Chapter 1182: Three Emperor Rank Godhead Geniuses

As the news of Huang Xiaolong’s high grade king rank godhead spread throughout Fortune City, another news about Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin came, all three had emperor rank godheads.

“Dragon Origin Sect Zhou Xu’s godhead is actually the low grade emperor rank Violent Dragon Godhead! It is ranked eight hundred and sixty-two, absolutely an ideal companion to his Thousand Dragon Physique! Also, I heard that Zhou Xu has already advanced to peak mid- Second Order Ancient God Realm!”

“Peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm, Violent Dragon Godhead, this Zhou Xu’s talent is too outstanding! In this term’s All-Islands Great War, the first place is his for sure, several of Fortune Gate’s Ancestors will definitely be alerted!”

“I agree, that’s the emperor rank Violent Dragon Godhead ah, there’ll surely be a Fortune Gate Ancestor wanting to take him in as a disciple! And that Heavenly Dan Island’s genius Luo Yunjie, he also has an emperor rank godhead, the Treasure Fire Godhead ranked nine hundred and twenty-one! This is truly unexpected for everyone. Tan Lin’s godhead ranks at nine hundred and ninety-six, the Illusionary Godhead. Although Tan Lin’s godhead ranks last among the emperor rank, it is still a genuine emperor rank godhead!”

“Three emperor rank godhead monstrous geniuses have appeared in this term’s All-Islands Great War! The Four Mainlands’ New Disciples Battle is just around the corner; this time, the Fortune Mainland will become the champion!”

Talks and whispers could be heard at every corner of Fortune City, excitement was boiling in the atmosphere.

As the enchanting moonlight fell over the city, Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi, accompanied by Lu Zhuo and the rest, were strolling in the streets. Listening to the high and low exclaiming voices, none of them were affected.

'Violent Dragon Godhead ranked eight hundred and sixty-two?'

When Huang Xiaolong was still in the lower realm, that Devil Son Mo Su that he killed, as well as the Ghost Refining Sect’s Young Lord, Sect Chief, Fortune Gate’s Fang Chu, any of these people had a godhead that was ranked many times higher than Zhou Xu!

As for Luo Yunjie and Tan Lin, Huang Xiaolong did not put them in his eyes at all.

However, hearing about the Four Mainland's New Disciples Battle, his interest piqued, hence he asked Lu Zhuo, "That Four Mainland's New Disciples Battle, what is it about?"

He had yet to hear about this.

Lu Zhuo explained, "Our Vientiane World has four mainlands, the Fortune Mainland, Eternal Mainland, Dark Elf Mainland, and Primal Chaos Mainland. Every time the All-Island Great War ends, the four mainland's top ten disciples will assemble to have another competition. The top ten's rewards are even more luxurious than the Fortune Mainland's All-Islands Great War!”

"Previously, I thought you could only enter the top three hundred at most, thus won't be able to participate in the Four Mainland's New Disciples Battle, that's why I didn't tell you about this." Lu Zhuo's face revealed of embarrassment.

Huang Xiaolong asked, "The Eternal Mainland, Dark Elf Mainland, and Primal Chaos Mainland also have an All-Islands Great War?"

Lu Zhuo nodded, "Yes, just like our Fortune Mainland, the other three mainlands also rule over the islands below them. Every hundred years, they also organize an All-Islands Great War, which takes place simultaneously with ours."

"Then when will the New Disciples Battle take place?"Huang Xiaolong asked again.

"Three years after the All-Islands Great War ends," Lu Zhuo replied, adding, "At the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain."

'The Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain!'

Huang Xiaolong had heard of the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain, the tallest peak and largest mountain in the Vientiane World, known as the first divine mountain!

The Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain was located above a blood sea between the Fortune Mainland and Eternal Mainland.

“Three years.” Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself. He had decided to go into seclusion to breakthrough after this term’s All-Islands Great War, and him breaking through to the Ancient God Realm required a longer time than others.

He had been worried that the Four Mainlands' New Disciples Battle would commence immediately after the All-Islands Great War, giving him no time to proceed with his breakthrough as planned, but now he had sufficient time.

“Do you know what the rewards for the New Disciples Battle are?” Huang Xiaolong asked Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo shook his head, “This, I’m not clear. But from word of mouth, it seems like the rewards are much more luxurious than the Fortune Mainland’s All-Island Great War.”

After idly strolling around the streets for an hour or so, their group returned to the rented courtyard. Huang Xiaolong began to readjust his condition, preparing for tomorrow’s stage battle.

The night’s darkness gradually faded away as everyone looked forward to the morning light with great anticipation.

Before the sky brightened, the entire Fortune City was already waking up, noises could be heard in the street.

Experts from directions swarmed toward the square.

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry, so their walked slowly to the square. By the time they arrived, not even a fly could make its way through the crowd. However, when Huang Xiaolong arrived, the crowd naturally opened up a small path for him to pass.

This time, he didn’t even display his registration token, the Fortune Gate disciples guarding at the entrance were smiling warmly at Huang Xiaolong, inviting him.

There were only a hundred participants in today’s battle, making the enormous square seem even bigger.

Huang Xiaolong almost immediately spotted Zhou Xu. Standing around him were eleven other Dragon Origin Sect participants, deserving of their reputation as the number one sect under the Fortune Gate. Counting Zhou Xu, the Dragon Origin Sect had twelve disciples who made it into the top one hundred.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong arrived, Tan Lin, Yang Liming, and nine other Twin Cities Sect participants entered the battle stage area. Seeing Huang Xiaolong, Tan Lin walked up to him with Yang Liming and the rest.

Standing in front of him, Tan Lin shook his head, a disdainful sneer on his face. “Huang Xiaolong, before this I thought you had an emperor rank godhead, but who knew that it was only a high grade king rank godhead. Pity ah, pity!”

Yang Liming snickered, “Huang Xiaolong, so what if you have the True Dragon Physique, before out Senior Brother Tan Lin, you’re still just a waste!”

Huang Xiaolong replied with a stoic expression, “Later on the stage, this waste will make you kneel!”

Tan Lin and Yang Liming were stunned for a second, then thought of how loud their voices were, causing their expressions to become extremely ugly.

Coldness crept up Tan Lin’s eyes, “Good, I’ll wait and see how you make me kneel on the stage.”

The group left, and the battle stage area quieted.

As they waited, Gong Fei, Chen Renfei, Chang Yan, and Li Wen arrived at the square. They were still the main judges for the third day’s stage battle, however, Huang Xiaolong was aware that many of the Fortune Gate’s Grand Elders, and even several Ancestors were hiding in the void to watch the match.

Three emperor rank godhead disciples appeared in this term’s All-Islands Great War, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin, this was enough to attract several Fortune Gate old monsters.

‘I wonder if Li Lu is watching.’ The thought suddenly appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

On the third day, participants were divided into ten groups, similar to the second day battle. Ten disciples to each battle stage, and the final one standing would enter the top ten.

Following that was the top ten battle to determine each disciple's position in the ranking.

Huang Xiaolong drew stage number six.

On stage six, two out of nine disciples belonged to the Spirit Lake Cult, three from Luoshan Island, one from Anyang Island, two from Dragon Origin Island, and the last of the nine was the Twin Cities Sect’s Yang Liming!

Seeing Yang Liming, Huang Xiaolong smacked his lips, his expression bloodthirsty.

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