Chapter 1095: Entering the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple

Li Yahong and the few disciples watching from the sides were dumbfounded, staring dazedly at the glistening Nefarious Devil gold core sitting quietly on the counter top.

“Nef, Nefarious Devil g-gold core!” Tian Juaner muttered dumbly, an ugly expression on her delicate face.

Li Yahong and other complicated gazes fell onto Huang Xiaolong. There was shock, confusion, doubt, and envy.

Who would have thought this Tang Hong would run into such a big a dog-shit luck that he really found a Nefarious Devil gold core.

So far, Senior Sister Hu Dan was the only disciple who successfully completed this task, but from now on, there was another person on that short list.

“Tang Hong, your luck is really good, actually finding a Nefarious Devil gold core.” Li Yahong exclaimed, “I’ll record it down for you and add in the thirty thousand points.”

Li Yahong barely finished her sentence when her eyes widened in shock once more looking at Huang Xiaolong’s right hand in disbelief. In Huang Xiaolong’s right palm was another Nefarious Devil gold core!

A second gold core!

Tian Juaner and the spectating disciples’ head spun, hoping that what they saw wasn't real. Li Yahong was still dazed.

“You can record it now. Also, it’s sixty thousand points!” Huang Xiaolong stressed his voice at ‘sixty thousand points’ before placing his identity token on the counter top.

Li Yahong nodded, barely maintaining the awkward smile on her face as she recorded the completion of the task, then added sixty thousand points into Huang Xiaolong’s identity token.

Huang Xiaolong picked up his identity token and nodded with satisfaction at the one hundred and twenty thousand points inside.

He then left the Grand Dragon Hall with Tian Juaner and a group of disciples’ eyes following him.

Tian Juaner and Li Yahong both watched Huang Xiaolong’s leaving figure, neither spoke a word.

“His mother, what's he acting all snobby for? Didn’t he just happen to catch a pie that fell from the sky, getting two Nefarious Devil gold cores?” When Huang Xiaolong was completely out of view, a core disciple snarled, his tone laden with jealousy.

“He must’ve gotten someone to help him to find them. No matter how big of a dog-shit luck Tang Hong has bumped into, there’s no way he entered the ancestral burial ground himself to find two Nefarious Devil gold cores and safely returned.” A core disciple logically deduced.  

“It isn't written in the task that disciples can’t ask others for help, the only requirement to complete the task is finding the gold core.”

The disciples in the hall began discussing their own theories about how Tang Hong managed to find two gold cores to complete the task.

From the Grand Dragon Hall, Huang Xiaolong did not return to Tang Hong’s cultivation dwelling, but flew directly to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple.

While Huang Xiaolong was on his way to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, Liu Qingyang received news of his return and the fact that he even successfully handed in the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task.

“That damn kid found two Nefarious Devil gold cores!” Liu Qingyang’s gaze was frighteningly frosty, his hands clenched tightly into fists until the jade stone in his palm was crushed into dust. That jade stone was a rare steel kernel jade stone that his subordinate found in a perilous land, each jade stone was worth a huge sum. 

“Master, since that kid Tang Hong is back, shall we head over to kill him now?” At the side, Liu Qingyang’s personal disciple Zhu Haishen spoke.

“Where’s Tang Hong now?” Liu Qingyang turned to look at the core disciple who reported Huang Xiaolong’s return.

“Replying Grand Elder Liu. From the Grand Dragon Hall, Tang Hong went to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, he did not return to his cultivation dwelling.” That core disciple answered.

“The Golden Dragon Sacred Temple?” This was a surprise to Liu Qingyang.

“That kid’s deluded himself into thinking he’s qualified to gain enlightenment from the dragon pearl?” Liu Qingyang’s personal disciple Zhu Haishen snickered harshly, “In the last twenty million years, Hu Dan was the sole disciple who managed to awaken six dragon souls. That Tang Hong, whether he can awaken two or three dragon souls remains to be seen.” 

Liu Qingyang stated in a sullen voice, “Since he went to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple, wait until he comes out before making a move.” He once again reiterated to the core disciple, “Watch Tang Hong’s every move, report to me the moment he steps out from the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple.”

“Yes, Grand Elder Liu.” The core disciple respectfully complied.

Liu Qingyang waved his hand, indicating the core disciple to retreat. 

Most disciples who entered the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple would normally stay inside for five to six days. Hu Dan held the longest record of thirty-three days, awakening six dragon souls.

Thus, Liu Qingyang wasn’t in a hurry. In his eyes, this Tang Hong would come out in less than ten days.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong reached the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple.

The temple was a thousand zhang tall, built in the shape of a giant pearl. The temple entrance was located at the pearl’s abdomen instead of the bottom.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong stood in front of the temple entrance, took out his identity token and showed it to the Elder stationed at the entrance to deduct one hundred thousand points before flying inside.

The Elder shook his head watching Huang Xiaolong’s back. He has seen too many of this kind of disciples; they were always walking in full of confidence, but in a few days, they would be stumbling out, their heads down in frustration.

After entering the temple, Huang Xiaolong felt as if he had arrived in the vast outer space, all around him was boundless space. A glimmering golden dragon pearl floated at the center of this area!

The pearl was enormous, six to seven times the size of a human head.

Upon closer inspection, Huang Xiaolong noticed nine vague dragon soul shadows, however, it seemed like these nine dragon souls were slumbering.

Huang Xiaolong approached the dragon pearl in slow and steady steps. As the distance between them narrowed, Huang Xiaolong could feel the vibration of dragon qi becoming stronger. Moreover, as if the dragon qi resonated with Huang Xiaolong’s True Divine Dragon Physique, the dragon pearl actually emitted rings of aureate light.

If this was in the past, other disciples would be shocked by this scene, for even a disciple who managed to awaken three dragon souls wouldn’t cause the dragon pearl to release rings of shining dragon qi.

Huang Xiaolong stopped approaching ten meters from the dragon pearl, sitting cross-legged in the air and circulating his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead’s godforce. Abundant dragon qi surged around Huang Xiaolong’s True Divine Dragon Physique.

A low rumbling roar resounded from the golden dragon pearl, the slumbering nine dragon souls all opened their eyes, awakened at the same time!

Inside a cultivation dwelling, the Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor Song Chengli was holding two Nefarious Devil gold cores in his palms, grinning from ear to ear and couldn’t bear to put them down.

The Nefarious Devil Gold Core task was issued by him. Song Chengli needed the Nefarious Devil gold cores to refine a kind of ancient divine pellet that was extremely important to himself. Unfortunately, in so many years, only Hu Dan managed to complete his task so far, bringing back one Nefarious Devil gold core. He had long given up hope on obtaining more, yet now, there was actually a disciple who succeeded!

Moreover, that disciple brought back two gold cores!

“What is this disciple’s name?” Song Chengli asked Elder Guo Xuan in charge of handling disciple tasks.

Guo Xuan promptly replied, “His name is Tang Hong.”

“Tang Hong?” Song Chengli pondered slightly then turned to the Golden Dragon Gate Chief Liu Zhuo, “The disciple who refined grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills some time back?

Liu Zhuo nodded, “That is so. I too did not expect him to be able to successfully complete the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task.”

Song Chengli smiled thinking of ‘Tang Hong’s’ potential, then instructed Guo Xuan, “Have this disciple come see me, I will increase his reward and personally hand it to him.”

Elder Guo Xuan was genuinely shocked when he heard the Ancestor wanted to personally give an additional reward to Tang Hong. This Tang Hong really fell into a pile of dog-shit luck to be able to meet the Ancestor. If he entered the Ancestor’s eyes, he could even rise to become the Ancestor’s disciple.

“Ancestor, that Tang Hong went to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple after leaving the Grand Dragon Hall, he’s currently trying to comprehend the dragon pearl.” Guo Xuan answered.

“Oh, he went to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple?” Both Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo didn’t expect to hear that.

Song Chengli jokingly said, “If that little guy can awaken five dragon souls, I’ll accept him as my personal disciple.”

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