Chapter 1124: You Know Li Lu?

As the Soul Tribe’s treasury opened, bursts of spiritual energy rushed out, inundating Huang Xiaolong.

Before the watchful eyes of the six Soul Tribe old monsters, Huang Xiaolong calmly walked through the door.

Once inside, Huang Xiaolong was bedazzled by the undulating hills filled with various medicinal herbs. These herbs were planted on top of high hills that were fixed in the air using space techniques. 

Most of these herbs were ten-million-years-old and above!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm his racing heart. His purpose for coming to the Soul Tribe were the Nether Spirit Beads, not to mention he didn't have the luxury of time to collect these herbs, thus he flew past these hills as if they did not exist.

As Huang Xiaolong went further in, the spiritual energy coming from the hills of herbs became richer and their age even higher.

Twenty-million-years-old, thirty-million-years-old, forty-million-years-old…!

Close to the end, Huang Xiaolong even saw fifty-million-years-old herbs! 

An entire hill of fifty-million-years-old medicinal herbs! Huang Xiaolong felt giddy and surreal.

A moment later, he threw all caution to the wind. His three supreme godheads rotated at high speed as he directed his palm at that hill, causing it to quiver before slowly flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

He planned to take away the entire hill of fifty-million-years-old herbs!

However, this herb hill was too heavy, even for Huang Xiaolong’s current mid-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm strength.

It was twenty minutes later when he finally sent the hill into the Godly Mt. Xumi space. In the end, Huang Xiaolong was gasping for air, looking pale. Moving the entire hill into the Godly Mt. Xumi had caused his injuries from earlier to reopen.

However, just the thought of the Soul Tribe being angered until they vomited blood when they found out the fifty-million-year-old herb hill was gone made Huang Xiaolong extremely comfortable.

The little herb hill would suffice as interest for now. 

Huang Xiaolong quickly swallowed several healing pellets and accelerated forward.

Soon, a sea of godheads that were as big as boulders came into view.

Ancient God Realm godheads!

Looking at the sea glittering Ancient God Realm godheads that were as many as the endless stars in the sky, it was hard not to be tempted even for someone usually calm like Huang Xiaolong.

How many godheads were there exactly?! Huang Xiaolong took several deep breaths. But he soon noticed that some of the godheads were only fragmented pieces and most of the godforce inside had dissipated, while some were mixed with other energies.

Although he couldn't understand why the Soul Tribe would place so many defect godheads into the treasury, he was not in the mind to figure this out at the moment.

His divine sense spread over the sea of godheads, searching for intact ones. Every time Huang Xiaolong found an intact godhead, he would break the binding formation and move it into the Godly Mt. Xumi.

However, it still took him a lot of time to break the binding formation around each Ancient God Realm godhead. Half an hour passed and he merely collected twelve godheads.

Due to the time constraints, Huang Xiaolong could only give up on getting more godheads, hurrying forward in search for the Nether Spirit Beads.

After the sea of Ancient God Realm godheads were rivers of spiritual veins, with the lowest grade among them being grade three. Close to the end, Huang Xiaolong actually saw grade five spiritual veins!

Each of these spiritual veins was also fixed with binding formations, so he could only give up on them.

If he delayed any more inside here, it would probably be his death once the Soul Tribe Young Lord escaped from the Five-Corner Illusion Annihilation Formation.

After searching around, Huang Xiaolong finally found several Nether Spirit Beads in a deep corner of the treasury.

These Nether Spirit Beads were as big as an adult’s fist, spewing puffs of black qi, agile and chilling cold. This black qi was heaven and earth yin energy.

There were more than a dozen Nether Spirit Beads floating in front of him, but Huang Xiaolong did not take away all of them. Breaking the formation binding the group of Nether Spirit Beads, Huang Xiaolong took away four Nether Spirit Beads and put them into his Asura Ring.

When all this was done, he did not linger around, flying back the way he came, all the way to the treasury door. Removing the key from the door, Huang Xiaolong safely walked away under the gazes of those six Soul Tribe old monsters.

A short while later, he was out from the Soul Islands, heading straight to the agreed meeting point, an uninhabited island where the little cow and the Fortune Gate female disciple were waiting for him.

The anxious little cow and Cheng Susu let out a breath of relief when they saw Huang Xiaolong’s return.

“Master, how was it? Did you find any Ancient God Realm godheads?” The little cow trotted towards Huang Xiaolong, asking urgently.

The Ancient God Realm godhead Huang Xiaolong gave it the last time was eaten long ago.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, feeling that the little cow was more concerned about the godhead and not him.

“I did find a few.” Huang Xiaolong answered, rolling his eyes at the little cow.

The little cow ignored Huang Xiaolong’s expression, shining eyes and drooling, it asked, “For real?”

“It’s a lie.” Huang Xiaolong deliberately answered.

Cheng Susu giggled watching from the side. This comedic pair was quite interesting.

Briefly after Huang Xiaolong returned, they quickly left the island, flying as fast as possible out the Soul Tribe’s territory. When Huang Xiaolong deemed it was safe, he summoned Xie Du, Xie Tu, and Bing Jiuyi back to his side.

Not long after the three puppets returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side, the Five-Corner Illusion Annihilation Formation trapping the Soul Tribe Young Lord Hun Dishan quivered violently before exploding. Hun Dishan escaped from the entrapment, his figure soaring up to the sky.

Having escaped from entrapment, Hun Dishan searched his surroundings. Seeing nothing, he roared in anger, “Punk, you can’t escape! I’m going to refine all of you into my undead slaves! The lowest and most odious of undead slaves!!” Hun Dishan’s figure streaked across the air, chasing after Huang Xiaolong’s group.

When Xie Tu, Xie Du, and Bing Jiuyi returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side, he had then take turn teleporting while bringing him, the little cow, and Cheng Susu.

Ten days later, after ensuring there was no danger, Huang Xiaolong’s group finally stopped to rest on a small island.

Everyone had the feeling of surviving an ordeal.

Looking at the darkening sky, Huang Xiaolong suggested, “Let’s rest here tonight, we can continue onward tomorrow.”

 Soon, they were sitting around a bonfire, roasting meat and drinking wine.

Xie Tu, Xie Du, and Bing Jiuyi were sitting slightly further away, healing after eating the divine pellets Huang Xiaolong gave them. The three of them had borne most of Hun Dishan’s attack, leaving some injuries on their bodies.

Looking at Cheng Susu’s delicate face illuminated by the flickering bonfire, Huang Xiaolong suddenly said, “Susu, I want to inquire about someone from you.”

After these days of going through life and death together, Huang Xiaolong and Cheng Susu had grown into good friends that could talk about anything.

“Who? A woman?” Cheng Susu asked casually, blinking her big spirited eyes at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, a little embarrassed. “I want to inquire about a young woman named Li Lu, do you know her?”

“Li Lu? You mean Li Lu?” Cheng Susu’s eyes widened in shock, “You know her?”

 Watching Cheng Susu’s reaction, Huang Xiaolong was surprised. Could it be that Cheng Susu really knew Li Lu?

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