Chapter 1139: The Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation

“There’s something underneath this Black Baboon corpse.” Xiaoniū suddenly said.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look below it in surprise.

Lying on the ground, the Black Baboon’s enormous body covered most of the valley ground, so Huang Xiaolong couldn’t see anything underneath it. But, since the little cow said so, there must be something noteworthy under this giant corpse.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath and extended his palm toward the Black Baboon, sending over a force that slowly lifted the corpse. 

The mountain-sized Black Baboon corpse slowly floated up into the air before being transferred into the Asura Ring. 

After asking the Cloud Devouring Divine Beast, Huang Xiaolong estimated that this chaos spiritual beast was likely a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, therefore, he dared not attempt to refine it into a puppet at the moment, deciding to do so after advancing to Eighth Order Heavenly God Realm.

After the Blach Baboon corpse was put away into Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring, the area became empty, exposing a divine formation on the ground it was lying on.

This ancient divine formation was six meters in diameter, comprising of profound symbols; each stroke contained unimaginable power. On top of that, it could also affect one’s soul.

One glance and Huang Xiaolong’s heart tightened, feeling like his soul was nearly sucked into a quagmire of endless darkness.

Suddenly, his three supreme godheads released resplendent light, jolting Huang Xiaolong to his senses. Even though it was only for a split second, his back was damp from cold sweat.

The two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts were puppets, thus they weren't affected by the formation diagram. At the time, the little cow’s astonished voice rang in Huang Xiaolong’s ears, “This is the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation?!”

Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation!

Watching the little cow’s astonished expression, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Is this great formation very powerful?” After being together with the little cow for so long, he rarely saw it reveal such an astonished expression.

The little cow nodded its head with a serious expression, “The most powerful ancient divine formation on the Vientiane World barely has a fraction on this Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation’s power. What do you think?”

Huang Xiaolong was agape in shock.

“This Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation has a terrifying soul enticing power, causing the souls of those with godheads below the supreme rank to fall into endless darkness.” The little cow’s eyes glimmered as it said, “If it wasn’t for your supreme godhead, you would have been swallowed into the boundless Devil Abyss.”

“Even peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm masters would never wake up again?” Huang Xiaolong asked curiously.

“That’s right.”The little cow nodded. “This is the most terrifying point of this formation. It differentiates by godhead ranks and not cultivation strength. In the Chaos Era, an Archdevil laid out this Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation, slaughtering half of the Divine World’s population!”

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath listening to the little cow.

Half of the Divine World’s population!

It was still somewhat vague when the little cow stated that the Vientiane World’s most powerful ancient divine formation barely had a fraction of the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation’s power, but now Huang Xiaolong finally understood the extent of this formation's terror.

The little cow added, “Of course, the formation that the  Archdevil laid out was of a grander scale. The one in front of us is just peanut size, but even so, it’s power is still scary. However, how did this Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation appear in this valley? And what is it sealing underneath?”

Huang Xiaolong blurted out, “You’re saying that it's is sealing something below?”

Xiaoniū nodded with certainty, “Definitely so, and I suspect that the chaos spiritual beast as well as those dead experts outside are connected to this Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation.”

Creases appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead as he frowned, asking, “Do you have any way to break this formation?”

“If I had my previous strength, I naturally could, but i still cannot do it at this time.” The little cow shook its head.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“However, although I can't break this formation, I can use my purple lightning force to send you inside for three hours.” The little cow added.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong’s crestfallen face brightened with joy.

“But remember, if anything happens to you while you are inside and fail to return within the stipulated time, it is likely that you will be forever trapped inside, never to come out again!” The little cow stressed, “And I, manipulating the formation from outside, if anything happens to me, I too will be trapped inside for eternity!”

Huang Xiaolong hesitated, his face cloudy as he pondered.

For such a powerful formation to be here, the thing sealed below was definitely not simple. It might even be that Archdevil’s cultivation dwelling.

If he could get the things inside that Archdevil’s cultivation dwelling, it would bring unimaginable benefits to his future cultivation path.

But if he failed to get out within three hours, or if something happened to him or the little cow, he would likely be forever trapped inside!

Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts suddenly wandered off and thought of the grandmist aura. Prompted by this thought, he asked, “Xiaoniū, do you think it’s possible that the thing sealed below is the grandmist aura?”

The little cow was dazed for a moment by Huang Xiaolong’s question. Seconds later, it shook its head, “I cannot say for sure. I don’t think so, but now that you’ve mentioned it, there seems to be such a possibility.”

Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth, determination shining in his eyes as he shouted, “Send me in!” He would risk it!

Despite knowing there was a chance to be trapped inside the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation, unable to come out, he wanted to give it a try.

Otherwise, he would be living in regret.

“I’ll send you in now, but remember, you only have three hours!” The little cow gravely reminded Huang Xiaolong. Following that, streaks of purple lightning surged up from the little cow’s golden horns, entering the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation in a flash. Purple lightning continued to accumulate, actually forming a replica of the formation, even it’s size was exactly the same.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned. The little cow actually has this kind of heaven-defying ability, being able to replicate the complex and powerful Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation?

The formation made from purple lightning rotated, flickering brightly, resonating with the formation on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong reached the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation in a large stride. In the next instant, the scenery before his eyes changed as he appeared in another space.

In front of Huang Xiaolong was a huge temple that resembled Earth’s ancient Greece architecture.

The surroundings were dark, silent, and cold.

It was as if time in this space had been frozen.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath and carefully stepped toward the temple doors. With a push, the large doors slowly swung open.

He stepped inside and looked around the spacious hall. There were four main stone pillars, each of them having chains forged from unknown materials hanging down, chaining four strange creatures to the stone pillars.

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