Chapter 1158: Fortune Gate Young Lord

At that time when Ouyang Jiang, Ouyang Xun and other Grand Elders went to the Barbarian God Sect, stating their intention to buy the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, Lu Zhuo had refused.

This made Ouyang Yunfei extremely displeased.

Lu Zhuo, Yao Chi and others present naturally understood what Ouyang Yunfei really meant by ‘take care’.

“Take care of me? You, who just broke through to early First Order Ancient God Realm? Sorry to say this, but you aren't qualified.” All of a sudden, an indifferent voice sounded.

Ouyang Yunfei, Ouyang Jiang, and the rest of the Ouyang Clan group was stunned as their gazes turned to Huang Xiaolong.

Ouyang Yunfei did not expect a lowly Barbarian God Sect disciple to have the guts to refute him! Based on his status and identity, even someone like Lu Zhuo dared not raise an eyebrow in front of him.

On the surface, Ouyang Yunfei did not seem to have been angered. Instead, he said to Ouyang Jiang, Ouyang Xun, and the rest, “Did you all hear that? This Barbarian God Sect disciple says that I, who has just broken through to the Ancient God Realm, am not qualified to take care of him…”

The Ouyang Clan's group laughed as if on cue.

The smile on Ouyang Yufei’s face deepened looking at Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, when the All-Islands Great War starts, I’ll make you understand whether I’m qualified to guide you or not.” Ouyang Yunfei’s face darkened, “A lowly peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm acting overly arrogant. It doesn’t matter if you didn't understand before this, but I’ll soon teach you the unsurpassable gap between a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm and strength true Ancient God Realm master. Killing you would take nothing more than a single strike!”

“We leave!”

Ouyang Yunfei sniggered. Before leaving, his gaze locked onto Yao Chi for an instant, chuckling softly.

Watching the Ouyang Clan group leave, Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered.

 “The Ouyang Clan Ancestor Ouyang Bin and Patriarch Ouyang Xuguang, did they come?” Huang Xiaolong asked Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo promptly replied, “Both Ouyang Bin and Ouyang Xuguang are here. They probably have something to attend to that they did not accompany Ouyang Yunfei over to register.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, an unnoticeable cold light gleamed in his eyes. At the appropriate time, he would have all Ouyang Clan’s people remain here, including Ouyang Bin and Ouyang Xuguang!

After the brief encounter passed, Huang Xiaolong had Yao Chi wait for them at the edge of the square, leaving Xie Du, Xie Tu, and two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts with her, while he, Lu Zhuo, and everyone else lined up to register their names and be assessed.

Even though each island was given a quota of five participating disciples, these disciples were still required to register and have their age assessed. This was first to confirm their identity, and secondly, to determine their bone-age.

All-Islands Great War only allowed disciples below three hundred years of age to participate. There was no stipulation or requirement about their strength.

After three days of waiting, it was finally the turn of Huang Xiaolong and the other four disciples from Green Cloud Island.

Huang Xiaolong was the first one to walk out for the registration assessment, and soon validated his Green Cloud Island’s Barbarian God Sect identity before going on to test his bone-age.

Initially, he was fidgety, but soon relaxed when the disciple in charge of testing bone-age announced that his bone-age was qualified. During the bone-age test, it didn't state a specific number, hence Huang Xiaolong still didn't know his actual age in the Divine World.

 Shortly, the other four Green Cloud Island’s disciples also smoothly registered, passing both the identity validation and bone-age test. All five received the All-Islands Great War participating token.

Just as Huang Xiaolong found Yao Chi and prepared to leave, there was a fuss on another side of the square. Those on the square were looking at the other end of the square with rising fervor.

“That is the Fortune Gate Young Lord Zhu Feng!”

“Young Lord Zhu Feng is an exceptional genius with a low grade emperor rank godhead!”

Similar conversations came from the crowd. Even Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai, and the four disciples turned red with excitement.

The Green Cloud Island was one of thousands amongst the Fortune Gate's territories, thus, the Fortune Gate’s Young Lord Zhu Feng was ‘half a master’ to people like Lu Zhuo.

In the lower realm, the two would be akin to an empire’s crown prince and a common family’s patriarch.

Huang Xiaolong watched as a group of Fortune Gate Elders and disciples followed behind Zhu Feng, bathed in a glorious halo.

Although Huang Xiaolong thought he was gallant and handsome, he had to admit this Zhu Feng’s looks were just as gallant and handsome as his. Thick sword-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes, stalwart, and proud. As Zhu Feng strode to the square, there was an air about him that made people willing to submit.

Zhu Feng came to the registration disciples, asking them about the progress of registration and assessment, then left with the same group of followers.

Based on Zhu Feng’s status, he need not ask about these things personally, therefore his appearance at the registration square and inquire about the progress seemed to have other intention.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered as he watched Zhu Feng leave. He didn’t expect to meet the Fortune Gate Young Lord under these circumstances. Now that he had seen Zhu Feng, what about the other Fortune Gate exceptional genius, Wang Wei?

Huang Xiaolong thought of the Fortune Gate female disciple he saved from the Soul Tribe, Cheng Susu.

At that time, she told him to look for her when he comes to participate in the All-Islands Great War on the Fortune Mainland, but after some pondering, Huang Xiaolong decided to delay contacting Cheng Susu.

After the All-Islands Great War ended and he entered the Fortune Gate, they would meet in the end.

There was also Li Lu.

With these thoughts in mind, Huang Xiaolong’s group left the square.

Afterwards, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo and the others did not return to their courtyard. They instead found a big restaurant nearby and ordered two tables of food and wine, planning to relax for the day.

But Huang Xiaolong barely warmed the chair he was sitting on when Ouyang Yunfei, Ouyang Jiang, Ouyang Xun, and several Ouyang Clan people walked into the same restaurant. Together with the Ouyang Clan people were five young men clad in Fortune Gate inner sect disciple robes.

Judging from their demeanor, these five Fortune Gate inner disciples were likely to have come out from the Ouyang Clan and had entered the Fortune Gate after obtaining high ranking in previous terms of the All-Islands Great War.

As Ouyang Yunfei’s group walked in, Ouyang Yunfei almost instantly spotted Yao Chi who was sitting beside Huang Xiaolong, his eyes lit up. In a few quick steps, Ouyang Yunfei arrived in front of Yao Chi.

“Hehe, Miss Yao Chi, we meet again. It seems we’re quite fated.” Ouyang Yunfei greeted Yao Chi, self-righteously thinks there was a good relationship between them.

Yao Chi did not utter a word but Huang Xiaolong spat out a word indifferently: “Scram!”


In an instant, heavy silence enveloped the restaurant.

Ouyang Yunfei’s face darkened.  

“Brat, what did you say?!” Ouyang Jiang widened his eyes in anger, staring at Huang Xiaolong. A whelming aura burst out from his body as if he would kill Huang Xiaolong in the next second.

But Ouyang Yunfei raised his palm, quieting Ouyang Jiang. He said to Huang Xiaolong, “I’ll pinch this brat to dead myself in the All-Islands Great War!”

This was the Fortune City after all, causing too big a commotion here would bring the Fortune Gate law enforcement team, which would bring trouble to himself as well. There would be no such concern during the All-Islands Great War.

Ouyang Yunfei sneered coldly as he shifted his gaze to Lu Zhuo, “Lu Zhuo, this is your last chance, tell this Barbarian God Sect disciple to kneel now and apologize to me, otherwise, you know the consequences!”

Lu Zhuo’s face was taut with anger.

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