Chapter 1096: The 20 Million Years Old Legend

Detecting Song Chengli’s good mood, Liu Zhuo joined smilingly, “If that kid finds out about this, he’ll go jumping into the sea from happiness.” 

The Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor Song Chengli liked what he heard, his sonorous laughter echoed in the hall. A moment later, Song Chengli changed the subject, “Right, have there been any news of the Green Ice Hail Devil?” This concerned the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Liu Zhuo sounded vexed as he answered, “Nothing yet, there’s no clue of that person’s whereabouts. My guess is that he already left Dralion Island.” He didn’t sound very convinced.

Song Chengli’s expression turned serious, “Snatching the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast shows that he needed these two items and isn't specifically against our Golden Dragon Gate. In that case, have our disciples stop inquiring about the Green Ice Hail Devil, else it triggers a reverse reaction, angering that person. It isn't worth it.”

Although the Golden Dragon Gate didn't fear a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm master, it would still cause a massive headache for them if they were being targeted by such a character.

“Yes, Ancestor, I understand.” Liu Zhuo nodded his head.

Exactly at this moment, a flustered Elder ran into the hall in panic, hurriedly making a clumsy salute at Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo before the words rushed out from his mouth, “Ancestor, Gate Chief, there’s a situation at the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple!”

This Elder was the same Elder overseeing the temple.

“A situation?” Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo both exclaimed, exchanging a glance.

“What happened?” Song Chengli demanded in a heavy tone.

“It’s as if the whole Golden Dragon Sacred Temple is on fire, there are terrifying golden flames everywhere!” The Golden Dragon Sacred Temple Elder Li Yangmin blurted out anxiously.

Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo were clearly surprised, yet at the same time, in the depths of their hearts, the thought of a certain possibility appeared.

“Go, to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple! You come as well, while you, Guo Xuan, issue an order saying that an area of ten thousand li around the temple is prohibited from now on, no one is allowed to enter!” Song Chengli jumped to his feet, issuing orders to Li Yangmin and Guo Xuan.

Even before his last syllable fell, Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo had already disappeared from the hall in a flicker, rushing to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple. A beat later, Elder Li Yangmin recovered his senses, turning around, and hurried after them.

Guo Xuan thought of a rumor that had been circulating around the Golden Dragon Gate for the last twenty million years when he saw Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo’s expressions. There was bewilderment on his face as he thought of the possibility before a dignified seriousness showed itself as he hurried out of the hall. He needed to execute Song Chengli’s order and lock down the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple's surroundings. 

Using teleportation, both Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo reached the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple almost instantaneously. When they saw the temple’s condition that was just as Liu Yangmin described, engulfed in a sea of golden flames, amazement was obvious on their faces, followed by excitement that caused tears to start swimming in their eyes.

“They really are the Golden Dragon’s Divine Flames!”

“Twenty million years, the Golden Dragon Divine Flames that have never appeared finally revealed themselves today!”

Both Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo were so moved and excited that they were clenching their hands to rein in their emotions.

According to their Sect's ancient records, the appearance of Golden Dragon Divine Flames meant that there was a disciple who managed to awaken all nine dragon souls slumbering inside the dragon pearl!

This disciple would become the heritage successor chosen by their First Ancestor!

Generations of Golden Dragon Gate masters had waited for this day to arrive over millions of years, and now, the successor to their Golden Dragon First Ancestor’s heritage was about to appear!

“Ancestor, our Golden Dragon Gate is about to recover its ancient glory!” Liu Zhuo said to Song Chengli with a wide smile, trembling slightly from head to toe as he tried to contain his excitement.

It was written inside the ancient record that when the First Ancestor’s successor appears, it would be the time when their Golden Dragon Gate rises to the summit once more. Under the successor’s leadership, they might even surpass their olden days' glory!

“Yes ah, this is the heavens blessing our Golden Dragon Gate. I, Song Chengli, did not expect I would live to see the First Ancestor’s successor appear! This is ten thousand lifetimes’ great fortune ah!”

Song Chengli too was beyond himself with joy and excitement.

It was at this moment that Li Yangmin arrived and happened to hear Song Chengli’s words. His legs gave out, nearly plummeting to the ground from midair.

Ringing in his mind were the words 'First Ancestor’s successor’.

Although he had the same thought, it only was fleeting, after all, that rumored legend had been around for twenty million years. It was too far in the past to verify its truthfulness.

At this time, the layer of golden flames enveloping the temple expanded further, causing terrifying waves of heat and flames sweep out in all directions. Even Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo who were watching from a thousand li away were pushed back further.

The two of them and Li Yangmin retreated until they were two thousand li away from the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple.

“The Golden Dragon Divine Flames truly are as terrifying as described in the legend.” Recalling the danger moments ago, Song Chengli still felt apprehensive.

Liu Zhuo wiped off the sweat on his forehead. If it wasn’t for his quick reaction just now, both of them would have suffered heavy injuries.

“The Golden Dragon First Ancestor was a perfection stage late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm existence, infinitely close to breaking into that legendary realm. His Golden Dragon Divine Flames were naturally not something we can withstand.” Liu Zhuo said.

Then, Song Chengli remembered a very important question, hence looked over his shoulder at Li Yangmin, “Who’s the disciple inside the temple right now?”

Li Yangmin was stupefied for a moment, but soon understood what the Ancestor was asking and quickly replied, “A disciple named Tang Hong.”

“Tang Hong!” Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo exclaimed. Earlier, they heard Elder Guo Xuan report thatTang Hong had gone in the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, and now that they received affirmation from Li Yangmin, both had a complicated expression on their faces.

“This disciple Tang Hong greatly exceeded my expectation ah, looks like I don’t have the fortune of taking him as my personal disciple.” Song Chengli’s tone sounded wry.

When they were still joking in the hall, Song Chengli was saying he was willing to receive Tang Hong as his personal disciple if he could awaken five dragon souls. Despite saying so, Song Chengli himself actually did not believe Tang Hong had the ability to do so.

Liu Zhuo too felt awkward, at that time, he actually said that Tang Hong might jump into the sea from happiness.

Another thing was, how should they address Tang Hong when he comes out?

“What is this Tang Hong’s talent level?” Song Chengli asked Liu Zhuo.

“He has a high grade rank ten godhead.” Liu Zhuo replied. He had someone investigate him not long ago, so he was very sure.

 Song Chengli was confused and fell into contemplation.

“Ancestor, do you think this Tang Hong could really awaken all nine dragon souls?” Liu Zhuo couldn’t help asking. After all, even Hu Dan who possessed a king rank godhead could only awaken six.

Song Chengli answered solemnly, “Maybe he can.” However, he wasn’t so confident.

The ancient records stated that whoever managed to light up the Golden Dragon Divine Flames could absolutely awaken the nine dragon souls, but that was merely an old record, unproven so far.

At this time, above the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, a giant shadow of a white dragon appeared.

A majestic dragon might rolled outward the moment this white dragon appeared.

“The white dragon’s soul!” Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, and Li Yangmin screamed at the same time.

The white dragon’s soul was the first one among the nine souls sealed inside the dragon pearl. Generally speaking, a core disciple would take at least a day to awaken the white dragon’s soul. This Tang Hong, it had barely been two hours since he went inside…

He actually awakened the white dragon’s soul in such a short time!

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