Chapter 1112: Where’s Elder Li Qingyang?

Watching the tip of Elder Li Qingyang’s Venomous Dragon Sword heading straight toward his throat, Huang Xiaolong’s momentum exploded in an instant.

A rumbling sound came from his body as if there was divine lightning surging within him, and before the spectating experts on the city walls, one thousand arms emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s back.

Huang Xiaolong grunted. The overwhelming pressure rolling out from his body actually forced Li Qingyang’s Venomous Dragon Sword to deviate from its path.

Before anyone could react, the thousand arms behind Huang Xiaolong moved, merging into one entity. Huang Xiaolong retaliated!

One punch!

Merely one punch.

The force from his fist tore through space as if it could punch a hole through heaven and earth. Li Qingyang’s Venomous Dragon Sword exploded into dust, but Huang Xiaolong’s fist force chased after him, growing larger in his sight.

In a split second, Li Qingyang executed over ten different kinds of movement techniques to no avail. Huang Xiaolong’s fist force had locked onto him; no matter how he dodged or ran, changing his directions erratically, he was unable to shake off the incoming attack.

Bang! A low boom sounded as Huang Xiaolong’s fist force struck Li Qingyang in the chest, causing his body to make an arch across the air while howling in pain. In midair, Li Qingyang’s chest exploded, leaving mutilated flesh and a gaping hole where his chest used to be. 

Coincidence or not, after Li Qingyang was knocked off the city walls, his body shot through the hole in the protective barrier that the little cow made moments earlier, falling out of the protective barrier's range!

Immediately, the scent of fresh blood renewed the sea beasts’ frenzy, driving them to pounce on Li Qingyang.

Caught off guard, Li Qingyang was jolted to his senses by the burst of sharp pain coming from his arm as it was bitten and torn off from his shoulder. A bloodcurdling wail ensued.

“Don’t come here!”


“Save me!!”

Hair raising screams continued outside South Huai City’s protective barrier. Lin Qingyang was desperately trying to fend off the whelming number of sea beasts coming at him but he was gravely injured by Huang Xiaolong’s punch. He couldn't even muster one-tenth of his usual strength right now, how was he supposed to deter these sea beasts’ endless attacks?

Everything happened in a blink of an eye.

By the time everyone standing on the city walls reacted, Li Qingyang’s remaining arm was just bitten off by a sea beast.

Hearing Li Qingyang’s screams of pain, and crying for help, the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples became ashen and were at a loss as to what to do. They wanted to go down to help him, but their hair stood on end just looking at the horrible sea beast tide below.

In the brief few seconds those Elephant Genesis Sect disciples hesitated, Li Qingyang’s figure disappeared from sight, submerged by the sea of beasts.

Undulating muffled screams came from below but soon subsided. Everyone watched, horror-struck, as Li Qingyang’s flesh was torn and divided by sea beasts.

“Huang Xiaolong, how dare you kill an Elder of our Elephant Genesis Sect? You, you be damned! Damned!!” The other Elephant Genesis Sect Elder Yang Yun whirled around, a finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong in fury.

Huang Xiaolong scoffed, “Which of your eyes saw that I killed him? Li Qingyang died in the jaws of sea beasts, everyone here is a witness.”

Yang Yun fumed with anger at Huang Xiaolong’s retort.

“Then again, even if I did kill him, what can you do?” The corners of Huang Xiaolong’s lips curled into a smirk, “You want to avenge him?”

Yang Yun paled slightly as he suddenly remembered Huang Xiaolong’s overwhelming strength.

As the Elder in charge of the Elephant Genesis Sect’s Branch in South Huai City, Li Qingyang’s strength was considered one of the top three amongst the sect’s Elders, at peak late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm.

If a peak late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm Li Qingyang was met with defeat in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, wasn’t he, Yang Yun, an early Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm seeking death if he clamored to avenge Li Qingyang?

By this point, the various forces’ experts were looking at Huang Xiaolong with dread in their eyes, but there was also obvious disbelief. Huang Xiaolong spent less than a decade in the Barbarian God Sect, how had his strength risen so fast to this extent!

It felt surreal to them.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong took out a tally from his spatial ring, glittering golden and exuding an oppressive aura.

The Barbarian God Sect Elder Guo Xuan and all the present Barbarian God Sect disciples knelt down, for the tally in Huang Xiaolong’s hand was their Sect Ancestor Lu Zhuo’s. The tally that granted the highest authority in the entire Barbarian God Sect.

“I hold the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor’s tally in my hand, would anyone else from the Elephant Genesis Sect, Great Whale Sect, or others like to pin me as a spy from the Illusionary Fish Tribe?” Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze swept over the groups of Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect, finally stopping on Yang Yun’s body.

Yang Yun avoided Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, not daring to confront him directly.

Right at this time, the sound of whistling wind sounded in the distance.

A figure was seen riding on a long sword, moving toward South Huai City at breakneck speed. In the blink of an eye, the figure was already in front of them.

When Yang Yun and the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples saw the person’s face, joy rose to their faces.

“Greetings, Great Grand Elder Hu Qing!”   

The new arrival was none other than the Elephant Genesis Sect’s Great Grand Elder Hu Qing.

Hu Qing nodded in response, but inwardly he was taken aback seeing the Barbarian God Sect disciples and Elders kneeling before Huang Xiaolong. After glancing around and not seeing the person he was looking for, Hu Qing asked Yang Yun, “Where’s Elder Li Qingyang?”

Yang Yun immediately seized the chance. Pointing a finger that was trembling in anger at Huang Xiaolong, Yang Yun attacked, “Replying to Great Grand Elder Hu Qing, it was the Barbarian God Sect’s Huang Xiaolong, he killed Elder Li Qingyang.” As for Li Qingyang obstructing others from lowering the protective barrier for Huang Xiaolong, also being the first to attack, not a word of it was mentioned.

“What?!” Hu Qing felt as if a giant needle stabbed his heart, but his eyes soon narrowed with killing intent, scrutinizing Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, aren't you overestimating your position as the Barbarian God Sect’s genius? You really think you can kill my Elephant Genesis Sect’s Elders as you please just because your Sect Chief and Sect Ancestor are backing you?”

Huang Xiaolong glanced lazily at Hu Qing and didn’t bother to respond.

Hu Qing’s rage intensified seeing that Huang Xiaolong brazenly ignored him, “Huang Xiaolong, you—! Good, very good. You killed my sect’s Elder, I’ll take yours in return, a life for a life. Even if your Sect Ancestor was here, he couldn't argue otherwise!” With that said, Hu Qing’s aura broke out in full force, bearing down on Huang Xiaolong. The others backed away immediately from the suffocating pressure.

Hu Qing’s roar shook the air as his body shot forward with his palm slamming down above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

A palm imprint exuding sinister black light bore down on Huang Xiaolong swifter than the wind. The black palm imprint expanded several times its original size, but just as Huang Xiaolong was about to be bludgeoned to his death, a giant leg parried Hu Qing’s attack.


Following the thunderous rumbling, Hu Qing staggered back out of balance, knocking over several Elephant Genesis Sect disciples behind him before falling to the ground as he coughed up blood.

No one expected this, their eyes widened with shock looking at the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

It was precisely the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast that parried Hu Qing’s attack just now.

Although Hu Qing’s late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation was higher than the peak early Tenth Order Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, its bloodline was infinitely close to a chaos spiritual beast and its current strength was more than enough to kick Hu Qing around as it liked.

Hu Qing slowly got back up to his feet, both astonished and enraged as he eyed the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast. His expression was turning uglier by the second.

“Er, that one behind Huang Xiaolong, looks like a Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast?”

“Looks like it. If I remember correctly, it seems that two years ago a Black Flame Sea Emperor appeared on the Dralion Island, but later on it went missing and no one knows why. Could this be the same one? How was it subjugated by Huang Xiaolong?”

In the distance, some families’ experts finally recognized the Black Flame Sea Emperor and were whispering amongst themselves.

Two years ago, the Golden Dragon Gate and Berserk Lion Sect had jointly blocked all news related to Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, thus a lot of the present people were unaware of the full details.

“Everyone look, the sea beast tide is retreating!” At this time, a family expert exclaimed.

The others quickly turned to look, and indeed, the drove of sea beasts that surrounded South Huai City for the last half a month was moving away from the city in an orderly manner.

They went further and further away, until finally not a sea beast was in sight.

Doubt flitted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. He was certain that the sea beast tide retreating had nothing to do with his appearance. What, then, could be the reason? Even though the sea beast tide was gone, Huang Xiaolong had an ominous feeling instead.

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