Chapter 1091: The Nefarious Devil Tribe

“Tang Hong, are you surprised to see me?” The corner of Sun Jinqiang’s lips rose in a condescending spiteful sneer, “Well, do you have anything to say? I’ll give you enough time. How about getting on your knees and beg? Or call me Granddaddy?”

Sun Jinqiang’s companions snickered, looking at Huang Xiaolong akin to hunters looking at prey.

“Punk, you might still have a chance if you kneel down now, otherwise it’ll be too late even if you want to kneel and beg later.” One of them ‘advised.’

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed looking at Sun Jinqiang’s group. If he was honest, he was a bit disappointed that Liu Qingyang didn't come. In front of him were just a few small early and mid-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm shrimps.

“Liu Qingyang didn’t come?” Huang Xiaolong asked, a little hopeful.

Sun Jinqiang was taken aback.

“You bastard, do you want to die that badly? How dare you call Grand Elder Liu by his full name!” A core disciple bellowed.

These core disciples accompanying Sun Jinqiang were part of a group that allied themselves to Liu Qiuyang.

As one of the more prestigious Grand Elder of the Golden Dragon Gate, his forces were quite expansive.  

Due to recent events, it was inconvenient for Liu Qingyang to leave the Golden Dragon Gate, so he sent several Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm subordinate disciples to accompany Sun Jinqiang and deal with ‘Tang Hong.’

In Liu Qingyang’s opinion, a few Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm disciples were more than sufficient to deal a mere Fifth Order Tang Hong.

Those subordinate disciples were about to make quick work of 'Tang Hong', but were stopped by Sun Jinqiang.

“Killing you doesn't require my Grandfather to move even a finger.” Sun Jinqiang clasped his hands behind his back with contempt in his eyes, “Tang Hong, you’re overestimating yourself too much. At the Golden Dragon City’s restaurant, I’ve stated that I’m going to chop your d*ck into dust. Are you ready?”

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze turned frosty, a palm lightly tapped the little cow’s head. Xiaoniū responded by approaching Sun Jinqiang in a lazy trot.

Watching Huang Xiaolong coming toward him on the little cow, Sun Jinqiang was inwardly confused, his brows subconsciously wrinkled. An inexplicable feeling of unease suddenly rose in his heart, rapidly growing stronger.


“All of you, quickly kill that kid!” Sun Jinqiang shouted in panic to the disciples behind him.

The group of disciples was dumbfounded, kill?

Earlier, on the way here, Sun Jinqiang had repeatedly told them to first capture this ‘Tang Hong’. Even though they were doubtful, they didn't think too much about it and lunged forward. 

Facing the group of disciples lunging at them, the little cow didn’t even raise an eyelid, it directly lifted a front hoof and stretched a few times. Every time its front hoof extended, a figure would be sent flying.

In the blink of an eye, other than Sun Jinqiang, the rest plummeted into the sea below.

Sun Jinqiang’s face lost all color watching the disciples his Grandfather sent to him fall into the sea, filled with disbelief. 

In this brief moment, Huang Xiaolong, riding on the little cow was already standing in front of Sun Jinqiang. 

“Tang, Tang Hong.” Sun Jinqiang spoke with much difficulty.

This Tang Hong actually obtained such a powerful mount? No wonder he was fearless even after seeing them.

At this moment, Sun Jinqiang regretted. He regretted his Grandfather’s absence, otherwise, with his Grandfather’s Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm strength, as powerful as Tang Hong’s mount was, he would have nothing to fear.

“No, don’t kill me!” Sun Jinqiang blurted out, his eyes dilated in fear.

Sun Jinqiang wanted to say more, but the little cow’s front hoof kicked him without mercy, sending him into the sea below like the others.

Sun Jinqiang felt great pain in his chest that gradually turned into numbness where the little cow’s hoof landed. He could hear the sound of his ribs breaking reverberating in his ears.

However, this was only the beginning.

Sun Jinqiang got the air knocked out of him as his back struck the water. Due to his position, he saw the little cow descending toward him, with a sturdy cow leg stomping on his chest…

Sun Jinqiang screamed in agonizing pain.

The little cow’s second kick pierced a hole through his chest, shattering his internal organs. Sun Jinqiang felt as if his eyeballs were going to burst from the intense pain.

“Tang Hong, don’t dream of returning to the Golden Dragon Gate if you kill me! My Grandfather will torture you to vent his wrath if I die!” Sun Jianqiang tried his best to deter Huang Xiaolong.

“You should be glad your Grandfather isn’t here today.” Huang Xiaolong finally spoke.

Glad? Sun Jinqiang was confused. 

Before he understood what Huang Xiaolong meant, the little cow’s lifted its front hoof and stomped down hard on his lower body.

This time, Sun Jinqiang’s whole body screamed in silence. His complexion turned purple and his mouth wide open.

“We should end this already.” Huang Xiaolong said to the little cow.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, the little cow moved its raised hoof several centimetres up and stomped down Sun Jinqiang’s head instead, instantly killing him.

The little cow subsequently went to kill the rest of the group.

Huang Xiaolong collected all the spatial rings and sped away with the little cow.

Roughly an hour later, Golden Dragon Gate disciples from Big Cloudy Island found Sun Jinqiang’s half-mutilated corpse.

“You’re so ruthless, be careful or no one will want to marry you in the future.” Above the Endless Sea, Huang Xiaolong suddenly uttered such a sentence to the little cow.

“You’re the one who told me to loosen my muscles.” The little cow retorted, rolling its cow eyes.

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, inwardly thinking ‘I told you to loosen your muscles but I did not say you should be so savage.’

Time flowed as the two traveled onward. Nine days came and went.

“The Nefarious Devil Island is up ahead.” Huang Xiaolong shifted his gaze from the map in his hands to the large island floating above the sea in the distance.

In fact, there were several big and small mountains hovering around the Nefarious Devil Island. These odd, almost grotesque looking mountains, and the large cloud of black yin qi gathered above it gave the Nefarious Devil Island a daunting image.

Huang Xiaolong reminded the little cow to hide its aura as the two of them cautiously ventured close. At the same time, Huang Xiaolong opened his Eye of Hell and spread out his divine sense, always checking his surroundings.

Though he had the protection of Bing Jiuyi, according to the information he had gathered previously, the Nefarious Devil Tribe was far stronger than the Golden Dragon Gate.

Disregarding everything else, just the Nefarious Devil Tribe having four Ancient God Realm masters was more than enough to keep Huang Xiaolong on his toes as he approached the island.

It was a great relief to him when he passed through the several mountain peaks and safely stepped onto the island without suffering an attack from the locals.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow further converged their presence, venturing deeper while Huang Xiaolong maintained a vigil watch of his surroundings.

They were most likely at the edge of the northern side, which was a wilderness. Most of the Nefarious Devil Tribe population gathered at the center and the south side of the island.

This Nefarious Devil Island was much larger than Dralion Island. After contemplating his plans from here on, Huang Xiaolong decided to have Bing Jiuyi take care of the flying.

Else, with his and the little cow’s speed, it would take them two to three months to even see a Nefarious Devil tribesman.

Relying on the speed of Bing Jiuyi’s teleportation, eight days later, they finally came upon a Nefarious Devil Tribe settlement.

The Nefarious Devil Tribe had between four to five hundred large and small settlements such as this, with four great settlements amongst them. The head of these four great settlements were all Ancient God Realm masters.

After getting close to this settlement, Huang Xiaolong sent the little cow to the Xumi Temple for safety, while he himself altered his physical appearance to that of a Nefarious Devil tribesman before entering the town.

Appearance-wise, the Nefarious Devil Tribe slightly resembled an ape, with a height of at least ten meters. They were wicked by nature, thus all tribesmen exuded a sinister aura from head to toe, especially their eyes that glimmered like blood-red flames.

Because the Nefarious Devil Gold Core could only be found in their ancestral burial ground, Huang Xiaolong covertly inquired for related information.

After a couple of days of information gathering, Huang Xiaolong finally determined the exact location of the Nefarious Devil Tribe’s ancestral burial ground.

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