Chapter 1155: Dragon Origin Sect

For the journey to the Fortune Mainland, Huang Xiaolong did not plan on bringing too many people with him; other than the three sects’ Ancestors and the four participating disciples, there were only Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, and the little cow.

Nine people and one cow in total.

None of the three sects’ Chiefs and other experts were brought along, left behind to guard the sects.

Although the last sea beasts’ attack was foiled by Huang Xiaolong and there hadn't been any other attacks since then, precaution was necessary for unexpected situations. 

As for his Ancient God Realm subordinates, Huang Xiaolong only brought Xie Tu, Xie Du, the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts, the Black Baboon, and the swarm of Golden Gorb Insects.

The pair of Green Ice Hail Devils, Bing Jiuyi and Bing Xingying, were left at the Barbarian God Sect.

Bing Jiuyi and Bing Xingying’s strengths were too low for the current Huang Xiaolong, only playing a limited role, thus it was better to leave them at the Barbarian God Sect to defend against enemies.

Arriving at the transmission array, the three sects’ Ancestors, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai, obtained Huang Xiaolong nod and took out a million divine stones each,  placing them at the center of the array. The three of them then jointly formed seals to activate it.

Dim lights shone from the transmission array, became glaringly bright. Six light pillars shout out, forming a hexagonal shape. In the next second, loud blasts were heard as the six light pillars soared into the void, flying away from the Green Cloud Island, approaching the Fortune Mainland.

The area inside the transmission array’s light pillars was roughly a hundred square meters. There were only nine people and one cow in Huang Xiaolong’s group, this much space was more than enough to accommodate them.

Standing inside the space, Huang Xiaolong and the others could clearly see the light around them cut through the space currents like a high speed flying ship, traversing thousands of li in the blink of an eye.

This transmission array was akin to a super fast spaceship, except there were no walls. What carried them was a bright hexagonal light pillar.

However, the Fortune Mainland was a long distance away and they needed to cross countless li of the Endless Sea. With the transmission array’s speed, it would take them ten days to reach their destination.

During these ten days, Huang Xiaolong had Yao Chi consume one drop of Phoenix blood everyday as she cultivated. He also had the Black Baboon help Yao Chi raise her strength.

Huang Xiaolong himself consumed one hundred drops of Phoenix blood before he started cultivating. His current True Divine Dragon Physique could absolutely withstand such degree of energy.

Watching Huang Xiaolong swallow one hundred drops of ancient Phoenix blood everyday, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai were scared half to death. The other participating disciples were no better.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong also distributed ten drops each to Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai, while the four participating disciples were given one drop of Phoenix blood each.

The blood pool had millions of blood drops, those thirty-one drops he gave away were trivial.

During the ten days' journey, everyone cultivated silently.

Ten days later, lights spiraled around them and the scenery changed before their eyes. Huang Xiaolong’s group landed on an enormous square.

This square was so big that Huang Xiaolong couldn't see its edges. The sky was filled with numerous flying ships, flying mounts, and countless cultivators from various families and sects, it was an amazing sight.

Huang Xiaolong and the others had a feeling that they were as small as an ant.

South Huai City’s flying ship dock was big, but compared to this square, it was just too tiny!

“This is the Fortune Mainland’s Huo Provincial Port?” Huang Xiaolong asked Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo recovered from his daze, answering, “Yes, this is precisely the Huo Provincial Port. We have arrived at the Fortune Mainland, and not far away is the Huo Provincial City, which is one of the big cities of the Fortune Mailand!”

Guo Provincial Port! They were finally on Fortune Mainland. A small feeling of excitement tugged at Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

‘The Fortune Mainland, Fortune Gate! Li Lu, I’m here!’ Huang Xiaolong inwardly screamed.

The group only stopped briefly at the square and was soon heading to the Huo Provincial City.

Similar to Huang Xiaolong, the sky was dotted with experts from various islands and forces flocking towards the Huo Provincial City like locusts. 

Some of these various islands’ masters, judging from the auras exuding from their bodies, were as powerful as Huang Xiaolong’s chaos spiritual beast, the Black Baboon. In other words, these people were Seventh Order Ancient God Realm masters.

Looking at the numerous masters high in the sky and on the ground, Huang Xiaolong lamented. Ancient God Realm masters were hard to find on the Green Cloud Island and Dralion Island, one could count them with the fingers of one hand. However, due to the All-Islands Great War, this place had turned into a converging point for various islands’ masters.

An urge to become stronger rose in Huang Xiaolong’s heart as he looked at the various cultivators flying in the air. He finally understood what the saying meant that the Ancient God Realm was just the starting point!

In the vast Divine World, achieving Ancient God Realm cultivation was the first square! The Vientiane World they were in now was just a small world surface of the Divine World!

After an hour of flight, Huang Xiaolong’s group finally left the square, taking another three hours to reach the Huo Provincial City.

Looking at the city in front of them, everyone in Huang Xiaolong’s group sighed in amazement once more, including the three sects’ Ancestors that had been here in the past. Every time they saw this city, they couldn’t resist sighing in amazement.

The Huo Provincial City’s walls stretched as high as the clouds, built from materials unbeknown to Huang Xiaolong. Even as far as ten thousand li, it seemed to exude a faint pressure to those looking at it.

After paying more than a hundred thousand shenbi, Huang Xiaolong’s group stepped into the Huo Provincial City.

Despite the large number of visitors flocking to this city, the streets were so wide that it didn't feel crowded at all.

“Xiaolong, let’s find a place to stay for two days. We’ll continue on after that, what say you?” Lu Zhuo asked Huang Xiaolong.

“Sure.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

This was the first time he and Yao Chi came to this Huo Provincial City and they could stroll around these two days.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong agreed, the other four participating disciples were inwardly cheering, happiness shining from their faces. It was obvious they too wanted to stay for some time in the city.

Right at this time, other pedestrians on the street suddenly retreated to the sides, their eyes filled with awe looking at the other end of the street.

Huang Xiaolong too looked over in doubt.

At the other end of the street was a group clad in goldish purple battle gear. On the chest of their battle gar was the emblem of an ancient Azure Dragon.

“The Dragon Origin Sect!” Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changpai’s faces tightened and the four disciples became ashen.

The Dragon Origin Island’s Dragon Origin Sect! Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed.

The most powerful force under the Fortune Gate amongst a hundred thousand islands, the Dragon Origin Island! Dragon Origin Sect!

Before departing, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai had mentioned to Huang Xiaolong about the top ten islands, but his knowledge of these ten islands was limited.

The strongest of those ten island was precisely the Dragon Origin Island.

The Dragon Origin Sect was that island’s hegemon force. In the past terms of the All-Islands Great War, the first place winners mostly came from the Dragon Origin Sect. More than a hundred terms had passed, yet no one was able to break this streak.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze fell onto the middle-aged man walking at the front of the group, whose aura was boundless as the sea, firm like a mountain, like the earth itself, especially his eyes that seemed to hold an entire galaxy within.

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