Chapter 1167: The Ghost Buddha Depository

 A short while later, Huang Xiaolong had finished scouring through the two Asura Kings’ memories. He didn’t expect these two Asura Kings to have arrived at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield after accidentally running into a black hole in the Asura World. 

The two Asura Kings coming to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield was an accident, there was no purpose at all.

“Asura Gate.” Huang Xiaolong muttered the name under his breath.

Even though the appearance of the two Asura Kings in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield was an accident, he got to know there was a force called Asura Gate in Hell!

Moreover, this Asura Gate was one of the hegemon forces in Hell with numerous experts, ruling one direction of Hell.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered, the Asura Gate in Hell and the Asura Gate in the lower realm, was there a connection between them?

Although it was common for similar sect names to appear in the vast universe, Huang Xiaolong felt there were only so many coincidences in the world.

For one, the Asura Tactics that his first Master Ren Wokuang had left behind enabled him to absorb the frigid cold qi from Hell, and upon reaching the tenth stage, he could also summon the Gate of Hell!

Another reason was, Huang Xiaolong had always believed that his Master Ren Wokuang wasn't dead and had actually entered the Asura World.

‘Looks like the trip to Hell is inevitable!’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

The first reason why he was planning to go to the Asura World was to cultivate, and secondly, he had to clarify the relationship between Hell's Asura Gate and the lower realm's Asura Gate.  His strength was too low to go now, hence Huang Xiaolong decided to consider it again after he stepped into the Ancient God Realm.

Remembering how he recklessly stepped through the Gate of Hell back when he had just broken through to the God Realm, Huang Xiaolong had a sense of delayed trepidation. At that time, he was truly a newborn calf unafraid of the tiger. Fortunately, he did not come across any danger, otherwise he would now be deader than dead, without a single piece of him remain. 

Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts returned to the present. He then ordered the Black Baboon to carry the two Asura Kings and went to the nearby mountains, opening a cave for himself. Inside the cave, Huang Xiaolong began refining the two Asura Kings’ bloodline.

When he completed the refinement, half a month had gone by.

Standing in his self-made cave, Huang Xiaolong punched at the wall. From the belly of the mountain, his fist force made a hole all the way to the side and pierced through another nearby mountain, travelling through a dozen mountains before dissipating.

Huang Xiaolong once again compressed his strength. Even though he had yet to break through to the Ancient God Realm, his power and physical defense had almost doubled, especially his True Divine Dragon Physique that had improved even further.

Even Huang Xiaolong himself did not know to what degree his True Divine Dragon Physique has changed. By a rough estimation, he guessed that even a Third Order Ancient God Realm cultivator’s physical body wasn't as strong as his. After he finally broke through to the next realm, his True Divine Dragon Physique would strengthen to an unimaginable level.

 Initially, Huang Xiaolong only had half the confidence to break through to the Ancient God Realm after the end of the All-Islands Great War. Now that he had refined two Asura Kings’ bloodline, however, his confidence soared sky high.

Taking out his competition token, in a quick sweep of his divine sense, Huang Xiaolong saw that his ranking had fallen all the way down to the ninety-sixth place. Then again, after spending half a month to refine the two Asura Kings’ bloodline, this was within his estimation.

“I'll have to use a little bit of effort now.” In a blur, Huang Xiaolong was already flying out from the hole that his punch had made earlier. Although he wasn’t overly concerned about the preliminary round ranking, it was better to maintain a position within the top one hundred.

A short distance from the mountain Huang Xiaolong just left was a swamp area. Right at this moment, a Barbarian God Sect disciple named Zhang Danming was standing in front of an inconspicuous hill with an ecstatic expression.

He was just passing by when he noticed a glimmer on this hill. Thinking it was strange, he came closer to take a look. At first, Zhang Danming wasn’t really expecting anything, but when he moved the weeds away, there was a steel door that seemed to lead to a cultivation dwelling.

The door was about three to four meters in height, wide enough to accommodate three people passing through at the same time.

“Ghost Buddha Depository!”

 Ghost Buddha!

'Could it the same Lord Gui Fu from a million years ago?'

A million years ago, there was a super force on the Fortune Mainland called Ghost Buddha Sect. At that time, the Sect Chief was named Gui Fu, possessing unfathomable strength that caused even the Fortune Gate Ancestor and Chief of that time to be wary. However, for unknown reasons, the unfathomably powerful Gui Fu went missing not long after.

At that time, there were a lot of rumors going around in the Vientiane World; some said that Lord Gui Fu went to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield and died there, another rumor claimed that Lord Gui Fu went to the Ghost Abyss, some said that something went wrong when Lord Gui Fu was cultivating, causing him to succumb to heart devils and die.

There were various rumors regarding Lord Gui Fu’s disappearance that spread over the years. From then on, Lord Gui Fu had never appeared again.

The disappearance of Lord Gui Fu left the Ghost Buddha Sect without a support pillar; at the same time, the sect had to withstand the pressure and attacks of various other sects of the Fortune Mainland. Its strength began to decline, reducing the once grand Ghost Buddha Sect to an unremarkable small sect a million years later.

Recalling this million-year-old legend, Zhang Danming could barely suppress his excitement. Some time later, he finally managed to calm himself a little and began studying the Ghost Buddha Depository's steel door.

The surface of the steel door depicted a Great Buddha sitting cross-legged. There was a large circle of golden light behind it, and outside the golden circle were layers of ghosts.

Looking at this carving on the steel door, Zhang Danming was even more certain that this Ghost Buddha Depository had been left behind by that Lord Gui Fu a million years back, for he was born with a Buddha Physique yet cultivated a strange ancient technique involving ghosts.

In the end, Zhang Danming’s gaze returned to the Great Buddha. On the surface of its raised palm, Zhang Danming could see some barely noticeable shining lines.

An idea flashed through his mind and he raised his right palm, pressing it against the Great Buddha’s palm. Seeing that his palm fit perfectly, Zhang Danming circulated his godforce.  

However, to his disappointment, no matter how much godforce he sent into the steel door, there was no reaction at all, except for making the golden circle behind the Great Buddha brighter.

Half an hour later, Zhang Danming was completely disappointed.

He understood that it was because his strength wasn't high enough to open this Ghost Buddha Depository's steel door. Or perhaps only Buddhism force could open it?

“Haha! Brother Chen is right, there really is an ancient cultivation dwelling here!”

At this time, four figures came whistling through the air, one of them laughing happily.

Zhang Danming’s face tightened; it seems when he circulated his godforce, attempting to open this steel door, the bright golden circle behind the Great Buddha had attracted the nearby disciples’ attention.

‘Spirit Lake Cult!’ Zhang Danming’s mind screamed when he saw the emblems on these four young men’s robes.

They were from the Spirit Lake Island, one of the top ten islands!

Even though the Spirit Lake Cult's strength was far from the Dragon Origin Sect, it was still acknowledged as being one of the top ten islands. The strength of their disciples was much higher than the Green Cloud Island’s disciples. Most of the cultivators coming from the top ten islands to participate in the All-Islands Great War were of Ancient God Realm strength.

Descending to the ground, the four Spirit Lake Cult disciples directly ignored Zhang Danming, greed burned in their eyes as they stared at the steel door.

“Ghost Buddha Depository!”

The four exclaimed simultaneously.

 “The cultivation dwelling of that Lord Gui Fu from a million years ago!” The thin-faced Spirit Lake Cult disciple exclaimed as the thought crossed his mind.

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