Chapter 1110: Killing Through The Sea Beast Tide

“Where is it?” This question spontaneously left Huang Xiaolong’s mouth.

“The Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.” Xiaoniū answered.


Huang Xiaolong did not expect it to be the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. ‘There is grandmist aura in there?’

“Yup, the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. In fact, the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield already existed before the Divine World was formed, therefore, there should be a grandmist source there, and most likely more than one source.” The little cow elaborated.

Huang Xiaolong was once again stunned by what the little cow revealed. The Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield actually existed before the Divine World?

Then, how many years had the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield been in existence? On top of that, there was a chance there was more than one source of grandmist aura there. This was enough to get Huang Xiaolong excited with anticipation.

“Don’t be happy so fast, the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield has been there for countless billions of years. How many great masters went inside, yet there has never been anyone who saw any grandmist aura.” The little cow went on, “Although you’re someone who has abundant good fortune, it does not mean you can find the grandmist aura. There are many people who have abundant good fortune in the world.”

Huang Xiaolong was stumped, the spark of fire in his heart fizzled out and his senses returned.

Just like the little cow had stated, there was a lot of people with abundant good fortune in the world, he was not the only one. But just because no one had ever found the grandmist aura in billions of years, did it really mean he wouldn't be able to find it either?

“Regardless, since there is grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, I still want to go and try my luck.” Huang Xiaolong stated after he has calmed down slightly, his tone solemn.

The little cow nodded, “Even though you have Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du, your personal battle strength is simply too low; venturing to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield with such meager strength is too risky. My advice is to wait until you have reached Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm before going there.”

Huang Xiaolong disagreed, “That’s too far away. Two years later, Chen Hao and the Giant Tribe Patriarch will return from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. After we’ve dealt with these two, we’ll set off.”

He could search Chen Hao and the Giant Tribe Patriarch’s memories before killing them, perhaps he might find some useful information about the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

“That works too.” The little cow agreed. “With your level of luck, even if you don’t find the grandmist aura, you’ll have other fortuitous encounters.” The little cow sounded envious as it lamented, “Frankly speaking, I really envy you at times. I’ve seen my share of great geniuses during the Grandmist Era, but even though they too had good fortune, it was far from yours. I genuinely wonder how an odd freak like you can exist!”

Logically speaking, the Heavenly Law did not allow a person with such alarming good fortune like Huang Xiaolong to exist.

This point had the little cow mystified for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong joked, “Because I am the Son of Heaven!”

Although it was said as a joke, the little cow was actually stunned before nodding in agreement, “It is possible.”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless as his joke fell flat.

Huang Xiaolong initially planned to stay for a longer time at the Lin Family Fort and spend more time with Yao Chi, but unexpectedly, about ten days after he arrived at the Lin Family Fort, Huang Xiaolong received a message from the Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling stating that the coastal cities close to the Endless Sea were under brutal attack from hordes of sea beasts. The three sects’ inner and core disciples were to assist in defending those cities. 

Amongst them, the city enduring the heaviest attacks was South Huai City.  

Gu Ling instructed Huang Xiaolong to head to South Huai City and join with other disciples in killing the invading sea beasts. 

A faint frown appeared between Huang Xiaolong’s brows.

South Huai City was Green Cloud Island’s most important coastal city. If it was annexed, the consequences were bound to be severe. Therefore, Huang Xiaolong must head to South Huai City to support them no matter what.

The night sky was dark as ink.

Huang Xiaolong was sitting in the garden, pondering many things; his parents and family in the lower realm, the grandmist aura, the All-Islands Great War, the Fortune Gate, etcetera.

“You’re leaving tomorrow to reinforce the South Huai City?” Yao Chi stepped into the garden, softly asking.

Yao Chi was wearing a light robe, beneath the silvery moonlight, reflecting a quiet elegance.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in answer to Yao Chi’s question.

“I want to go with you.” Yao Chi suddenly requested.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head without hesitation, “No, it’s too dangerous!”

A sweet feeling filled Yao Chi’s heart, but she pouted on the surface, “‘If you don’t bring me, I’ll sneak away and go by myself.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yao Chi who was acting like a spoiled little girl and his head began to ache. He knew very well that, with Yao Chi personality, she would truly sneak off to South Huai City by herself. He couldn't really lock her up and throw away the key… right?

“Then, when we reach South Huai City, you must listen to me.” Huang Xiaolong helplessly relented.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong agreed to bring her along, Yao Chi rewarded him with a sweet smile, “I’ll listen to whatever you tell me to do.” The moment these words left her lips, Yao Chi felt that they sounded ambiguous.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wickedly, “Whatever I say?”

Yao Chi threw him a flirtatious eye then turned and left.

Early next day, Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi set off from the Lin Family Fort, hurrying to South Huai City. In order to keep Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du’s existence a secret, Huang Xiaolong rode on the little cow, whereas Yao Chi sat on the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

To shorten the travel time, they rarely stopped to rest. Even the nights were spent hurrying to their destination, which was why it only took them twenty-odd days to make it to South Huai City.

When Huang Xiaolong’s group was close to the city, from afar, they could hear resounding roars and screams from both beasts and humans. The earth continuously shook from the heavy impacts. As Huang Xiaolong’s group got closer, they saw that the sea beasts were as numerous as colonies of ants, besieging South Huai City from all directions.

Yao Chi was dumbfounded by the sight.

The sea beast tide attacked like a never-ending wave, violent and frenzied, creating total chaos. There were several tens of millions of sea beasts, maybe even more.

One couldn't begin to imagine such a scene unless they were witnessing it with their own eyes.

If this mass of sea beasts flew to the sky, they could block all the sunlight from an entire city.

Here, there, everywhere outside the city walls were corpses, both sea beasts and humans who died from the fierce battle still ongoing.

Blood dyed the earth and the city walls red. When the sea breeze blew, it carried the thick rusty scent of blood far into the distance.

It was a catastrophe.

Huang Xiaolong’s killing intent soared sky high in an instant as he bellowed: “KILL—!”

“Yao Chi, follow close!”

The little cow responded to Huang Xiaolong’s killing intent, charging into the midst of the raging beast tide.

Yao Chi’s heart tightened, quickly nudging the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast under her to stick to Huang Xiaolong as close as possible.

When Huang Xiaolong and the little cow broke a path into the midst of the beast tide, Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, striking out with an Unrivaled Myriad Dragons move. In a split second, his godforce condensed into a dozen divine dragons growling majestically and rushing toward the hundreds of sea beast in their path. Blood and flesh rained down as hundreds of sea beasts exploded high above the ground.

Watching this, the sea beasts in the proximity turned to attack Huang Xiaolong. Purple lightning shot out from little cow’s golden horns, forming a crackling net of lightning that spread out. Terrifying lightning struck the sea beasts in the net's path, causing the beasts to quiver from fear, smoke rising from their burnt bodies.

Yao Chi persistently swung the longsword in her hands. In an instant, sword light pierced through a dozen sea beasts. The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was spitting black flames from its mouth, incinerating the sea beasts coming at them.

Wherever Huang Xiaolong’s group passed through, they created a void in the sea of beasts.

The sudden appearance of Huang Xiaolong’s group immediately attracted the attention of the various sects’ experts observing the battle situation on the South Huai City walls.

“Who are those people? So fierce! They actually dared to jump into the midst of the beast tide?!”

“Looks like a Barbarian God Sect disciple!”

Due to the distance, they couldn’t see Huang Xiaolong’s face, however, the Elephant Genesis Sect Grand Elder Li Qingyang was frowning slightly. That person gave him a familiar feeling.

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