Chapter 1169: Stronger than Zhou Xu!

Huang Xiaolong attention was not on Sun Fangliang’s group of four, instead falling on the corpse lying on the ground in the distance that was wearing the same Barbarian God Sect robe as him, Zhang Danming’s body.

Sun Fangling’s group was in a hurry to open the Ghost Buddha Depository’s steel door, ignoring Zhang Danming’s body, leaving it on the ground.

“Who killed him?” Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze was directed at Sun Fangliang’s group of four.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong not only ignored them but also questioned them in return about Zhang Danming’s death, Sun Fangliang, Wang Haiyao, and the other two chuckled in anger. Especially Sun Fangliang, his chuckles were the loudest of all.

“Punk, I killed him, so what? You want to avenge him?” Sun Fangliang grinned, “Relying on your measly peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm strength?” He further taunted Huang Xiaolong, “I really don’t understand what kind of dog shit luck you ran into to reach the ninety-sixth position!”

Just as Sun Fangliang finished, a figure blurred and Huang Xiaolong reached where he stood. Huang Xiaolong’s right hand reached out, clutching Sun Fangliang’s neck, lifting him into the air as if he was holding a tortoise.

Sun Fangliang’s eyes bulged out from his sockets, gasping at Huang Xiaolong. By reflex, he raised his hands attempting to counter, but just as he did so, Huang Xiaolong exerted force in his right hand, crushing Sun his.

Sun Fangliang’s hands and feet went limp, his eyes filled with disbelief. He got so far into the preliminary round, currently ranked forty-fifth, strength at peak mid-First Order Ancient God Realm, yet he died. His throat was crushed by a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple in just one move!

He died!

Before Sun Fangliang completely sank into oblivion, he heard three angry roars. Three figures lunged at Huang Xiaolong, violent godforce surging from their bodies, attacking Huang Xiaolong from behind.

Huang Xiaolong ignored them, letting their attacks land on his back, causing a rumbling noise to reverberate in the hill area.

The other three Spirit Lake Cult disciples’ attacks struck accurately onto Huang Xiaolong. Watching this, their eyes shone with madness and excitement. In the next second, however, all three were dumbfounded, looking unbelievably at Huang Xiaolong.

Despite their attacks, he remained standing like an immovable mountain.

‘How, how is this possible?!’

Even their Senior Brother Chen Weiping would suffer heavy injuries taking their combined attack. Even the current first ranker, the Dragon Origin Sect’s number one genius, Zhou Xu, couldn't withstand their earlier attack and not budge an inch!

This Barbarian God Sect disciple was stronger than Zhou Xu!

No, absolutely impossible!

Zhou Xu possessed the Thousand Dragon Physique and a low grade emperor rank godhead. How was it possible for this Barbarian God Sect disciple to be stronger than him!

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder, directing a contemptuous gaze at Wang Haiyao’s group of three.

He was about to deal with three of them when, all of a sudden, sounds of whistling wind came from the distance as a group of people clad in blue robes appeared on the horizon. In the blink of an eye, the group of people arrived at the hill where Huang Xiaolong, Wang Haiyao, and the others were.

“Senior Brother Chen!” Wang Haiyao and the other two terrified disciples had found hope once more when they saw this group of people and hurried towards them.

This group was led by Chen Weiping, who Wang Haiyao’s group contacted earlier; the Spirit Lake Cult’s number one genius. Arriving with Chen Weiping were four other Spirit Lake Cult geniuses, all four being Ancient God Realm experts.

Chen Weiping immediately saw Sun Fangliang’s corpse not far away as he descended. His eyes narrowed, exuding sharpness as his gaze locked onto Huang Xiaolong. In a heavy tone, he questioned, “What is going on here?”

Wang Haiyao stepped up, hurriedly explaining, “Senior Brother Chen, we discovered the Ghost Buddha Depository and were going to open the steel door, but we didn’t see this Barbarian God Sect disciple sneaking up on us. Before we could react, he ambushed us and killed Senior Brother Sun Fangliang. He was going to kill all of us to rob the treasures inside the Ghost Buddha Depository!”

From Wang Haiyao’s description, the Ghost Buddha Depository was discovered by them, whereas Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Danming become despicable robbers.

Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly and did not say a word.

Hearing Wang Haiyao’s story, Chen Weiping’s group glared daggers at Huang Xiaolong, but even more obvious were their burning gazes directed at the steel door.

“Ghost Buddha Depository!” Chen Weiping’s eyes gleamed with desire, “Lord Gui Fu’s cultivation dwelling?”

Earlier, when Zhao Jianyu contacted him, he had merely mentioned that they discovered an ancient cultivation dwelling and required Buddhism force to open it, not mentioning anything about the Ghost Buddha Depository.

Suppressing the burning desire in his chest, Chen Weiping looked at Huang Xiaolong again, sneering, “Peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm? Since your sneak attack managed to kill Junior Brother Sun Fangliang, it seems your strength is not bad.”

Although Chen Weiping was inwardly shocked that Huang Xiaolong, a Heavenly God Realm kid, was capable of killing Sun Fangliang, he didn’t really put him in his eyes. After all, Wang Haiyao emphasized on the fact that it was an ambush.

Wang Haiyao noticed Chen Weiping’s nonchalant attitude toward Huang Xiaolong and couldn’t help cautioning, “Senior Brother Chen, be careful! That punk is quite strong, the three of us together are probably not his match!”

The four Spirit Lake Cult disciples who came with Chen Weiping were astounded and were doubtful of Wang Haiyao’s claim.

Wang Haiyao’s group of three wasn't not this punk’s match? How could that be?

Wang Haiyao was a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm, while Zhao Jianyu and the other disciple were peak early First Order Ancient God Realm, these three people together could not deal with a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple?

“Senior Brother Wang, you, are you mistaken?” One of the Spirit Lake Cult disciples couldn’t resist asking.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong walked toward Chen Weiping. In a single stride, he was already within an arm’s length from Chen Weiping, before his fist punched out.

Chen Weiping was truly deserving of his Spirit Lake Cult number one genius disciple title. He reacted almost immediately as Huang Xiaolong attacked, pushing his godforce to the limit.

“Imperial Ice Tactic, Spirit Deity Fist!”

Chen Weiping bellowed, his fist striking out at Huang Xiaolong.

Ice element godforce rushed out howling madly. At the same time, a giant ice fist struck out at Huang Xiaolong, causing waves of cold energy to surge forth, condensing into the figure of an ancient deity, freezing Huang Xiaolong’s surroundings.

This attack, however, had no effect.

Under Huang Xiaolong’s fist force, all coldness dissipated and the ancient deity condensed by waves of cold energy disintegrated. Huang Xiaolong’s fist force flew forth, landing on Chen Weiping’s body.


The ancient divine armor on he was wearing cracked and shattered like fried crispy skin. Chen Weiping’s chest caved in, causing flowers of blood to bloom on his blue robe.

Chen Weiping stood dazedly without moving, looking at Huang Xiaolong’s right fist sinking into his chest with disbelief. Although he did not possess any of the unique physiques, he had consumed various precious herbs, tempering his body to a terrifying degree. The average Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivators were incapable of injuring him at all.

However, right now, there was a fist stuck in his chest!

His body’s defense was broken by a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm!

“You, who are you?” Chen Weiping’s hoarse voice sounded in everyone’s ears, weakly protesting, “How could you be stronger than Zhou Xu?!”

Stronger than the Dragon Origin Sect’s number one genius, Zhou Xu!

 Chen Weiping said this because not even Zhou Xu could do what Huang Xiaolong just did, easily breaking his body’s toughness as well as his divine armor.

“Barbarian God Sect, Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong introduced himself. He exerted more strength in his first, rapidly corroding Chen Weiping’s vitality. In a split second, Chen Weiping’s body was thrown into the air.

Chen Weiping was still in the air when he hard miserable screams from his fellow disciples below. At this time, he noticed that the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield’s sky was so dark.

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