Chapter 1107: Sea Beasts

Both the little cow and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast were jolted out of their cultivation state by the loud popping noises coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Gusts of turbulent wind formed around him, gathering into a frightening wind vortex, extending outward.

A burst of black flames wrapped around the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, barely shielding itself from being mutilated by the lethal wind vortex.

The dangerous situation lasted for a full half an hour before the wind vortex subsided.

“What a freak!” The little cow pouted. Huang Xiaolong had just broken through to the Heavenly God Realm a few years ago and now his cultivation already reached Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm!

He took less than a decade’s time to get from First Order to Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm!

Even a self-proclaimed freak like the little cow couldn’t help but lament thadHuang Xiaolong was too much of a freak.

“Looks like Master’s godhead is of the supreme rank.” The little cow stated with certainty, a light glimmer in its eyes.

The Bllack Flame Sea Emperor Beast nodded its head in agreement, falling into deep thought. Although it only followed Huang Xiaolong for a short time, it strongly felt that the Master it had followed was really terrifying and a freak to boot.

Right at this moment, Huang Xiaolong’s eyelids quivered and opened, revealing two bright pupils resembling two radiant celestial stars. The heaven and earth seemingly brightened for a split second when he opened his eyes, even the little cow and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast dared not look Huang Xiaolong in the eyes.

Without a word, he opened his mouth. The six stalks of fifty-million-years-old medicinal herbs flew into his body one after the other.

Six stalks of herbs aged to fifty-million-years immediately turned into six ferocious streams of energy, even more alarming than the previous batch of dozen forty-million-years-old herbs, impacting every corner of Huang Xiaolong’s body. Low muffled rumbling rang continuously from Huang Xiaolong’s internal body.

Despite Huang Xiaolong’s strength having increased upon advancing to Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, causing  True Divine Dragon Physique toughness reached a new degree, his flesh began to tear in various places.

The little cow was extremely speechless watching this scene.

'This masochist!'

This cultivation method was no different than gambling with one’s life ah!

Perhaps only their Master dared to cultivate this way, if it was any other person, they would explode in an instant, even their godhead would shatter.

Still, just in case, the little cow opened its mouth and breathed out a puff of purple lightning cloud that floated toward Huang Xiaolong, raining purple raindrops over Huang Xiaolong’s head.

After it was done, the little cow panted heavily with its tongue slid to the side of its mouth. ‘This cow is seriously exhausted.’

With the little cow’s purple lightning cloud supporting Huang Xiaolong’s recovery, his torn flesh gradually mended and his blood stopped flowing, causing the surface of his skin to once again reflect a prism of radiant luster.

Huang Xiaolong’s aura that had just broken through to Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm rose even higher still.

At one point, an aureate sparkle appeared between Huang Xiaolong’s brows, and in the next second, a golden tablet flew out from his forehead—the low-grade chaos spiritual weapon Devil Restraining Tablet.

Fine silk-like golden threads of energy grew out from the Devil Restraining Tablet, wrapping over Huang Xiaolong. These golden threads of energy were subsequently refined and absorbed by him.

Huang Xiaolong could clearly feel these golden threads contained a high amount of energy. More importantly, they actually had the added benefit of strengthening his godheads!

‘This is the devil restraining qi?’ Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised.

This Devil Restraining Tablet was the greatest weapon of the Devil Restraining Sect, held in the hands of each generation’s Sect Chief. In its tens of thousands of years of existence, it had imprisoned numerous Ancient God Realm devils.

There were even a few high-level Ancient God Realm devils.

The devil qi of the Ancient God Realm devils imprisoned within the Devil Restraining Tablet would continuously be devoured by the tablet, then converted into devil restraining qi.

In other words, this devil restraining qi was pure energy refined from Ancient God Realm devils’ devil qi.

Though Huang Xiaolong had obtained the Devil Restraining Tablet for some time, he had yet to trigger the accumulated devil restraining qi stored within until now. Who would have thought the ferocious fifty-million-year-old herb elixirs would bridge the way to the devil restraining qi within the tablet.

Like a parched man on a desert, Huang Xiaolong madly devoured the devil restraining qi flowing into his body as well as the fifty-million-year-old herb elixirs’ energy.

Due to this two abundant source of energy, Huang Xiaolong was able to consolidate his newly advanced cultivation realm.

After he broke through to the Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, his refining speed became faster still.

Despite the energy from the six stalks of medicinal herbs being overwhelming, it gradually lessened under Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads’ frenzied absorption.

Slightly over three months later.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong had completely absorbed all the six stalks of fifty-million-years-old herbs' energy, and with their absence, the Devil Restraining Tablet stopped releasing the golden threads of devil restraining qi, quietly flying back into Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

The seclusion this time lasted a little over five months overall.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation had reached the peak of early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, with the possibility of advancing to mid-Sixth Order within sight.

Even Huang Xiaolong himself did not expect his seclusion this time would result in such progress.

After stepping into the Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, whether it be his True Divine Dragon Physique’s defense or explosive power, they had both risen several folds.

His three supreme godheads were now stronger than ever before.

Now, about two and a half years were left until Chen Hao and the Giant Tribe Patriarch returned from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

He still had two Ancient God Realm godheads that he was confident he’d be able to completely refine within two years' time. At that time, even if Chen Hao broke through to Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, Huang Xiaolong had no doubt he could defeat him.

Huang Xiaolong let out a roar towards the sky, shaking the void.

A long time later.

The little cow and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast flew toward Huang Xiaolong.

“Master!” Both beasts called out.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Come one, let’s go out.”

Hearing that they could finally go out, the little cow’s face split into a happy grin, its tail swung excitedly. Huang Xiaolong’s words were music to its ears.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong collected the spiritual veins, the two remaining Ancient God Realm godheads, the several hundred billion shenbi, and the numerous books. With the two beasts, he exited the Zhenyu Sect treasury's space, appearing at the bottom of the cliff.

However, he immediately felt that something wasn’t right as he appeared on the transmission array. There seemed to be traces of demonic beasts in the air, a lot of them! He could sense close to a hundred thousand demonic beasts within ten thousand li radius!

And these demonic beasts’ purpose was the Jadeite Royal City. 

 “What’s going on? Are the Blood Phoenix Forest demonic beasts rioting?” The little cow was also bewildered.

“Let’s take a look.” Huang Xiaolong said.

The three of them flew toward the Jadeite Royal City.

Soon, one person and two beasts reached the Jadeite Royal City and what Huang Xiaolong saw shocked him. There were tens of thousands of demonic beasts surrounding the Jadeite Royal City, attacking it while the Jadeite Royal City’s army and Heavenly God Realm masters were defending against these demonic beasts’ advance.

Although Huang Xiaolong was still far away, the battle fluctuations were just too intense.

Divine flames flared up everywhere on the battlefield, bursts of violent energy and crumbling large boulders, tremors running through the land.

“These aren't demonic beasts from the Blood Phoenix Forest.” The little cow exclaimed, its eyes narrowed. “These are sea beasts from the Endless Sea. The Endless Sea’s beasts have actually come to the Green Cloud Island?”

Huang Xiaolong’s heart tightened. He observed the demonic beasts attacking the royal city a little more. It was indeed as the little cow said, these were sea beasts. Their bodies were wrapped in a faint sphere of water mist, the unique characteristics of the Endless Sea’s beasts!

Huang Xiaolong’s mood darkened. Although the human race ruled over the hundred thousands of islands and mainlands of the Vientiane World, they weren't the sole master of the Vientiane World.

The Endless Sea was far bigger than all the islands as well as the four big mainlands combined, with over a trillion sea beasts and sea tribes living in it.

The sea tribes ruled over the Endless Sea, and they had a long history of banding together to attack the four mainlands and other islands’ human cities!

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