Chapter 1134: Trespassing Into The Great Whale Sect

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling tacitly moved. Their index fingers pointed to the back of An Zaixuan and Qiu Bihu, causing two powerful rays of finger force to pierce straight at their butts.

An Zaixuan and Qiu Bihu jumped in the air while clutching their butts as they grunted in pain. Fury burned in their eyes, screaming, “Who was it?!”

When they turned around and saw that it was Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling, their fury turned to unease and apprehension.

“It really isn’t a dream!”

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling blurted in unison watching An Zaixuan and Qiu Bihu’s painful reaction.

In the distance, Huang Xiaolong helplessly shook his head watching Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling’s actions. Only now did he realize that these two elders were quite sprightly. Even if they wanted to confirm whether they were dreaming or not, must they poke other people in that place?

Huang Xiaolong looked away, flying toward Ju Wufei.

At this time, Ju Wufei and the Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders were lying in deep pits. Just that palm sweep from the second Cloud Devouring Divine Beast had rendered them unable to escape.

Lying inside the deep pit, Ju Wufei could barely raise his eyelids, but when he managed to do so, Huang Xiaolong’s figure entered his sight.

Huang Xiaolong signaled the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts, who responded enthusiastically, each of them slamming a paw on the land below.

Ju Wufei, as well as the group of Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders, were engulfed by darkness. Resounding booms rang in their ears, and in the next second, all of them lost consciousness.

The two beasts continued to hammer the earth with their paws, again and again, causing the entire mountain range to quake in protest.

Chen Hao and the Barbarian God Sect disciples who had gone over to the Giant Tribe’s side felt their limbs go cold watching the two giant beasts thumping their paws repeatedly onto the Giant Tribe Patriarch and Eminent Grand Elders, not stopping even when all of them had turned into unrecognizable pieces of meat.

A while later when the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts finally stopped, no one could distinguish which was Ju Wufei’s face or an Eminent Grand Elders limbs, all of them ingrained into the soil, deader than dead.

With a wave of his hand, six Ancient God Realm godheads fell onto Huang Xiaolong’s palm, together with six spatial rings. He then kept all of them into his Asura Ring, too lazy to check what was inside, for there was one more person to deal with—Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao saw Huang Xiaolong looking at him, he immediately fell to his knees, crying and begging, “Senior Huang Xiaolong, spare me, just think of me as a cheap stray dog, let me go, I was wrong, don’t kill me!” By the end, Chen hao was babbling unintelligible words, repeatedly knocking his head until the ground was stained with blood.

Huang Xiaolong watched this scene without any emotion, gripping the Mulberry Sword in his hand. With a flick of his wrist, blood spurted from Chen Hao’s mouth. A second later, a piece of his tongue fell down.

Huang Xiaolong promised Yao Chi that he would cut off Chen Hao's tongue when the latter said he was planning to let the Sky Dragon League members humiliate Yao Chi.

Other than this, Huang Xiaolong had lost interest in torturing Chen Hao; with a simple thrust of the Mulberry Sword, a sharp light disappeared between Chen Hao’s brows.

Chen Hao tumbled face down into a puddle of his own blood, lifeless.

The Sky Dragon League members, An Zaixuan, Qiu Bihu, and the others on the Giant Tribe’s side plopped weakly to their knees, endless cries of mercy ringing above the Barbarian God Sect’s mountain range.

Ignoring these people, Huang Xiaolong approached Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling. 

The two of them were extremely nervous watching Huang Xiaolong come closer, not knowing what to do with their hands and feet. When Huang Xiaolong was a few meters away, they greeted him, “Senior Huang.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, saying, “Ancestor, Sect Chief, I’m still a Barbarian God Sect disciple, just call me Xiaolong as usual.” Huang Xiaolong felt awkward all over having the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor and Sect Chief calling him Senior.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling exchanged a glance in silence.

“Er, that, Xiaolong, what do we do with them?” Lu Zhuo was cautious and apprehensive as he asked Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, pointing at the Sky Dragon League members and those who had betrayed the Barbarian God Sect such as An Zaixuan and Qiu Bihu.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over An Zaixuan and the others before he replied to Lu Zhuo, “Ancestor and Sect Chief can handle it according to the sect rules, no need to ask me.”

“Yes!” Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling answered respectfully, just like a disciple receiving instructions.

The corners of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth curved into a wry smile.

“Xiaolong, at the beginning when the Giant Tribe started attacking, we had sent a request for help to the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect, but until now, neither of them sent any reinforcements.” Lu Zhuo hesitated but decided to tell Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I shall head over to the Great Whale Sect and the Elephant Genesis Sect.” He might as well take this chance to integrate both sects into the Barbarian God Sect. If the three sects became one, it would make it easier for him to act in the future.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast brothers, Xie Tu, and the rest disappeared into the void above the Barbarian God Sect.

He decided to head to the Great Whale Sect first.

While Huang Xiaolong was on his way, in the Great Whale Sect’s great hall, Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai were waiting with anticipation for news of the Barbarian God Sect’s annihilation.

“Strange, so long has passed, why aren’t there any news yet?” Zhu Huan muttered, his brow furrowed.

Ren Changhai laughed, “Brother Zhu don’t be so anxious, there’s no way the Barbarian God Sect can survive the Giant Tribe’s attack, they have no choice but to be annihilated. What we should do now is have a drink, don’t think of other things. I’ve spent some effort to get this Blue Scales Wine from the Blue Scales Fish Tribe, it’s truly one of the pleasures of life.” Ren Changhai took out several small jugs of wine as he spoke.

The wine jugs glimmered with a soft dreamy sapphire glow.

Although the jug mouth was sealed with a thin layer of honey, the aromatic wine fragrance somehow floated out, making one drunk on its fragrance before even taking a sip.

“The Blue Scales Fish Tribe’s Blue Scales Wine!” Zhu Huan’s eyes lit up, “Where did you get it?”

This wine was brewed with rare herbs found in the Endless Sea, and was also one of ten famous wines of the Endless Sea.

Ren Changhai grinned smugly as he explained, “A few days ago, I bribed a few sea tribes disciples. This wine did not come easy.”

The two of them grabbed a sapphire wine jug and wiped off the layer of honey sealing the mouth, causing a waft of fragrance to fill the great hall.

 Just as Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai brought the wine jug in their hands to their mouths, the flustered Great Whale Sect Chief Wuyue barged into the great hall,  reporting to Zhu Huan, “Ancestor, news came from the Barbarian God Sect’s side.”

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai sat up straight in excitement.

“How is it? Has the Giant Tribe destroyed the Barbarian God Sect?” Zhu Huan urged, excitement seeped into his voice.

Wuyue stammered, shaking his head, “N-no.”

The smiles on Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai’s face stiffened.

“You are saying that the Giant Tribe did not annihilate the Barbarian God Sect?” Zhu Huan asked Wuyue in disbelief.

Wuyue nodded.

“Why?” The question flew out of Ren Changhai’s mouth. Why? Why hadn't the Giant Tribe destroyed the Barbarian God Sect?

“I know why.” A voice interjected their conversation.

The three people in the great hall were stunned, turning their necks to look at the source of the sound.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai, and Wuyue exclaimed in unison.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stepped toward the three at the other end of the hall when his nose caught the aromatic wine fragrance in the air. At a glance, he spotted the several sapphire wine jugs on the table. “Blue Scales Wine? It seems you're in a good mood.”

Zhu Huan’s face sank, “Huang Xiaolong, trespassing as you please into my Great Whale Sect, is it because you think I dare not kill you?” He knew that Huang Xiaolong had a Second Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil at his side, hence, Zhu Huan wasn't surprised that he could appear in the great hall without alerting anyone.

However, Zhu Huan did not notice Wuyue’s fearful expression the moment he saw Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze fell on Zhu Huan, shaking his head with obvious nonchalance, saying, “I know you dare to kill me, but I don’t think you have the ability.”

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