971 – You Ain’t Fit to Have a Share

Chapter 971 – You Aren’t Fit to Have a Share


The divine-armored man laughed proudly, “Throughout the Human Race of the Vast Thousand Domains, there is no one among the younger generation whom I, Xia Yubing, am unable to persuade.”

Although there was a considerable arrogance in his words, no one who heard him would have thought that he was talking big even if they were extremely shocked. The [Carefree Marquis] Xia Yubing was also a name which awed the Vast Thousand Domains. As a personal disciple of the highest elder of the Carefree Sect, he was once a supreme talent equal in fame to the Third Prince of the Mizar Race and the Saint Child of the Divine Sky Sect. Rumor had it that even the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was defeated by him before. To everyone’s surprise, he became a follower of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy], and a rather devout one at that.

“You think I can’t persuade him?” Xia Yubing laughed grimly. “Who is he?”

“The [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu, who’s also the third deputy of the Human Race and a Human descendant supported by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].” The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] smiled faintly. “Now, do you think you can persuade him?”

“It’s him?” Xia Yubing’s countenance changed.

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] smiled without saying a word.

After a brief shock, Xia Yubing rapidly displayed yet another face of arrogance. “So what if he’s the third deputy? I shall now go capture him and make him kneel in front of you and accept any demand of yours. Only this way will you understand my feelings for you.”

With that, he got ready to take action.

“Take it easy.” The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] reached a hand out to hold him back. As her fair, sparkling, and tender hand fell on Xia Yubing’s wrist, it seemed to transmit a magical power which immediately caused the insufferably haughty [Carefree Marquis] to be rooted to the spot.

Giving off a musk and orchid aroma, this peerlessly beautiful woman smiled coquettishly with a slight displeasure, “Alright alright, brother Xia Yubing, I know your abilities are unparalleled such that no one from the younger generation among the Vast Thousand Domains can compete with you. Heehee, I was just joking earlier. How could I ever fancy that murderous fiend? You think too much, brother Xia Yubing. Heehee, with the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor about to descend, it’s best to avoid unnecessary trouble. It shall be up to you what kind of opportunity we’re able to obtain this time. After we’ve gotten our hands on an opportunity, you may then find an excuse to squash him like a bug if you still find him an eyesore.”

For a moment after hearing this, Xia Yubing felt as if the entire world was disappearing.

As he looked at the pretty little hand holding on to his wrist and felt its warm touch, he felt that his soul had left his body. He could not believe that he was making physical contact with the goddess of his dreams, and this feeling… He would have zero regrets even if he was to die in front of this girl immediately.

“Heehee, brother Xia Yubing, what’s the matter? You look dazed and all silly...” The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] retracted her hand composedly and flipped her hair back before returning to her seat in the war chariot.

“Ugh… I’m fine.” Xia Yubing regained his senses with his heart still thumping wildly. “Don’t worry, with my [Carefree Cavalry] around, all opponents who want to contend with you for the emperor opportunity will be stamped out to ensure that you’re completely safe.”

Had anyone seen the [Carefree Marquis] acting like this, their eyes would probably pop out.

Was this still the [Carefree Marquis] Xia Yubing who traversed various large domains and was infamous for his cruelty and apathy?

“Thank you, brother Xia Yubing.” The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] grinned. Every action she made was extremely fascinating, and this was why she had been able to manipulate the [Carefree Marquis]. Although she appeared sweet and gentle, the very depths of her eyes concealed a tinge of frostiness. Before she had finished speaking, she suddenly detected something which caused her countenance to change slightly. “Huh? She’s actually here as well?”

The same words popped up in many people’s minds at this time.

This was because, at some unknown time, a supremely beautiful woman, wearing a white palace long dress, had appeared in the heavens to the northeast. Like a spotless pile of white and silver snow, she stood alone on the spot, with her figure graceful to an extreme. Unfortunately, a silver veil colored her face such that her looks could not be seen clearly. Nevertheless, just based on her figure and temperament, it was easy to tell that she was a peerless beauty.

In the distance, Ye Qingyu, who was by now already hiding among the crowd in midair, also took notice of this incomparably beautiful girl at once. “Such temperament… can only mean that she’s the successor of the legendary [White Jade Capital]. It’s said that she holds the secret to longevity. Who would’ve thought that she would turn up in this land of trouble as well? Is she not afraid of being attacked?” Although he had never seen the [White Jade Capital] successor before, he immediately guessed that this peerless beauty wearing a white palace long dress must be her, for only a sect which held the secret to longevity could have groomed a woman of such fine temperament.

Her aura was completely different from that of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy].

A moment later.

Ripples formed in the sky again.

A duo of opposite genders appeared. The male was peerlessly handsome and resembled a war god, while the female possessed an absolutely beautiful figure and an otherworldly temperament. Both of them were perfect to a fault and a complete match for each other, bringing to mind a love couple which was a match made in heaven. In little time, they became the center and focus of this part of the universe which stretched several hundred kilometers. Even the splendors of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] and the [White Jade Capital] successor were taken away by them.

It was the Four Stars holy girl and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race.

As soon as they appeared, many people went up and respectfully greeted them.

The disparity became apparent. Although both the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] and the [White Jade Capital] successor were well-known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains, their rises were fairly recent and so the crowd merely revered or coveted them from afar, while no one went up to converse with them. Instead, the Four Stars Sect and the Mizar Race were premier, super large sects which each possessed a deep culture and widespread influence, and so the holy girl and the Third Prince became the center of the crowd as soon as they appeared.

Naturally, Ye Qingyu also took notice of them.

Earlier on in the 18th district  of the Black Demon Abyss, he had formed a mutual enmity with the Four Stars holy girl and fought with her again after getting out of there. He had all along suspected that the Four Stars Sect was being supported by the Black Moon Immortal Palace but had no evidence for this. Moreover, as he was troubled by other matters, he did not have the time to investigate this. A killing intent flashed across his heart involuntarily when he saw her again on this day.

However, he ultimately restrained his impulse to take immediate action.

The first reason was because he did not want Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi beside him to be implicated, while the second reason was because his intention was to help the million-year-old soul find something, and did not want there to be unnecessary trouble. It would not be too late to settle things slowly on another day.

He believed that although the holy girl did not look at him, she definitely had spotted him and was just pretending otherwise.

“This woman is very scheming and crafty. I must be careful after entering the Reincarnation Hall, and must make her taste the feeling of being plotted against if I ever get a chance. However, the Third Prince of the Mizar Race beside her has unfathomable cultivation and unparalleled battle strength, and won’t be so easy to handle.” He kept his cool and thought inwardly.

The next moment.

More and more figures appeared all across the sky.

Ye Qingyu saw many more famous personalities who awed the Vast Thousand Domains.

Among them was a handsome young man who caused a small stir upon appearing and was apparently not of humble origin. However, he kept looking toward Ye Qingyu with undisguised provocation and killing intent in his eyes. This was surprising to Ye Qingyu who did not recognize this person.

“Are you Ye Qingyu?” The young man stomped across the Void as he looked at Ye Qingyu.

Unsure of the reason for such hostility, Ye Qingyu frowned.

“This place is where the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor will descend. A person like you has no right to be here.” Snorting, the young man looked at Ye Qingyu as if looking at a dead person while speaking with extraordinary arrogance. “I’d never thought you’d dare to turn up. Looks like you’re braver than I thought… However, you aren’t fit to have a share of the divine treasures of the Demon Emperor. There’s still time for me to kill you before going after those treasures.”

“The last person to say something like that to me is already six feet underground.” Ye Qingyu retorted sarcastically.

Although he did not know how this young man’s hostility came about, he did not mind killing one or two more Heaven’s pridelings who did not know what was good for themselves.

The atmosphere became tense at once.

Countless pairs of eyes looked toward these two people.

The Four Stars holy girl more so wore a faint smile on her face without saying anything.

Just as a large fight was about to begin, a strange change occurred in the heavens.

The dense clouds within a circumference of several hundred kilometers abruptly rolled up and became increasingly vast and thick. Then, as though they were being attracted by some kind of mysterious force, they surged in waves toward Divine Emperor Peak, where they gathered and covered the sun and sky, forming a huge shadow over the mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. The air pressure in the Void became higher and higher until the air seemed to stop circulating, creating an impression that a powerful force was compressing it into a half-transparent state that resembled melted crystals.

A compression force like this was already not what an ordinary Immortal Step realm expert could withstand.

“This is… the strange change which indicates that the Reincarnation Hall is about to appear.”

“It’s indeed going to be here!”

“Hahaha… it’s been a long time waiting!”

The experts all around burst into wild joy.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui stood shoulder to shoulder by the side and exchanged glances which contained some excitement. They watched as the air circulation in the Void became extremely difficult and the pressure grew increasingly heavy before a gigantic cloud vortex appeared in everyone’s sight.

Lead-colored clouds spun frenziedly within the turbulently distorting cloud vortex, while dense flames radiated explosively in all directions, instantly shattering the Void barriers. Countless streaks of electricity continually tore through the layers of cloud and struck the Void below, causing a series of booming noises which were powerful enough to shake the earth and sounded as though innumerable ancient giant beasts were struggling within the Void while roaring and galloping.

A pitch black and seemingly unfathomable black hole suddenly formed at the centermost of the vortex, giving the impression that the vortex had suddenly opened its giant black mouth to urgently devour this entire part of the universe.

Billows of thick and terrifying Black Demon qi spewed and surged out from the black hole.

It was as though an all destructive power had burst out and diffused from the cloud vortex.

This was a scene terrifying like no other.

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