Imperial God Emperor

Imperial God Emperor

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Warring Blades (乱世狂刀)
Ye Qingyu, since the death of his parents four years ago, has been laughed at by the entire Deer city. Little does people know, he has just been biding his time for the entire four years. With the White Deer academy selection just around the corner, can he shut the mouths of all those who have laughed at him? Join Ye Qingyu in his journey to solve the mystery behind his family death and to reclaim the Ye family property!
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4 years ago
You might not be aware, but this novel is part of a tetralogy, consisting of Hail the King (good novel), Supreme Emperor of Swords, The Divine Martial Stars and of course, Imperial God Emperor, which is the third book written. The story is extremely enjoyable, the MC's past being a mystery for most of the novel. It continuously introduces new plots along the way, some of them not being detailed here but being clues or references to the series.

Moreover, remember that you do not have to read the other 3 novels, it can also be read as a stand-alone story, but I would also recommend Hail the King, especially for Diablo lovers.

Don't miss this novel, you will not regret it.

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4 years ago
Not recommended
I dropped this novel because of one terrible annoying character and the author's determination to make that character a persistent and integral part of the story.

I need a hundred words so i guess i'll complain a little more. This annoying character should have never made it past the second arc at best. I don't even care about their fate, i just wished they had been forgotten like the many other much more interesting plot threads. Not only does this character stick around past their expiration date, but they manage to somehow keep up with or surpass the MC and influence the overall plot, at least that was the case until i dropped this like Brenda's baby.

3 years ago
Not recommended
Dropped at 500ish chapters in.

I was actually quite enjoying it. Translation is high quality, prose is adequate. Yeah its full of tropes but that's what you read these for anyway. Characters had some personality, not a masterpiece by any means but enjoyable. There is one reoccurring character that's like, why do you still exist but overall fine. I quite liked the few league of legends references, much less blatant and overt than the Diablo one the author wrote (Hail the King).

However, the resolution to the first overarching arc (happened around where I dropped it) is just such a huge flop that it killed any attempt to further read it. I consider myself pretty flexible when it comes to suspension of disbelief, but the big reveal and resulting conclusion is just so mind numbly dumb. Plot holes bigger than you can imagine, illogical actions, characters set up to be something just disappearing. It was an ambitious attempt by the author to tie it all together, and if it worked, it would have been really cool I'll give them that. But to have the build up be for that flop feels really bad. Worst part is MC isn't even integral to the resolution, it kinda just happens around him. Just unfortunate

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4 years ago

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