973 – Fate Isn’t a Cabbage by the Roadside

Chapter 973 – Fate Isn’t a Cabbage by the Roadside


As the gate opened, the auras all around Divine Emperor Peak abruptly became weird.

Countless feverish streams of aura and power began to circulate silently.

Everyone’s eyes gleamed with a scorching radiance and their face revealed an expression of insanity.

Although everyone and every force knew very well that behind the gate could be a world of killing and death, in which danger lurked everywhere and nine out of every ten people who entered would die, nobody was willing to hang back regardless. Even those experts who had only come to watch the fun and did not have any intention of actually participating in the scrambling for opportunities found it difficult to control their inner ambitions at this time, becoming eager to give it a shot.

A few figures began to calmly draw near to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor on Divine Emperor Peak.

Despite the presence of a Quasi-emperor who, if provoked, could instantly kill tens of thousands of Saints, these experts’ inner desires had been aroused by the once in a lifetime sight of the Chaos Demon Emperor’s ruins in front of them, and they were thus unwilling to give up the chance of seizing a rare opportunity for themselves.

Their expressions became violent and savage at this moment.

Ye Qingyu could feel that things were not right around him.

After the Reincarnation Hall had completely descended, the surrounding universal and spatial laws changed and the atmosphere subtly reverted to near that of the primeval Fiendgod Age. Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that his bodily yuan qi was being inhibited and could not circulate with its usual smoothness, while his cultivation was gradually lowering. He believed that this condition was not just his alone but also that of all the experts around. After all, everyone’s cultivation had been developed in the same universe and thus would definitely be unadjusted for a different atmosphere and set of laws.

However, Ye Qingyu’s greatest battle strength lied in his sword will and physical body.

As such, these changes had a negligible effect on him and could even be taken as a good thing. Because everyone else’s battle strength had decreased and many contemporary Divine weapons and Saint weapons became completely unusable, his battle strength had effectively increased.

However, there was something which he felt was not quite right all this time.

Following the descent of the Reincarnation Hall, the demonic cruel qi in the air had become increasingly thick and was already insidiously affecting many people. Under its effect, the eyes of most experts had begun to give off a frenzied blood red radiance, and they were showing signs of gradually losing control of themselves.

This moreso confirmed Ye Qingyu’s earlier predictions and worries.

He had been afraid that the legendary Chaos Demon Emperor was no kind soul. This demonic cruel qi could make even the kindest of persons turn into a savage evil spirit. Besides, this was before the scramble had even begun. He dared not imagine the scenes after the experts had entered the Reincarnation Hall and started a full scramble.

Just then…


A beam of red flowing light.

As it appeared, it broke the delicate balance which the scene was in, and shot at lightning speed toward the gate.

It was a Demon Race Saint!

This occurrence immediately opened a Pandora’s box and gave every expert a heavy mental knock. The scene could no longer be kept calm.

Swish swish swish!

Rapid streaks of lightning cut across the Void.

Like startled geese, several hundred figures charged frenziedly toward the Reincarnation Hall.

These experts wanted to be the first to enter the Reincarnation Hall.

Ye Qingyu was inwardly surprised.

At that instant, he nearly followed suit and charged forth, but a strand of reason ultimately allowed him to restrain himself. He thus stood on the spot with his eyes fixed upon the gate.

It must be known that the murderous spirit emitted from these palaces was piercingly cold and terrifying to an extreme, such that even a Quasi-emperor would not be a hundred percent safe in trying to get in. Perhaps within the Reincarnation Hall could indeed be found an opportunity to become an Emperor, but it was certainly not going to be easy to enter.

“Hmph, what a bunch of fools who have no sense of danger and death. There’s no way that the Reincarnation Hall would be easy to enter.” In the distance, a pinnacle Saint whose body was surging with black demonic flames chuckled.

“Let these idiots serve as cannon fodder and break the forbidding formations of the Chaos Demon Emperor first. We’ll then walk in by trampling over their dead bodies,” another expert sneered in the dark sky.

Indeed, even if one was not annihilated by the murderous spirit surrounding the palaces, anyone with brains should be able to guess that there would be all kinds of strange and terrifying blockades set up within the Reincarnation Hall. After all, this being a legacy of a Martial Emperor, it would be a fake if it did not have any means of access restriction. Should one not understand its secrets and charge in hastily, one would be at risk of being instantly pulverized into smoke and powder and getting one’s soul destroyed by the prohibitive forces.

Everyone was waiting.

Waiting to hear the agonizing screams of this bunch of cannon fodder who entered impatiently, and to see the bursting out of blood mist.

However, none of these happened.

As the first figure entered through the gate under the gazes of countless pairs of eyes, not a single formation, prohibitive force, or ray of light was seen, and there was absolutely no response. Those experts who were first to charge up to the Reincarnation Hall did not face any impediment as they all entered the palaces without a hitch.

This greatly surprised all of the experts who were quietly watching from all around.

“No restrictions?”

“Did they really enter uninjured?”

“How is this possible!”

“They’re actually fine. Dammit, they’ve gotten a head start on us. Let’s hurry up and go!”

“We can’t afford to let slip an opportunity like this. Charge!”

Swish swish swish!

Streaks of brilliance filled the Void.

Nearly a thousand figures surged frenziedly toward the stone gate in succession.

Only a small minority remained unmoved in the Void and did not blindly follow in. They stood where they were, hoping to see if any strange change would yet occur.

A moment later.

All of the surging figures entered through the stone gate safely and unimpededly.

No screams of agony nor cries of alarm were heard from within the Reincarnation Hall.

No murderous spirit.

No aura of death befalling.

All there was was a quiet which could not be any stranger.

After passing through the stone gate, the figures quickly disappeared into the walkways behind.

At this time, several experts who were relatively more sensible started to become restless. Soon, another wave of experts and forces swarmed toward the gate. From afar, they resembled meteors shooting across the sky. It was impossible to tell how many experts had entered by now.


“Don’t let them beat us to it.”

“Anyone who obstructs me shall die!”

Some experts had gone mad.

Having fallen a step behind, they had to speed up and give chase, or otherwise, they could very well miss out on an opportunity for themselves.

However, there were some people, including the [White Jade Capital] successor, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy], the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, and the Four Stars holy girl, who remained standing where they were and did not follow in. They were hesitant and seemed somewhat fearful.

“Senior… what should we do now?” Ye Qingyu asked in secret.

Having seen so many experts enter the Reincarnation Hall, it was impossible for his heart to not develop at least some impatience. Nevertheless, he had a persistent feeling that something was not right.

“Don’t worry. Going in now is as good as courting death.” The million-year-old soul’s voice was most assertive.

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu relaxed at once.

The million-year-old soul had incorporated a Chaos Demon Heart and knew many deep secrets regarding the Chaos Demon Emperor. Hence, his judgment could definitely be trusted.

To one side, Hu Bugui had also grown a little anxious, but seeing that Ye Qingyu remained as still as a mountain, he vaguely understood something and continued to wait patiently while carrying Nan Tieyi on his back.

Instead, it was the silly dog who barked impatiently while leaping up and down on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. “Woof, let’s hurry in, or the treasures will soon all be grabbed by these assholes! Just look at them behaving like beggars entering a city. Once they’ve searched through the place, we mightn’t even get a mouthful of soup to drink… Woof woof, quick!”

With that, it intended to charge forth.

However, Ye Qingyu caught hold of its tail and dragged it back.

Out of impatience, it bared its canines before biting hold of Ye Qingyu’s hand...

As time passed, more and more experts charged into the stone gate frantically.

The Reincarnation Hall remained strangely quietly in front of the crowd, as if it was an ordinary divine temple which had opened its gate wide to all beings.

Finally, after fifteen minutes.


The figure of a pinnacle Great Saint charged forth.

“It’s the [Blazing Devil Monarch]!” Someone in the Void cried out in alarm upon recognizing the figure.

The [Blazing Devil Monarch] once ruled several large Demon Race domains and possessed countless battle achievements which had caused huge waves among the myriad domains. This genuine powerhouse had been ridiculing the experts who hastily entered through the stone gate, yet at this time, he could no longer sit still and thus turned into a beam of flowing light which shot toward the stone gate.

After he entered, a few genuine Great Saint experts who had been hiding in the Void also could not wait any longer and swiftly turned into streaks of flowing light which swept toward the gate.

At this time, Hu Bugui also began to reveal a tinge of anxiety.

The opportunity of a Martial Emperor only came about once in a thousand years. As such, given how near it was, it was difficult for one to watch on helplessly as others scrambled for it. “Little  Ye Qingyu, perhaps it’s time for us to head in too. It won’t be long before the good stuff in there have all been taken.” Eager to get started, Hu Bugui rubbed his firsts and wiped his palms. In truth, being a chief bandit, his passion for snatching things had been fully kindled already. That he had been able to restrain himself until now was already pushing him to his limits. If it was not for Ye Qingyu’s persuasion, he would probably have charged in long ago.

“That’s right, woof woof, we won’t even get soup if we go in any later.” The silly dog loosened its mouth and chimed in impatiently.

To one side, Ye Qingyu did not know how to explain things. After thinking briefly, he pinched the silly dog’s mouth shut before saying, “Don’t worry, elder brother Hu Bugui. Opportunity is about fate, which isn’t a cabbage or a radish by the roadside. It doesn’t mean that whoever enters first will be able to get hold of it… Don’t worry, we shall wait for a while longer.”

The silly dog broke free furiously and howled, “Woof, nonsense… this is pissing me off. If we don’t enter and fight for it, it won’t show itself to us… huhuhu.” Before it had finished speaking, its mouth was sealed by Ye Qingyu, causing it to become so angry that the white fur all over its body stood on end.

However, Hu Bugui ultimately decided to listen to Ye Qingyu and continue waiting.

After all, Ye Qingyu had behaved rather mysteriously during the search for the Reincarnation Hall, as if he was in possession of some secret information. It was because his actions had been practically errorless that he was able to bring the party here successfully.

After another while, the million-year-old soul’s voice rang out once more.

“Hmm, alright, it’s about time.”

It’s about time?

What does this mean?

But Ye Qingyu had no time to ask in detail.

Just then, a burst of power, strange like no other, suddenly erupted from the Reincarnation Hall in the distance. Visible light waves swept out in all directions from the giant palaces and spread to every part of the Clear River Domain.


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