972 – Descent of the Demon Emperor’s Divine Palace

Chapter 972 – Descent of the Demon Emperor’s Divine Palace


The countless experts who were present were each either a Heaven’s prideling from one of the myriad domains, a top level expert, or an old creature which had lived for thousands of years. The beings which hid in the dark and did not want to show themselves were also pinnacle beings among the myriad domains, whether in their innate strength or in their cultivation and mind, and had experienced countless strange universal phenomena. As such, they had long grown indifferent to strange situations. Nevertheless, at this moment, most of their expressions began to change into that of excitement, wild joy, shock, thrill, stupefaction, or forbearance. It was as if their hearts had involuntarily been tugged by that vast and powerful near-material force, and abruptly tightened and palpitated as a result.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

All he felt was that his body seemed to be tugged by that mysterious and terrifying attraction force in the black hole, as if his inner yuan qi and divine spirit were being taken away. Immediately sensing that things were not right, he began to work up the nameless breathing technique and operated his yuan qi so as to stabilize his own figure.

To one side, Hu Bugui, who was carrying Nan Tieyi, felt no disturbance as he had an emperor qi tile to protect him. In the heavens, the experts from all races each revealed a smile.

“The Reincarnation Hall is about to descend. Seems like the legend is true… An opportunity to become Emperor has reappeared in this world, and this probably means that an imperial age is about to come and create a new period of prosperity.” There was a tinge of delight in the Four Stars holy girl’s pretty eyes while her body gave off a silverish moonlight and her clothes fluttered, reminding one of Xuannü from the abode of Immortals.

To one side, the Third Prince of the Mizar Race, Yin Kaishan, was also looking excited, and his eyes were bursting with a brilliance as bright as the sun.


A distressed cry was suddenly heard from among the crowd.

Seized with fear, experts from many parties looked over at where the voice was coming from, only to see a figure frenziedly struggling before his body suddenly exploded into blood mist and smoke.

It was a Demon Race expert of the half step Saint realm.


It seemed that his strength and cultivation were insufficient to withstand the terrifying power generated by the descent of the Reincarnation Hall, and his body thus exploded from the pressure felt. More strangely, the blood mist which erupted from his dead body was absorbed by a mysterious power and drifted toward the deep black hole in the sky, into which it then disappeared in a twinkling.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was shocked.

The death of this half step Demon Saint was very odd.

But, the next moment…


“Quickly retreat… Ugh!”

“What… power is this, I...”

Screams of agony were heard in succession from all over Divine Emperor Peak.

Like the half step Demon Saint, dozens of experts exploded with thumping noises like that of a hammer striking a watermelon before their yuan essence, blood qi, and corpses turned into a skyful of blood mist which was drawn by an invisible mysterious power toward the black hole and instantly entered within.

Subsequently, as wisps of blood mist which contained the yuan essence of Saint realm experts poured in, the black hole became increasingly big and frightening, as if it wanted to tear the heavens into fragments.

“Retreat quickly.”

Terribly startled, everyone hurriedly retreated.

Nobody could understand how exactly these experts died, because the dead victims ranged from not so strong pinnacle Immortal Step realm experts to veteran pinnacle Saints. It was a little frightening to see them burst without warning or resistance into blood mist, and so, for a time, everyone retreated one after another. Even the Heaven’s pridelings, including the Four Stars holy girl and the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy], no longer dared to go near the space around Divine Emperor Peak.

Ye Qingyu was also greatly alarmed to see that the experts around Divine Emperor Peak were exploding and perishing in endless succession.

What’s going on?

It felt as if an invisible grim reaper was taking names, and whosever’s name was taken would die. The blood, essence, and yuan qi of the dead would then turn into some kind of mysterious power and flow into the frightening black vortex. As time passed, the black hole doubled in size every time it contorted, and, in the blink of an eye, it had grown to one hundred meters in diameter, emitting an even more terrifying power from within.

Fortunately, this did not persist for too long.

Soon later, no more experts died.

As the black hole in the Void gradually diffused, another change occurred. A piercing beam of light suddenly shot out from the hole. It was a bright red brilliance that shone all over the land.

Dazzling like no other, it rendered the ordinary Saint realm experts unable to look straight.

For a time, the terrifying aura from within the black hole became ever more distinct.

“Why… why does this look like an eye...” Hu Bugui mumbled.

“I also feels like… it’s an eye beam which has shot through the black hole.” Ye Qingyu felt extremely weirded out.

The blood light that shot out from the black hole was a spitting image of an eye beam incessantly shooting out from a giant eyeball and overlooking the land. Moreover, at the instant when the blood light first shot out, Ye Qingyu felt an incomparably magnificent power flowing out from the other end of the black hole.

This vast, boundless power surged like a wave and incited a level of fear which way surpassed that of the appearing of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

Countless experts near to Divine Emperor Peak shuddered profusely.

In front of such power, even pinnacle Great Saints would be frightened and feel as tiny as a speck of dust, or as if they were insects facing a giant dragon.

“Could this be… an eye of the Chaos Demon Emperor?”

Ye Qingyu guessed that only a Martial Emperor would possess the power to suppress a Quasi-emperor’s might.

Meanwhile, some foreign experts not too far away cried out in alarm.

“There seems to be a figure in the black hole!”

“This is too scary...”

“What’s going on? This eye beam… the Chaos Demon Emperor isn’t dead, is his real body… about to appear?!”

“Impossible! He disappeared a million years ago!”

It was a nameless Great Saint expert who refuted.

Although this was what he said, the expression on his face began to reveal some hesitation.

This was because there was indeed a blurry figure in the black hole, gradually appearing and becoming clearer. It gave one the feeling that a supreme being was standing in a different world within the black hole while overlooking this stretch of the universe and its beings, and could arrive in this world by breaking through the black hole at any time.

On the west side of Divine Emperor Peak in the distance.

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] stood up and walked out from the war chariot. She was dressed in a red gauze long dress and had a head of black hair which smacked of a waterfall, while her entire body was shrouded by a rich black mist. She was gorgeous like no other and infinitely enchanting and seductive.

“Huh… This isn’t right, a burst of power has befallen and is changing the world… how is this possible? It… has even changed the universal power of laws. Is the power of the Chaos Demon Emperor really so frightening?”

She could not help marveling as a dash of light suddenly flashed across her beautiful eyes.

By this time, everyone present had sensed that the power of laws in this stretch of the universe had changed. It felt as if time was frantically reversing and everything was returning to the primeval age. The energy within the universe had become turbulent and frenzied, and even the demonic cruel qi had begun to change. A tempest surged wildly in the Void, creating widespread chaos. The entire world seemed to be returning to its earliest state.

Everyone was stupefied.

There was mass silence throughout the universe.

Just then…

“Start killing… hohohoho!”

An icy and merciless laughter was heard from within the black hole. It seemed to be brimming with derision and pity for all life, as if the supreme king of the netherworld was overlooking all creation and issuing an order with indubitably superlative dignity. Its aura fluctuation, which seemed as vast and boundless as the universe itself, shook the souls of every expert present, who appeared to be instantly petrified. They felt that they were facing a ghastly, world destroying fieldgod, and their minds trembled wildly for it.

Ye Qingyu’s heart was more so pounding in unprecedented horror and his mind was a complete blank. His bodily power seemed to become unrestrainable and his battle intent involuntarily soared to the limits.

As the voice dissipated, a new change took place.

A giant black dot emerged from the vortex black hole in the heavens.

It gradually descended and eventually turned into a palace complex which was black throughout. Like an ancient stone city of primeval ancestors, it was incomparably primitive and had a wildness and demonicness about it. It cast a shadow across the land as it fell with a booming noise onto Divine Emperor Peak, which was rocked so badly that it seemed like it could collapse at any time.

“It’s a palace...” Still tremoring inwardly, Ye Qingyu subconsciously commented on the scene in front of his eyes.

Could this be the legendary Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor?

It’s finally here?

Under the watch of countless pairs of eyes, the lofty, massive black palace complex, which resembled a spiraling divine dragon, landed steadily on Divine Emperor Peak.

Mysterious, forbidding, authoritative, terrifying!

There were no words which could fully describe the exterior appearance of this palace complex.

It seemed as if it had existed in a different world among the vast universe since the beginning of time, and only arrived here after having gone through tens of millions of years of chaos.

Standing in the Void, Ye Qingyu raised his head and looked up. He felt that these palaces had taken up his entire field of vision, and, in comparison, he was as tiny and insignificant as a speck of dust.

He had personally seen and comprehended the fieldgod handwriting of a Martial Emperor in the suspicious palaces of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, the giant chaotic cities and the [Infinite Arsenal]. Nevertheless, the palace complex in front of him still caused his heart to churn and shocked him immensely.

From afar, it could be seen that every palace was dozens of kilometers in height, and its model and lines extremely primitive and undetailed. The coarseness of the surface texture suggested that each palace had been weathered over the passing of time. Although these palaces could not be considered exquisite, they gave off a fiendgod aura which was deeply mysterious and full of vicissitudes. The rocks which they were made up of were jet black and somewhat similar to the material of the Storm Platform. They were not only glossy but also had a slight metallic texture, while releasing an evil blood demonic qi which was boundless and terrifying. As a whole, these palaces gave the impression that anyone who drew near would be minced into pieces by the all destructive murderous spirit within.

The appearance of the Reincarnation Hall shook the minds of countless experts.

However, everyone remained where they were, and nobody dared to be the first one to rush at it.

They were waiting and observing.

At this moment.

Ba boom!

A heaven shocking thunderclap cracked from the Reincarnation Hall.

Under the watch of countless pairs of eyes, the periphery of the giant palace complex suddenly burst out a huge and abstruse black brilliance.

A black stone gate which was nearly a kilometer tall gradually opened on its own in front of everyone.

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