Chapter 1175: Allow Me To Do It On Senior’s Behalf

On stage number fifty-six, when other participants saw that the short and fat young man was a Twin Cities Sect disciple, their faces paled, especially when they felt the pressure of an Ancient God Realm master coming from him; the three participants' faces became ashen with despair.

When that Twin Cities Sect disciple named Xiong Dong saw Huang Xiaolong, his eyes lit up, chuckling despite his fierce expression.

Earlier, their Senior Brother Tan Lin had specifically reminded them; regardless which one of their disciples met this Barbarian God Sect disciple on the battle stage, there was no need to be merciful, they could abuse the little punk to death!

Xiong Dong strode toward Huang Xiaolong with a fierce expression, sneering as he came close, “Brat, you didn’t expect to run into a Twin Cities Sect disciple in the first battle, am I right?!” Even though he was ranked seventy-sixth in the preliminary round, more than a mile away from Huang Xiaolong’s twenty-fourth place, Xiong Dong believed that with his almost peak early First Order Ancient GodRealm strength, abusing a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm to death was an easy task.

Just before he was about to make his move, one of the other three participating disciples suddenly stood out with a flattering smile, saying, “Senior, you want to teach this brat a lesson? There’s no need for Senior to act personally, I will teach this brat a lesson on Senior’s behalf!”

Xiong Dong was piqued by the idea, thus nodded at that person. “Very good, attack with all your strength. No need to hold back, aim to kill this brat!”

This participant had the same cultivation level as Huang Xiaolong, peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm. To Xiong Dong, this was a good chance, using this disciple to test Huang Xiaolong’s real strength.

Being granted permission by Xiong Dong, that disciple looked extremely flattered, “Please rest assured Senior, I will definitely make Senior satisfied.” With this said, that disciple strode over to Huang Xiaolong.

“Mad Dragon Howling Sea Fist!” Without a word, that disciple lunged forth, his fist attacking Huang Xiaolong.

An enormous water dragon flew out, accompanied by shocking fist force. The water element spiritual energy in the environment surged like a giant tsunami.

The stage wasn't very big and that disciple attacked all of a sudden. In general, cultivators of the same level would be hard-pressed to dodge the attack.

Huang Xiaolong, on the other hand, appeared unusually calm. He simply raised his palm and lightly slapped forward, causing the water dragon as well as shocking first force to turn back to the attacker at an even faster speed, with increased power!

That participating disciple never imagined there would be such a chance. By the time he thought of dodging, it was already too late.

A loud boom shook the air and that disciple was sent flying by the enormous water dragon. He then flew out of the battle stage area, crashing down on the square, causing spider web-like cracks to spread out on the ground.

Xiong Dong and the other two participants were standing woodenly on the spot.

This black-haired young man could actually reflect an attack back to the assailant?! This…!

Changing a person's attack wasn't difficult, many people could do this, but redirecting that attack back to them was extremely difficult! This required absolute control over their own force and space.

Xiong Dong who previously did not put Huang Xiaolong in his eyes now looked gloomy.

The other two disciples who wanted to please Xiong Dong by targeting Huang Xiaolong immediately nipped that intention in the bud. Although they wanted to please Xiong Dong, that didn't mean they were willing to put their lives on the line to do so.

That disciple who attacked just now was lying on his back, gasping for air, very likely already crippled! 

“You are indeed strong, completely exceeding my estimations.” Xiong Dong coldly looked at Huang Xiaolong, “But it’s a pity that your opponent in this match is me, thus, it is destined that you won’t be among the top one thousand, thus never become a Fortune Gate disciple!” With that, a radiant earth yellow godforce burst out from his body.

His godforce flowed incessantly, forming a wide earth element boundary around Xiong Dong, looking like a golden circle that made people uneasy.

This was one of the Twin Cities Sect’s divine arts named Divine Soul of the Earth World. It was a protective barrier that also attacked the foe’s soul at the same time. Very few cultivators of the same strength could break this golden halo.

“Die—!” Xiong Dong lunged straight at Huang Xiaolong with his fist out, so fast that only a few people could capture his movements.

As one of the Twin Cities Sect’s genius disciples, Xiong Dong’s battle prowess was naturally much higher than the average early First Order Ancient God Realm cultivators.

At this time, on another stage, the Twin Cities Sect’s Yang Liming had just kicked the other four participants off the stage and looked over, happening to see the scene of Xiong Dong attacking Huang Xiaolong. He muttered under his breath, “Originally, I wanted to kill you myself, but it seems I won’t have that chance.”

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong would have no other end than being defeated. Therefore, he had no chance of being on the same battle stage as Huang Xiaolong on the second day.

Xiong Dong’s fist landed accurately on Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Xiong Dong was first surprised, then a triumphant smile bloomed on his face. ‘This kid is nothing more than a good looking yet fragile spearhead.' Even a First Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would suffer injuries after being hit by his Great Earth Heart Shattering Fist, what’s more a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm!

In the next second, however, Xiong Dong’s eyes were full disbelief staring at Huang Xiaolong, “You!” Huang Xiaolong was still standing there, uninjured!

 “Now, it’s my turn to attack.” Huang Xiaolong stated in an emotionless tone. His palm struck, instantly shattering the earth element boundary around Xiong Dong, then went forward, slapping Xiong Dong’s left cheek.

Xiong Dong let out a blood-curdling scream, feeling as if streaks of lightning were whipping his consciousness. His head twisted at an odd angle from Huang Xiaolong’s slap as he fell at the edge of the stage.

“Eh?!” Yang Liming was taken aback by what he saw, his eyes bulged out looking at his Junior Brother Xiong Dong lying at the edge of the stage.

 Xiong Dong’s lips cracked until they were unrecognizable, his eyeballs protruding out from their sockets, he had completely lost his human features. Lying close to the edge of the stage, only wheezing noises could be heard.

Spectators outside the square were gasping with shock at this sight.

“On stage number fifty-six, the Twin Cities Sect’s Xiong Dong ranked seventy-sixth was sent flying with a slap by a black-haired young man, swelling his face into a pig head!”

“Who is that black-haired young man?!”

“He looks like that kid who made a three hundred billion bet, what’s his name again… Oh right, it should be Huang Xiaolong?”

The crowd became noisier.

The Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhou Xuantong who had only been concerned with Tan Lin’s battle dazedly turned to look at stage fifty-six. Seeing Xiong Dong’s miserable state, a sharp glint flickered across his eyes.

Yang Liming’s battle stage wasn't far. Retrieving his gaze from his Junior Brother Xiong Dong’s body, his icy sharp gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, you will soon know how foolish your actions are today!”

Huang Xiaolong reached Xiong Dong in a few steps as if he did not hear Yang Liming’s threat. One of his feet stepped on to Xiong Dong’s head, causing the stage to shake and Xiong Dong’s head to smash a hole into the floor.

Various sects’ experts sucked in a breath of cold air. The stage was made of an extremely hard iron, yet Huang Xiaolong shattered it in a single step!

Watching Huang Xiaolong not only ignoring him but adding another kick to his Junior Brother Xiong Dong, Yang Liming’s face was green from anger; if he could, he wished for nothing more than to kill Huang Xiaolong this instant.

Some distance away, Zhou Xu was calmly observing. ‘Barbarian God Sect’s Huang Xiaolong? A bit interesting.’

Of course, only a little bit.

A peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm wasn't worth more attention from him.

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