Chapter 1129: The Devilish Heavenly Snake Sword

“Ancestor, what do we do now?” Gu Ling looked troubled as he turned to Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo furrowed his brows, his heart heavy as he said to Gu Ling, “Come on, we’ll go welcome them.” Nevertheless, the other party was the Giant Tribe Patriarch, both his status and identity higher than theirs. Before both sides completely faced off, it was customary for Lu Zhuo to welcome Ju Wufei.

When Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, and a group of Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders gathered outside the sect, Ju Wufei’s group was standing high above the mountain range with their hands behind their back, releasing faint pressure from their bodies. Before this faint pressure, the faces of the Barbarian God Sect disciples below became ashen, their eyes filled with fear as if they were facing the end of the world.

Even Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling’s breath was stuck in their chest as if there was a great mountain pressing down on them.

Chen Hao smugly stood beside the Giant Tribe Patriarch, facing Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling without even stepping forward to salute them as a Barbarian God Sect disciple.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling steadied their minds and braced themselves, approaching the group in front of them.

“Lu Zhuo/Gu Ling welcomes Patriarch Ju Wufei and the several Giant Tribe Elders.” Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling both cupped their fists at Ju Wufei.

Ju Wufei answered with a curt ‘Mn’ and went on condescendingly, “Lu Zhuo, you know my intention coming here. Where’s Huang Xiaolong? I’m giving you face, hand him over and let me enter the Barbarian God Sect treasury to pick a few things, then the matter before will be forgiven.”

“What?!” Lu Zhuo’s expressions immediately turned ugly.

Gu Ling and the present Grand Elders were enraged by Ju Wufei’s outrageous demand and it showed on their faces.

This Ju Wufei not only wanted them to hand over Huang Xiaolong, he also wished to enter their sect's treasury and pick treasures as he liked?

“Ancestor,” Gu Ling looked at Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo silently inhaled a deep breath to calm the fury in his heart. Looking at Ju Wufei, he said, “Patriarch Ju, Huang Xiaolong is a disciple of our Barbarian God Sect. As far as I know, he did nothing to offend or provoke anyone from the Giant Tribe. It cannot be that our sect has to hand over Huang Xiaolong to be dealt with by you without rhyme or reason just because you say so, isn’t that right?”

“Also, to tell you honestly, he isn't in the sect at this moment.”

“As for you entering my Barbarian God Sect’s treasury, that's simply ridiculous! According to our sect’s rules, only the Ancestor and Sect Chief are allowed inside.”

Hearing Lu Zhuo’s answer, a cold light glinted in Ju Wufei’s eyes, causing the pressure from his body to surge out like an angry flood.

Under this pressure, Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, and the Grand Elders’ consciousness was jarred and blood flowed out from the corner of their mouths.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling paled, Ju Wufei’s cultivation was significantly higher than they had estimated! 

Lu Zhuo himself was a peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm. Generally, a Third Order Ancient God Realm wouldn't be able to injure his spirit just by releasing their aura. 

That was unless Ju Wufei was a peak late-Third Order Ancient God Realm master!

Ju Wufei sneered coldly, “Lu Zhuo, since that’s your decision, I’ve changed my mind. Instead of just picking a few things, I’ll be taking away your entire treasury!”

“Other than that, the Barbarian God Sect is to submit to my Giant Tribe, becoming one of our branches. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to commit a massacre today, killing a few Barbarian God Sect disciples to accompany my disciple Ju Meng!”

The Barbarian God Sect experts were furious by Ju Wufei’s nonchalant tone when speaking those words.

“Activate the grand formation!” Lu Zhuo roared.

The present Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders affirmed with sonorous voices before swiftly forming activation seals for the grand defense formation.

Immediately, colorful lights soared to the sky from the mountain below as waves of energy spread out, forming a great light barrier protecting the Barbarian God Sect mountain range.

Ju Wufei did mind these actions at all, snickering as he looked at Lu Zhuo, “Lu Zhuo, do you think your little sect defense formation can block my attacks?”

Right at this time, Chen Hao stepped forward, directing his words to Lu Zhuo, “Lu Zhuo, why go so far Huang Xiaolong? Is there a need to push the entire Barbarian God Sect into damnation? Is Huang Xiaolong such an important disciple, more important than the whole sect?”

Lu Zhuo glared furiously at Chen Hao, saying, “Chen Hao, from today onwards, you are no longer a disciple of our Barbarian God Sect. Everyone pay attention, I hereby rescind Chen Hao’s Barbarian God Sect disciple identity!” 

Chen Hao’s face warped in anger but not a single Barbarian God Sect Elder opposed Lu Zhuo’s decision, including the Grand Elders who supported Chen Hao in the past.

Cao Feng, Chen Hao’s woman, paled watching things transpiring from a distance.

“Fine, old man, remember your words!” Chen Hao snarled at Lu Zhuo, “You think I care about being a Barbarian God Sect disciple? I’ll let you know, once my Godfather break this rubbish grand formation, I won't be a Barbarian God Sect disciple even if you beg me on your knees!”

Ju Wufei laughed, “Don’t worry, Hao’er, by the end of the day, I’ll make you the Young Lord of the Barbarian God Sect. After you break through to the Ancient God Realm, you can take the helm as the Sect Chief.”

“Thank you, Godfather!” Chen Hao was overjoyed.

Ju Wufei nodded at Chen Hao, then said to the several Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders, “We’ll arrange the Heavenly Snake Sword Formation to break the Barbarian God Sect’s defense formation.”

The several Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders nodded and answered, "Yes.”

 In the flicker, Ju Wufei and the Eminent Grand Elders leaped forward, their auras rising to the peak as a great sword appeared in each of their hands. The swords looked the same, with a dark green blade curved like a real snake, down to the grotesque python head on the hilt.

“The Devilish Heavenly Snake Sword!” Lu Zhuo shouted upon seeing the swords in these people’s hands.

Six Devilish Heavenly Snake Swords formed a complete set, the ultimate treasure of the Heavenly Snake Evil Cult from millions of years ago. When the six swords merged as one, they formed the Heavenly Snake Sword Formation that could destroy everything in its path. There was a time when the Heavenly Snake Evil Cult conquered several thousand islands’ forces relying on these six swords, elevating their status to a hegemon force.

In the end, it was the Fortune Gate Chief and a big group of Grand Elders that took action, destroying the Heavenly Snake Evil Cult.

After the Heavenly Snake Evil Cult was annihilated, the six swords went missing for a few million years. Who would have thought they actually fell into the hands of the Giant Tribe!

Lu Zhuo did not recognize the Devilish Heavenly Snake Swords at first, but hearing Ju Wufei mention the Heavenly Snake Sword Formation reminded him.

At this time, the Devilish Heavenly Snake Swords in Ju Wufei and five other Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders’ hands flew out, spinning at a rapid pace. Six swords doubled to twelve swords, then twenty-four, forty-four… The number continued to double, surpassing ten thousand Devilish Heavenly Snake Swords.

Over ten thousand swords formed an enormous formation, attacking ferociously at the Barbarian God Sect’s grand formation.


A part of the Barbarian God Sect’s formation dented in, as if it could collapse at any moment due to the impact, causing the violent shockwaves to ripple down to other parts of the formation.

The Grand Elders supporting the grand defense formation shook violently, coughing up blood.

Ju Wufei snickered and once again directed the Heavenly Snake Sword Formation to attack the protective screen around the Barbarian God Sect.

Another booming collision rumbled in the air.

The Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders coughed up more blood. Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling were extremely anxious as they continued to support and strengthen the grand formation, however, enduring consecutive hits from the Heavenly Snake Sword Formation caused the grand formation barrier to shatter in a short half an hour.

The Barbarian God Sect disciples were completely exposed before Ju Wufei and the Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders’ eyes.

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