Chapter 1103: Killed

Startled by Ju Meng’s unexpected bark, the Giant Tribe Elder Ju Ha’s steps halted. He then turned to look doubtfully at Ju Meng before looking again at the black-haired Barbarian God Sect core disciple who seemed to be flying towards them.

At this point, Ju Ha and the rest of the Giant Tribe group could tell this that Barbarian God Sect core disciple’s purpose here was them.

Now, the baffling question was why? Why was this person looking for them?

During this brief lapse of time, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow came to a stop not far from the Giant Tribe group.

“Little runt, who are you? What business you have with us?” Ju Ha snapped.

“You’d better have a good reason or else the consequences for blocking our and path and wasting our time will be severe.” Another Giant Tribe Elder spoke with a hint of bloodthirst.

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed, “Weren’t you all under the orders of your Patriarch to come and take me back to the Giant Tribe?”

Ju Meng, Ju Ha, and the rest were stunned.

“You’re Huang Xiaolong?” Several of them blurted out at the same time, feeling incredulous.

“Right, I am Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Ju Meng and Ju Ha exchanged a glance, the meaning in their gazes was clear, ‘What is with this situation?’ Was this little runt truly Huang Xiaolong? Had he actually come looking for them?

Ju Meng secretly surveyed the surroundings, expanding his secret soul technique and soon verified that there was no other Barbarian God Sect master at Huang Xiaolong’s side. This deepened his suspicion.

“You really are Huang Xiaolong?” Ju Ha asked again.

This Huang Xiaolong knew that their purpose for coming to the Barbarian God Sect was to seize him and drag him back to the Giant Tribe. They did not succeed, yet this Huang Xiaolong himself came looking for them instead? Did the Barbarian God Sect find a retard to pose as Huang Xiaolong and play a prank on them?

Huang Xiaolong did not bother to answer the same question time and again, shaking his head as he said, “Your Patriarch really shouldn’t have sent you all here to the Barbarian God Sect. Not only will all of you die here, but your Giant Tribe will also soon disappear from this world as well.”

Ju Meng, Ju Ha, and the others were rendered dazed by Huang Xiaolong’s words, but they all erupted in thunderous laughter in the next second, clutching their bellies.

“Oh merciful mother, Lu Zhuo that old fart actually released such a runt to 'frighten' us?” Ju Meng guffawed, “We’re going to die here? Oooh, I’m sooo~ scared!” Ju Meng pretended to be trembling in fear.

Ju Ha joined in, “Did you guys hear that? This fool says that our Giant Tribe is going to disappear from this world! His aunt, I’m going to die from laughter!”

“His sister, thank god I haven’t eaten today.” A Giant Tribe Elder began another wave of laughter.

As one of the primordial races that had existed for a hundred million years, even though the tribe had declined through the generations, they were still not extinct. They survived through several Gods and Demons Great Wars, yet still continued to exist. But now, a little Barbarian God Sect disciple claimed that he wanted the Giant Tribe to disappear from this world!

Forget Lu Zhuo, even the Barbarian God Sect's founding ancestor dared not utter such words.

One couldn't blame the group of giants for guffawing as they were.

Soon after they started laughing, a vast divine might descend upon them, accompanied by a terrifying cold qi.

Affected by this cold qi, the airflow in their immediate surroundings froze. At the same time, thick layers of crystalline green ice appeared, covering the land at rapid speed.

Ju Meng, Ju Ha, and the others’ sounds of laughter came to an abrupt stop, their eyes widened in shock and terror staring at the figure that appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

“You—!” Ju Ha’s words stopped as if his tongue was frozen in his mouth.

“Who are you? How are you related to the Green Ice Hail Devil race?” Ju Meng did his best to appear calm, cautiously wording his question. His voice was much lower than previously, even sounding polite and fearful.

Their group consisted only of Heavenly God Realm cultivators; in front of an Ancient God Realm master, they hadn't the slightest power to resist.

Huang Xiaolong did not answer Ju Meng. Instead, he indicated the Green Ice Hail Devil with a look. Bing Jiuyi respectfully complied and his body blurred as he teleported, immediately arriving in front of Ju Meng’s group.

“Senior, we’re Elders of the Giant Tribe.” Fear rose to Ju Meng’s face as he blurted out anxiously at Bing Jiuyi.

“In the old days, both our Giant Tribe and the Green Ice Hail Tribe had a tight bond of friendship.” Ju Ha loudly added.

Bing Jiuyi was indifferent as his palm reached out.

Ju Meng, Ju Ha, and the rest became ashen, trying their best to escape. However, to their horror, they discovered they were unable to move an inch. Terrifying frigid cold qi invaded their bodies from all directions, flowing into their godsea and godhead, obstructing them from circulating their godforce.

Bing Jiuyi easily captured the group, dragging them in front of Huang Xiaolong. At this point, they had already turned into huge green ice statutes.

However, Huang Xiaolong only had Bing Jiuyi freeze the Giant Tribe group instead of killing them with his frigid cold qi.

Looking at the row of giant ice statues in front of him, Huang Xiaolong’s hand reached out. The force from his palm pulled the frozen Ju Meng forth and scoured through his memories. After he was done with Ju Meng, he searched through Ju Ha’s memories, going through all of them one after another.

A while later, after he finished, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered as he pondered what he learned from their memories.

At the moment, the Giant Tribe Patriarch and several of the tribe’s Grand Elders were currently at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, trying to break the formation of a cultivation dwelling left behind by an ancient master. It was estimated they would need three years to break through.

This was also the reason why the Giant Tribe Patriarch was unable to make this trip to the Barbarian God Sect personally. Also, Chen Hao was currently with the Giant Tribe Patriarch.

“Three years.” Huang Xiaolong repeated under his breath.

Huang Xiaolong then circulated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power, causing Ju Meng, Ju Ha, and the others to scream in excruciating pain in the next moment.

For him, three years was enough time.

When Chen Hao returned to the Barbarian God Sect three years later with the Giant Tribe Patriarch, he would resolve both troubles once and for all!

However, his current subordinates, counting the Berserk Lion Sect Chief, only came up to six Ancient God Realm masters, which was lacking if he wanted to fight against the Giant Tribe. Therefore, he needed to make some preparations in these three years.

Huang Xiaolong flicked a sliver of supreme fire element godforce onto Ju Meng and the others, erasing their traces as he and the little cow sped away.

In the vast outer space outside of the Vientiane World, a colossal pitch black mass floated in space. This colossal mass of shadows was numerous times bigger than the whole Vientiane World, emitting a constant black glow.

This was the notorious Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield!

Other than the Vientiane World, the battlefield had several tens of thousands of world surfaces close to it.

Some of these world surfaces were over a thousand times bigger than the Vientiane World.

Within this giant black mass were several hundred thousand worlds and mainlands.

Right now, on one of the mainlands located on the outer edge of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, in the depths of a cave in a wilderness mountain, the Giant Tribe Patriarch Ju Wufei and several of the Giant Tribe’s Grand Elders were hard at work, attacking the formation in front of them.

Every time they attacked the formation, sparks would fly amidst deafening blasts.

All of a sudden, Ju Wufei felt his communication talisman shake and took it out of his spatial ring. He exclaimed in anger after his divine sense swept over the message within, “What! Ju Meng’s group died?!” Ju Wufei’s eyes were protruding out of their sockets, the first thought on his mind was 'Did the people below report incorrectly?'

He sent a message back to reconfirm, but he soon received a reply from an Elder, reporting that Ju Meng’s request was refused by Lu Zhuo, and the Barbarian God Sect did not hand over Huang Xiaolong. Not long after Ju Meng’s group left the Barbarian God Sect headquarters, they were killed!

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