Chapter 1100: You Think You’re Qualified To Speak To Me?

Cao Weiran refused to believe the ground wouldn't break and struck his palm down once more. This time, he exerted the full strength of his godforce in this palm attack, doubling his attack power.

Bang! A thunderous noise reverberated through the area.

The ground shook briefly, but that was all. It quickly returned to calmness without any damage.

Cao Weiran’s eyes protruded in shock, 'How can this be?!'

The six people who had been watching in the distance had shock written all over their faces.

Huang Xiaolong who arrived on the little cow was astounded as well when he saw that Cao Weiran’s full force palm strike barely scratched the ground surface.

There’s no way this piece of open land was naturally formed. If the ground surface on this spot was so hard, then could what lied below it be…?

“Who’s there?” Cao Weiran suddenly turned around, his eyes sharp as daggers looking in Huang Xiaolong’s direction. When he saw a young man clad in the Barbarian God Sect’s core disciple robe, Cao Weiran was caught off guard for a brief second.

In this split second, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow entered the open space area.

What happened next rendered Cao Weiran agape with disbelief. The Three Evils, his sect’s two Elders, and his personal disciple Wei Chao actually flew toward this Barbarian God Sect core disciple and respectfully greeted him, “Young Lord!”

Young Lord!

The group of six including the Three Evils actually respectfully addressed a Barbarian God Sect core disciple as 'Young Lord'!

Cao Weiran couldn't get his head around what was happening before him, but in the next moment, wrath erupted in the depth of his eyes, the whelming killing intent from his body soaring to the sky.

“You lot dare to betray the Berserk Lion Sect, betray me!” Cao Weiran’s chilling voice contained unspeakable wrath.

Though in recent days he had a nagging suspicion that there was something wrong with the six of them, he didn't pay it too much attention. Who would have thought these people, his own personal disciple included, had turned their backs on him and the Berserk Lion Sect!

This Barbarian God Sect core disciple showing up here at this point of time must have been because these six people had messaged him about the Ancestral Dragon Fruit!

Thinking of this, Cao Weiran’s wrath and killing intent rose exponentially.

“So, you’re Cao Weiran.” Huang Xiaolong spoke as if Cao Weiran’s terrifying killing intent and rage were nonexistent. His gaze swept over the beast skin map in Cao Weiran’s hand and went on indifferently, “That’s the Ancestral Dragon Fruit treasure map? Will you give it to me voluntarily, or shall I take it from you?”

Cao Weiran blanked for a second hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, but he soon laughed. He laughed so hard that his face turned deep red.

A mere core disciple of the Barbarian God Sect wanted to snatch the treasure map in his hand?

On top of that, he had the guts to refer to him by name!

Not even the Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling had the courage to call him by name. In front of him, Gu Ling had to courteously greet him as Sect Chief Cao.

“Runt, you think you’re qualified to speak to me?” Cao Weiran’s icy gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong before sweeping over the surroundings, “Where’s your sect’s Ancestor and Sect Chief? Tell Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling to roll out here for me!”

Clearly, Cao Weiran assumed that Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling were hiding in the vicinity.

Apart from that, those two old farts must have given extremely tempting promises to the Three Evils, Wei Chao, and the rest, tempting enough for them to swear allegiance to the Barbarian God Sect.

The truth was far from what Cao Weiran assumed, however, as the Three Evils, Wei Chao, and the two Berserk Lion Sect Elders changing allegiance had nothing to with the Barbarian God Sect.

It was Huang Xiaolong who was puzzled by Cao Weiran’s words this time. A second later, he shook his head, reassuring with a faint smile, “Cao Weiran, rest assured, Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling aren't here.”

Cao Weiran was once again bemused by Huang Xiaolong, his sharp gaze fixed on him as if he could see something from Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. This little core disciple even dared to speak the full names of his sect’s Ancestor and Sect Chief?

‘What is going on here exactly?’ He had never heard of a sect’s disciple being so disrespectful of their elders, and the reverence and awe on the faces of the Three Evils, Wei Chao, and the two Elders stabbed Cao Weiran in all the wrong places.

“Going around spouting nonsensical riddles!” Cao Weiran’s stance changed all of a sudden, “Runt, let’s see if Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling come out when I kill you!” His palm already struck out before his sentence finished.

The sky changed when Cao Weiran attacked. The air flowed in reverse, gathering in front of Cao Weiran and forming a transparent giant lion.

A lion’s roar echoed in the forest as if it came from the primordial times, transcending time and space.

A horrifying pressured gathered toward Huang Xiaolong from all directions.

Before Cao Weiran’s palm attack arrived, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling he was on the verge of being pulverized into dust.

He knew for certain that if he was hit by Cao Weiran’s palm, as powerful as True Divine Dragon Physique might be, there would be nothing left of him in the end. The cultivation gap between them was simply too big.

He was just a late-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, whereas Cao Weiran was an Ancient God Realm master, an early Second Order Ancient God Realm at that.

Right when Cao Weiran was close to reducing Huang Xiaolong and the little cow to dust, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them. The figure lifted an arm, meeting Cao Weiran’s attack.

A cold giant green palm collided with Cao Weiran’s palm force.

Bang bang bang bang!

Numerous blasts rang in the air, causing space to distort from the power shockwaves sweeping out in all directions, raising a veil of dust.

Cao Weiran’s body swayed as he staggered back several steps, shock clearly written over his face as he stared at Bing Jiuyi standing between him and Huang Xiaolong.

A peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil master!

There was a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm master protecting him!

“Who are you exactly?” Cao Weiran’s earlier disdain had vanished. He was now staring at Huang Xiaolong with wariness.

“A Barbarian God Sect core disciple.” Huang Xiaolong answered matter-of-factly.

“Bullshit!” Cao Weiran swore in anger, “Since when does a Barbarian God Sect core disciple have a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm guardian?! How come I didn’t hear of this!”

Beat him to death and Cao Weiran still wouldn't believe this young man was a mere Barbarian God Sect core disciple. The Barbarian God Sect Ancestor Lu Zhuo was still an early Second Order Ancient God Realm, tell it to anyone and none would believe this young man, a Barbarian God Sect core disciple, has a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil guardian at his side!

“The Ancestral Dragon Fruit treasure map. Are you going to give it to me, or should I take it myself?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered wasting any more time entertaining Cao Weiran, repeating his question for the last time.

Cao Weiran sneered, “Runt, you really think I’ll be afraid of you for merely having a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil? Don’t joke, I can come and go as I please.” He turned to Wei Chao, “You’ve greatly disappointed Master. I’m giving you one chance; kneel and confess your sins, for the sake of our many years of master-disciple feelings, I can spare your life.”

Wei Chao shook his head but did not speak.

Seeing Wei Chao’s response, a hidden killing intent flitted in the depth of Cao Weiran’s eyes, “Since you’ve decided, don’t blame Master for being ruthless in the future.” His body blurred into a flicker, planning to leave.

He couldn't do anything to that runt that had a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm master at his side, however, no one could stop him if he wanted to leave, not even the Green Ice Hail Devil.

Cao Weiran had barely flown off when the space in front him warped. A hairy hand similar to a giant ape arm reached out from the void. The ape arm exuded thick nefarious energy, slamming down on Cao Weiran whose heart pounded sensing the power gathered at the ape palm.

He paled considerably, hastily leaping backward several times before managing to avoid the attack. Before he could breathe in relief, the space behind him warped as a similar giant hairy ape arm appeared.

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