Chapter 1102: Abrogate Huang Xiaolong’s Position?

The Giant Tribe! Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly at the unexpected connection.

Just like the Nefarious Devil Tribe and Buddhist-Demon Clan, the Giant Tribe was one of those old heritage races. Although the Giant Tribe’s strength was comparatively lacking compared to the Nefarious Devil Tribe in the past, it was now the other way around instead. The current Giant Tribe was far more powerful than the Nefarious Devil Tribe.

As far as the outside world knew, the Giant Tribe currently had ten Ancient God Realm masters.

Between the few neighboring islands’ forces, the Giant Tribe definitely ranked within the top three.

Even the Golden Dragon Gate and Berserk Lion Sect’s forces combined could not match even half of the Giant Tribe’s forces, not to mention an even weaker Barbarian God Sect.

It was really surprising that Chen Hao had caught the Giant Tribe Patriarch’s eye to the point of accepting him as a godson.

“The Giant Tribe Patriarch’s personal disciple, Ju Meng, is in our Barbarian God Sect’s headquarters. Everyone take a guess, what could be the motive of the Giant Tribe to send someone to our sect?” In the group of disciples up ahead, one of them deliberately lowered his voice as he asked his companions. 

“Could it be related to Huang Xiaolong?” A disciple took a shot.

“Bulls-eye! It really concerns Huang Xiaolong; I heard that Ju Meng came here under the orders of the Giant Tribe Patriarch. They practically told our Ancestor and Sect Chief to strip Huang Xiaolong of his core disciple position. On top of that, they want to take Huang Xiaolong back to the Giant Tribe!”

“Abrogate Huang Xiaolong’s core disciple position? They even want to take him away? Huang Xiaolong is our Barbarian God Sect’s greatest genius disciple in a hundred thousand years, the Ancestor and Sect Chief couldn’t possibly agree, right?” 

“What can they do then? The other party is the Giant Tribe, do our Ancestor and Sect Chief have the guts to say no?”

A sharp light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he listened on.

Chen Hao actually exerted pressure on the Barbarian God Sect through the Giant Tribe, demanding the Barbarian God Sect to take away his core disciple identity!

Looks like this Chen Hao had taken things for granted too much. Did he really think Huang Xiaolong was a soft persimmon to be squashed at will?

With Huang Xiaolong’s current strength and power, remaining in the Barbarian God Sect or otherwise was no longer important. The Barbarian God Sect had always been a stepping stone in his plans from the beginning, all in order to participate in the All-Islands Great War on the Fortune Mainland.

Now, he could participate through the Golden Dragon Gate or the Berserk Lion Sect’s quota.

However, he wanted to see what choice Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling made with the Giant Tribe putting pressure on them, whether they would give in to the Giant Tribe and abrogate his core disciple identity or refuse them, firm in their decision to protect him.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong’s figure blurred away from the spot.

At this time, almost all of the Barbarian God Sect’s Grand Elders were assembled inside the main great hall, with Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling sitting at the top main seats. However, there was an additional seat in their row, occupied by a middle-aged man with a giant physique.

This gigantic middle-aged man was none other than Ju Meng, the Giant Tribe Patriarch’s personal disciple.

In general, the Giant Tribe’s height was ten meters and above, hence, despite sitting down, Ju Meng still towered over Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling.

“Senior Lu Zhuo, Sect Chief Gu, have you reached a decision? Our Patriarch already stated that as long as the Barbarian God Sect strips that Huang Xiaolong of position and permits me to take him away,” Ju Meng spoke without scruples, “Our Giant Tribe is willing to compensate with a grade five spiritual vein!”

“What? A grade five spiritual vein!”

“Such a priceless treasure!”

In an instant, sounds of excited surprise came from the present Grand Elders, echoing in the great hall.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling were inwardly astonished while maintaining a calm appearance on the surface. Both men were well aware what a grade five spiritual vein meant; a valuable resource to nurture more than a few high-level Heavenly God Realm disciples, used to refine a large number of powerful divine weapons, armors, and also various ancient divine pellets.

The possibilities sped through their minds, the gains and probable losses. 

Should they abrogate Huang Xiaolong in return for a grade five spiritual vein or continue shielding him and risk offending the Giant Tribe? If they offended them, resulting in their sect being severely suppressed by them, the coming days of their Barbarian God Sect disciples would not be good, there was even the danger of sect annihilation.

After all, the Giant Tribe was that powerful.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was their Barbarian God Sect’s greatest genius in a hundred thousand years, the hope of their sect to climb higher. 

Lu Zhuo suddenly gritted his teeth as he came to a decision. He raised his head to look at Ju Meng, saying, “Huang Xiaolong is our sect’s disciple, wanting me to abrogate his core disciple identity for a grade five spiritual vein is impossible!”

“What?!” Ju Meng was shocked by Lu Zhuo’s words, his expression turning ugly. He was extremely confident that Lu Zhuo would agree.

“Lu Zhuo, is this your final decision? You’d better consider it again, if my Master comes personally next time, you know very well what the consequences will be. At that time, not only will you have to hand Huang Xiaolong to us, you won’t get a grade five spiritual vein as compensation anymore.” Ju Meng said solemnly, the threat in his voice was evident.

Gu Ling’s lips parted as if there was something he wanted to say, but seeing Lu Zhuo’s expression, he kept his mouth shut.

“Ancestor, it is true that Huang Xiaolong is an outstanding talent, but we cannot force the entire sect toward damnation for him alone.” Grand Elder Qiu Bihu stood up urgently, carefully dissuading Lu Zhuo.

When several Elders backing Chen Hao wanted to stand up as well, Lu Zhuo’s sharp gaze swept over them. Everyone backed down and Lu Zhuo cold voice sounded, “This matter ends here, see the guest off.”

Ju Meng’s giant body rose from his seat, then he harrumphed coldly and left with a flick of his sleeve.

The group of Grand Elders was filled with a sense of foreboding watching Ju Meng’s figure disappearing from sight.

Lu Zhuo didn’t look very well as he waved away the group of Grand Elders.

“Ancestor, are we really going to offend the Giant Tribe for Huang Xiaolong?” Gu Ling asked the question despite his hesitation.

Lu Zhuo sighed, asking in return, “Gu Ling, you won’t blame me for making such a decision…?”

In fact, Lu Zhuo was feeling a bit regretful for his stance earlier.

When he refused the Giant Tribe’s offer just now, was it in the spur of the moment or was he hoping that Huang Xiaolong would produce a ‘miracle?’

“Whatever Ancestor decides, I will support,” said Gu Ling.

Lu Zhuo nodded, inwardly praying that his decision today was the right one! Otherwise, he’d be the Barbarian God Sect’s eternal sinner. 

A few hours later.

Ju Meng and several of the Giant Tribe’s Elders who came on this trip left the Barbarian God Sect’s mountain range.

“Lu Zhuo that old fart really doesn’t know what’s good for him.” While flying away, Ju Meng snorted in anger, “If it wasn't because Master is unable to leave the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield at the moment, our Giant Tribe would flatten the Barbarian God Sect this instant. I would make that old fart Lu Zhuo clean my toes with his tongue!”

“The Patriarch will surely be upset with us for failing to bring back Huang Xiaolong. However, does the Patriarch really want to accept that Chen Hao as his godson?” The Giant Tribe Elder Ju Ha frowned.

Ju Ha has always looked down on the human race, never had he imagined there would be a day when their Giant Tribe Patriarch would want to accept a human as his godson.

Ju Meng too was frowning, he had been baffled ever since his Master made this decision.

Right at this moment, the group of giants noticed there was a black-haired young man riding on a cow in their path, and he was clad in the Barbarian God Sect’s core disciple robe.

“A Barbarian God Sect disciple?” Elder Ju Ha grinned with malice, “Since we’re leaving anyways, why don’t we kill this little one to vent a little anger.”

“Wait.” Ju Meng stopped him, his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong. He had a feeling that this Barbarian God Sect disciple seemed to be waiting for them.

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