Chapter 1150: Late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm

That purple grandmist aura dragon arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong and the little cow before either of them could react. Huang Xiaolong panicked and his sent a palm strike by reflex.

His strike shook the surrounding space.

However, the purple grandmist aura dragon disregarded Huang Xiaolong’s attack as it flew through into his body through his palm, causing him to scream in panic, feeling that his entire right arm was on the verge of exploding.

The purple dragon had forcefully entered his meridian. 

Huang Xiaolong’s meridian was akin to a water pipe ten centimeters wide, a several hundred zhang long purple dragon swimming into his meridian all of a sudden caused him pain that was beyond unbearable.

In a few short breaths’ time, the purple grandmist aura dragon had drilled into Huang Xiaolong’s body, his entire right arm was emitting a bright purple light.

The purple grandmist aura dragon subsequently moved up to his chest through his meridian.

The bright purple light inched up to the right side of his chest.

Huang Xiaolong’s face went white from the agonizing pain. The flesh from his right arm to his chest throbbed violently and another scream rose from Huang Xiaolong’s throat.

The little cow was pacing anxiously, then quickly blew a cloud of purple lightning over Huang Xiaolong’s head, raining a storm of purple lightning liquid over him.

With this purple lightning liquid, the pain of Huang Xiaolong’s expanding flesh reduced significantly, yet the pain did not go away.

Huang Xiaolong even circulated his godforce, attempting to restrict and control the purple grandmist aura dragon to no avail. The purple dragon wasn't something he could control. 

The grandmist aura dragon moved further following Huang Xiaolong’s god-meridians.  

A cultivator’s god-meridians formed when they stepped into the Heavenly God Realm and were more complex than the blood vessels in one’s body. If the purple grandmist aura dragon was going to make a full circle through Huang Xiaolong’s god-meridians, it would take a few days at its current speed!

A few days!

It had only been a few minutes, yet Huang Xiaolong already felt it hard to endure.

As the grandmist aura dragon moved along inside Huang Xiaolong’s body, the grandmist aura flowing out from it burned his meridians.

The grandmist aura’s energy was simply too overwhelming, greatly exceeding the limit of Huang Xiaolong’s True Divine Dragon Physique many times over.

Watching this, the little cow was worried and anxious, but it had no way to help.

If it was any other grade of grandmist aura rather than the purple one, Xiaoniƫ’s purple lightning liquid would be able to suppress it to some extent, but this was the purple grandmist aura. Coupled with its current level of strength, all it could do was to help Huang Xiaolong’s body heal faster, speed up the recovery of Huang Xiaolong’s burned god-meridians, and reduce his pain.

Half an hour passed and Huang Xiaolong bent over in pain.

One hour later, he entered a semi-comatose state. Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong’s soul strong enough to maintain a vague consciousness.

Three days passed in this manner.

As the purple grandmist aura dragon continued to destroy Huang Xiaolong’s god-meridians, the surface of his body shone radiantly with the same purple light as the dragon.

From afar, Huang Xiaolong can be described as purple human light-stick.

Another two days went by and the purple dragon had made a complete cycle through Huang Xiaolong’s god-meridians before swimming into his godsea, hovering above his three supreme godheads.

In Huang Xiaolong’s godsea, resplendent lights enveloped his three supreme godheads. At this point, Huang Xiaolong was lying on the ground in the independent space, completely unconscious; the purple light enveloping him grew stronger as time passed.

While comatose, Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness entered another space, a purple ocean world. The temperature here changed drastically and erratically, from scorching hot to bone-deep cold.

The little cow retrieved its purple lightning cloud at this point. Although unnoticeable, its face was bloodlessly pale, slumping to the ground in exhaustion. Despite its miserable condition, there was happiness in its eyes, for it could see that Huang Xiaolong survived the purple grandmist aura’s overwhelming energy flowing through his god-meridians. Right now, his meridians were being reconstructed by the purple grandmist aura absorbed by his flesh.

Even though Xiaoniƫ didn't know how long it would take, it knew that Huang Xiaolong was no longer in danger for the time being.

Even so, it dared not lower its vigilance. After swallowing several divine pellets, it sat at Huang Xiaolong’s side, keeping watch.

As the purple grandmist aura left in Huang Xiaolong’s god-meridians spread throughout his body, from his internal organs, flesh and blood, bones, blood vessels, skin, and hair, it began to integrate into every part of him, causing the purple light around his body to become stronger still.

Two months passed.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows and hair, like everything else, had turned into brilliant rays of purple light. Subsequently, his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears all melted into the purple light.

Only a bright sphere of purple light remained.

Even the little cow was unable to see through the light to check on Huang Xiaolong’s condition, only being able to judge Huang Xiaolong’s safety though the thumping sounds of a heartbeat. However, at one point when that strong heartbeat became slow and weak, the little cow’s heart hung in the air.

Half a year later, Huang Xiaolong’s heartbeat was almost nonexistent, only beating once an hour, seemingly on the edge of collapse.

The little cow was pacing back and forth at Huang Xiaolong’s side, extremely anxious. All of a sudden, on the tenth month, the heartbeats coming from the sphere of purple light grew stronger and continued to rise to the point where the entire space shook with each heartbeat.

The little cow was dumbfounded, inwardly cursing â€˜Your mother!’ If it didn’t know the person inside was Huang Xiaolong, it would have thought the purple light sphere was concealing a giant ancient beast.

One year went by.

Sonorous echoes of a heartbeat continued to boom in the independent space. The little cow had retreated far away a long time ago. The Black Baboon stood beside the little cow, grunting as it stared at the purple light sphere.

Another two months passed. On this day, the purple light sphere expanded without warning until it was a giant ball a hundred li in radius. 

Bang! The giant ball exploded, revealing Huang Xiaolong’s figure in the little cow’s sight.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air, his perfect body glimmering with a faint purple glow, exuding an overwhelming pressure.

The little cow stared at Huang Xiaolong with widened eyes.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. As his fists clenched, the entire space quaked.

?!” Huang Xiaolong discovered he had broken through from late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm to late-Tenth Oder!

Huang Xiaolong looked at his hands and feet. His whole body, after the purple grandmist aura’s remodification, was so strong that Huang Xiaolong was unable to describe it.

Sensing the purple grandmist aura dragon hovering above his three supreme godheads, his throat went dry. When this purple grandmist aura dragon was circulating his god-meridians, the amount of grandmist aura spreading throughout his body was probably only a fraction of its energy, yet it enabled him to breakthrough from late-Ninth Order to late-Tenth Oder Heavenly God Realm!

If he refined the entire purple grandmist aura dragon, how much would his strength rise?

In the next second, Huang Xiaolong shuddered in apprehension. Just a fraction of its energy nearly killed him thrice over; at his current strength, trying to refine the entire grandmist aura dragon was nothing more than diving head down into the gates of hell.

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