Chapter 1146: Chaos Lightning Lagoon

After breaking free from the ancient formation that had been trapping them for so long, Hun Dishan was enraged seeing a sea of evil spirits and ghouls rushing towards them. His godforce surged to the peak, causing roiling black clouds to gather above him.

“Soul Cave Light Wave!”

Hun Dishan’s eyes shone like two exploding suns, shooting out rays of light.


 The evil spirits and ghouls nearest to him were knocked back, exploding into shapeless clouds of energy before being swallowed by the large black hole at the end of the lights.


Hun Dishan’s figure flickered in and out like a vanishing hurricane, diving into the swarm of ghouls and evil spirits as he began a frenzied slaughter.

If it weren’t for these annoying evil spirits and ghouls, they wouldn't have been trapped inside this ancient formation for several years. After a few years went by, who knows if the two Asura Kings were still on the Lightning Lagoon Mainland!

Whenever it crossed Hun Dishan’s mind that he wouldn't be able to complete the task his father gave him, his anger intensified, leaving only killing in his mind. 

Countless evil spirits and ghouls exploded as a result.

Grand Elder Hun Xing frowned watching Hun Dishan’s behavior. He then took a step forward, advising, “Young Lord, we must hurry to the Lightning Lagoon Mainland right now.”

Only then did Hun Dishan stop, turning around as he said, “I know.”

Immediately, the group of five hastened onward to the Lightning Lagoon Mainland, which wasn't far from the Blood Yang Mainland.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had left the Immortal Phoenix God Faith Palace. Coming out from the flaming fir primeval forest, the two of them searched the surroundings for things they might have missed.

“Master, how about we try our luck on the Lightning Lagoon Mainland?”

 Xiaoniū suggested.

“Lightning Lagoon Mainland?” Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the little cow.

The little cow elaborated, “The Lightning Lagoon Mainland is a short distance away from this Blood Yang Mainland, we can reach it in ten days. On that mainland is a chaos lightning lagoon that has existed even before the Divine World came to be. If we can find it and cultivate inside for a period, it would be a great harvest.”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened, there was actually a chaos lightning lagoon on that mainland!

There were treasures at every turn in this Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield!

Even though there were numerous magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits everywhere, if they could find a cultivation dwelling left behind by an ancient master or a treasure like the chaos lightning lagoon, that would be lady luck smiling on them.

“But it won't be easy to find this chaos lightning lagoon, I’ve been there a few times only to return empty-handed.” The little cow shook its head, lamenting, “It is a mystical place that can transform into any type of entity, undetectable even when it moves; not even a World Overlord can sense it. On top of that, it is always moving, it’s exact location unpredictable.”

A wry expression crept up Huang Xiaolong’s face.

It seems like this kind of treasure was never easy to find; the chaos lightning lagoon and the grandmist aura were alike in this aspect.

Still, compared to the grandmist aura, the chaos lightning lagoon was slightly better. At least it was determined to be on the Lightning Lagoon Mainland, whereas there were no clues at all as to where the grandmist aura could be.

Although he knew that the chaos lightning lagoon was difficult to find, Huang Xiaolong still chose to make a trip to the Lightning Lagoon Mainland with the little cow to try his luck. As Xiaoniū said before, he had the most heaven-defying luck it had ever seen, maybe he had good enough luck to actually find the chaos lightning lagoon.

Heading to the Lightning Lagoon Mainland, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow traveled on the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast puppets.

As for the Black Baboon, Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du, they were inside the Xumi Temple.

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow arrived at the Lightning Lagoon Mainland.

Some distance from the mainland, Huang Xiaolong already felt the terrifying lightning force in the atmosphere. The air above the mainland was filled with dense lightning clouds, covering the entire place.

Probably because of the overbearing lightning clouds, the devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi around here were thinner than other places.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered the Lightning Lagoon Mainland’s territory, his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead reacted, attracting lightning spiritual energy from the lightning clouds above into his body.

Not only that, there were streams of lightning spiritual energy from deep underground that were swallowed by his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead.

Huang Xiaolong was akin to a giant whale drinking water in the sea. Soon, the surrounding lightning spiritual energy formed lightning dragons, dancing around him.

Watching this scene, the little cow was inwardly beating its chest and stomping the ground, hating heaven’s unfairness. In a sense, it could be considered as the ancestor of lightning, but Huang Xiaolong’s speed of absorbing the surroundings’ lightning force was faster. In truth, he was slightly, just a little bit, faster than its speed.

‘What the hell is happening?’

The entire journey, the little cow could not figure it out what kind of supreme godhead he had. It seemed to possess all kinds of elements? Huang Xiaolong’s godhead could seemingly devour all energy in existence...

“Weird, weird.” The little cow searched through the memories in its mind, yet still couldn't pinpoint which kind of supreme godhead Huang Xiaolong has.

“What is it?” Huang Xiaolong casually asked.

“Master, if the unique physique you have wasn't the True Divine Dragon Physique, I really would think you’re the Son of Heaven.”

“Is the Son of Heaven very strong?” Huang Xiaolong asked the thought that came to his mind.

“Of course.” The little cow answered with a solemn expression, “Because he’s the Son of Heaven, that means he’s the darling of the universe and heavenly dao, born of the purest heaven and earth energy. Moreover, the moment the Son of Heaven is born, he possesses the most powerful supreme godhead, the Heaven Dao Supreme Godhead. At the same time, he also has the number one unique physique, the Heaven Dao Godly Physique!”

The most powerful supreme godhead, the Heaven Dao Supreme Godhead!

The number one unique physique, the Heaven Dao Godly Physique.

There were a hundred kinds of supreme godheads in the universe, this was common knowledge, however, no one knew what they were.

He did not expect the little cow to say that the strongest was the Heaven Dao Supreme Godhead.

“Heaven Dao Supreme Godhead.” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed solemnly, but the desire to compete surged in Huang Xiaolong’s heart. If he ever came across this Son of Heaven, he definitely wanted to see who’s better.

Although he did not have the most powerful Heaven Dao Supreme Godhead, Huang Xiaolong was still confident that the three supreme godheads he condensed were in no way any worse than that Son of Heaven’s godhead.

“Xiaoniū, do you know of other supreme godheads?” Huang Xiaolong asked curiously, he really wanted to know where his three supreme godheads ranked compared to others.

“Among the hundred supreme godheads, I only know a few, not all of them.” The little cow shook its head, “But I assume your supreme godhead should be within the top ten. Strangely though, even if your supreme godhead is within the top ten, your cultivation speed shouldn’t be this fast, not any slower than the legendary Son of Heaven.” This was why the little cow was so baffled.

Then again, the little cow didn't know that Huang Xiaolong had three supreme godheads instead of one. Furthermore, it was likely that all three were within the top ten. It was reasonable for someone who had three top ten supreme godheads to have a cultivation speed comparable to the Son of Heaven.

Huang Xiaolong and Xiaoniū continued forward on the Lightning Lagoon Mainland in this manner as they searched for the lightning lagoon.

Half a month later, they still hadn't found the lightning lagoon, but they did find some other treasures.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow came to a hilly region. In front was a group of people flying in their direction.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned when he saw the face of a person within the group—the Soul Tribe’s Young Lord, Hun Dishan!

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