Chapter 1168: You’ve Come At The Right Time

Lord Gui Fu’s cultivation dwelling!

Hearing that, the other three Spirit Lake Cult disciples’ eyes brightened, shivers of excitement coursing through their bodies.

“Haha, the cultivation dwelling of Lord Gui Fu! Our luck is really good ah, this is heaven’s blessing!” Spirit Lake Cult stout disciple Sun Fangliang laughed heartily.

“Haha, really the biggest dog shit luck! If it wasn't so, how could we ever discover Lord Gui Fu’s cultivation dwelling?” The first thin-faced disciple Wang Haiyao echoed, laughing loudly.

The others also laughed loudly to express the elation in their hearts.

Zhang Danming felt unprecedented coldness spread through his limbs as he watched the four people, his face was white as a sheet. The earlier joy in finding the Ghost Buddha Depository vanished, taken over by despair.

Since it was related to the Ghost Buddha Depository, the four Spirit Lake Cult disciples would absolutely kill to silence him. There was no chance they would ever let him leave here alive.

Not to mention, Zhang Danming had already given up all thoughts of running.

Run? Maybe his death would be twice as tragic. How could he, a late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple, outrun several Ancient God Realm masters?

At this time, Sun Fangliang, Wang Haiyao, and the other two finally looked at Zhang Danming.

Looking at Zhang Danming’s face filled with fear and despair, Sun Fangliang smiled playfully, “Kid, which sect do you belong to?”

Zhang Danming swallowed nervously, his voice strained, “Green Cloud Island, Barbarian God Sect.”

“Green Cloud Island’s Barbarian God Sect?” Zhao Jianyu was bemused, “I think I’ve heard of this Barbarian God Sect.”

Sun Fangliang, Wang Haiyao, and another disciple turned to look at Zhou Jianyu.

“Right, there’s a Barbarian God Sect disciple named Huang Xiaolong, currently ranked ninety-sixth.” Zhao Jianyu blurted out as he remembered. “No wonder, that’s why I felt this name to be so familiar!” 

Zhao Jianyu was currently ranked at ninety-fifth, one place above Huang Xiaolong. He had seen the Barbarian God Sect and Huang Xiaolong’s name when he checked his token earlier, which was why he felt it sounded familiar.

Sun Fangliang and the other two quickly took out their token and checked. Indeed, at the ninety-sixth place was a Barbarian God Sect disciple named Huang Xiaolong.

“He's merely ranked ninety-sixth, he should be a peak early First Order Ancient God Realm at most.” Sun Fangliang spoke with nonchalance, “Even if he’s really nearby and rushed over here, the four of us could easily take his life at any time!”

Sun Fangliang was a peak mid-First Order Ancient God Realm cultivator, currently in the forty-fifth position on the ranking, while Wang Haiyao was also a peak mid-First Order Ancient God Realm cultivator ranked forty-seventh at the moment.

Zhao Jianyu and the other disciple were slightly weaker, but their cultivation still reached peak early First Order Ancient God Realm. The four of them naturally wouldn't put a person ranked ninety-sixth in their eyes.

Sun Fangliang’s gaze fell on Zhang Danming, once again saying, “Seeing that you’ve helped us find this Ghost Buddha Depository, I’ll give you a quick death.” Finished saying that, Sun Fangling pointed his index finger at Zhang Danming. In a split second, a piercing finger force rushed out, piercing through Zhang Danming’s head. 

Zhang Danming crumbled to the ground.

However, before the finger force penetrated his head, Zhang Danming managed to crush his Barbarian God Sect rescue talisman.  

This rescue talisman could alert other Barbarian God Sect disciples within a certain distance. Of course, if other disciples were too far, then…

Sun Fangliang’s group of four did notice that Zhang Danming crushed a rescue talisman, but no one stopped him.

“Alright now, let’s not waste more time and quickly open this steel door.” Wang Haiyao urged his companions.

This Ghost Buddha Depository was too important and precious, they had to hurry inside and collect all the treasures before other disciples found this place.

Sun Fangliang and others nodded in agreement.

Wang Haiyao approached and stood in front of the steel door, looking at the Great Buddha’s palm. A moment later, he pressed his palm onto it and subsequently circulated his godforce.

In the next instant, the golden circle behind the Great Buddha emitted a bright golden light, spreading to the surrounding hill, however, there was no other reaction from the steel door.

Wang Haiyao’s expression was slightly ugly, but he could only retrieve his palm.

“What’s wrong? Is our strength insufficient to open this door to the Ghost Buddha Depository?” Wang Haiyao’s voice was extremely sullen.

Sun Fangliang and others frowned watching this.

“Let me try.” Sun Fangliang stepped forward, placing his palm on the same spot as Wang Haiyao, but no matter how much godforce he sent into the steel door, the result was the same. The door did not budge an inch.

“Lord Gui Fu had an innate Buddha Physique, in order to activate the Great Buddha and open this steel door, perhaps we require Buddhism energy?” Zhao Jianyu spoke in a solemn tone.

Three pairs of eyes stared at Zhao Jianyu.

“In the past, I found a piece of  bone from a high-level Ancient God Realm Arthat. Let's cooperate and see if we can force out the remnant Buddhism force within. If we are successful, we can use it to open this steel door!” Wang Haiyao proposed.  A golden light flashed in his palm as a piece of bone appeared. Its surface was a pure golden color as if it was painted with a layer of gold. 

This was the arhat bone he spoke of. However, a portion of the bone was chipped, rendering it incomplete, but even so, the four of them could feel the remnant Buddhism force inside the bone.

Without delay, the group of four joined hands to extract the remnant Buddhism force from the bone.

While they were trying to open the door, Huang Xiaolong had received Zhang Danming’s rescue signal earlier and was rushing over.

He was traveling at a rapid speed, crossing ten thousand li in a flicker, akin to a streak of light traversing over the dark Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the inconspicuous hill just as Sun Fangliang, Wang Haiyao, and the two others were extracting the Buddhism force from the bone, channeling it into the Great Buddha’s palm.

Almost immediately, the lines on the Great Buddha’s palm began to rotate, emitting a brilliant light. The Great Buddha seemed to come alive as the steel door slightly shook.

Watching this scene, Sun Fangliang and the rest felt triumphant. As expected, opening the steel door required Buddhism force!

Just when the four thought the door was going to open, the shaking gradually stopped and the door grew quiet, there was no longer any reaction from the Great Buddha.

Sun Fangliang and the others were flabbergasted. The buddhism energy from the arhat bone was exhausted.

“I know Senior Brother Chen Weiping has a few pieces of arhat bone, how about we invite him over?” Zhao Jianyu suggested.

Sun Fangliang and Wang Haiyao frowned, but they nodded their heads in the end. They had no other option.

Chen Weiping was the Spirit Lake Cult’s number one genius, his cultivation having reached peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm. He was close to breaking through to the Second Order, moreover, his battle prowess was even higher than the average Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivators.

Chen Weiping was currently ranked eighth.

However, if they invited Chen Weiping, even if they could open the door to the Ghost Buddha Depository, their harvest would only be a small portion of what was inside.

Unfortunately, there was no other way.

Subsequently, with all four people’s agreement, Zhao Jianyu crushed a sect talisman that sends their message to Chen Weiping.

Huang Xiaolong watched this coldly. In the next second, he descended to the ground.

Sun Fangliang and the rest were alarmed, noticing Huang Xiaolong only after they looked up. When they noticed the Barbarian God Sect robe he was wearing, all four breathed out in relief.

“Hehe, you’re that Barbarian God Sect disciple, Huang Xiaolong, ranked ninety-sixth?” Sun Fangliang chuckled, “You’ve come at the right time.”

Being unable to open the Ghost Buddha Depository caused Sun Fangliang to be both frustrated and angry. A straw bag to vent his anger was what precisely he wanted right now.

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