, roared as he struggled, his face distorted with mixed emotions and pain. His screams echoed in the square, stimulating all Twin Cities Sect disciples' nerves, their faces bloodlessly pale. At this point, they understood what Huang Xiaolong's words earlier meant.

Yang Liming's screams raised goosebumps down the spectators' neck.


“Yang Liming admits defeat!”

Almost at the same time, Twin Cities Sect experts bellowed in anger.

Huang Xiaolong's actions were too fast, so that Twin Cities Sect experts were too late to admit defeat on Yang Liming's behalf. Moreover, no one expected Yang Liming, a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm, ranked eleventh in the preliminary round to be so fragile before Huang Xiaolong!

 Two strikes! Just two strikes, Yang Liming was abused to such a state!

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly watching the Twin Cities Sect experts anxiously shouting in defeat. Only then did he stop, after all, he should adhere to the stage battle rules, right?

Seeing that the battle ended, Tan Lin and other Twin Cities Sect disciples rushed to Yang Liming's side, carrying him off the stage. Looking at his body that was full of blood and injuries, Tan Lin and everyone felt their hearts palpitate.

Ruthless! Huang Xiaolong was too ruthless!

Was there hope for Yang Liming to recover?

The Twin Cities Sect’s Grand Elders' eyes turned red watching Huang Xiaolong and killing intent whirled in Zhou Xuantong's eyes.

Huang Xiaolong walked down the stage as if nothing happened.

Those who bullied others must prepare to be bullied in return.

Until now, everyone was unable to erase that shocking scene from their minds.

In the void, Black Ice Ancestor frowned, a hint of of dissatisfaction in her voice, "This kid is too ruthless!"

Myriad Flames Ancestor chuckled instead, "I like this kid's style. Towards an enemy, you must be ruthless in attack!"

"That's right, if you're not ruthless enough, your enemy will be even more ruthless than you. It is a given that you must more ruthless than your enemy!" Ancestor Sky Sword chuckled softly in agreement.

In the stage battle area, on the main stage where the four presiding Elders were sitting, Gong Fei silently looked at Huang Xiaolong with complicated emotions.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Gong Fei, then looked away.

The battles went on.

The following battles were much more simple. On stage number six, the moment an opponent saw Huang Xiaolong, they would shout out, admitting defeat, afraid they would be the next Yang Liming.

Just like this, Huang Xiaolong became the final winner of stage six, entering the top ten! On top of that, he was the fastest one to enter the top ten, while other nine stages were still battling.

Standing on the stage, Huang Xiaolong watched the battles on stage one where Zhou Xu was battling a disciple from Zhijiang Island. As if sensing Huang Xiaolong's gaze, Zhou Xu looked over. A sneer rose up his face; with a punch, his fist penetrated the Zhijiang Island disciple's chest.

Zhou Xu removed his bloodied fist from the disciple's chest and stood in a condescending manner, clearly provoking Huang Xiaolong.

As time passed, winners appeared on the other stages, and the top ten ranking list finally came out.

On the main stage, Gong Fei stood up, announcing the top ten ranking disciples, "Dragon Origin Sect Zhou Xu, Heavenly Dan Sect Luo Yunjie, Twin Cities Sect Tan Lin, Luoshan Cult Tao Ming, Dragon Origin Sect Chen Kai, Zhijiang Sect Sun Qiang, Hengwu Cult Zheng Guo, and Barbarian God Sect Huang Xiaolong!"

Not knowing if it was deliberate or otherwise, Gong Fei placed Huang Xiaolong last.

"Next, the top ten disciples please draw lots to determine your opponent!" Gong Fei spoke loudly.

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