970 You Can’t Persuade Him

Chapter 970 – You Can’t Persuade Him


For some time, nobody else dared to challenge the trio.

Quite a while later, a scornful laughter was suddenly heard from the distant sky.

A young man with messy dull yellow hair emerged from the foggy clouds, with his feet stepping on chaotic clouds, his hands crossed, his fingers looking as thin as bird claws, and his face full of an unbridled arrogance. He lowered his head to look downward with a profound expression in his eyes, then said disdainfully, “Hoho, to think the Human Race little bug from the Taowu Mountain Ridge has learned to flaunt his prowess like that. Interesting!”

Countless pairs of eyes quickly turned toward this young man, but by the next instant, they all looked extremely fearful.

Ye Qingyu squinted his eyes slightly.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit.

Never thought he’d appear as well.

Back then, the Sinful Pit occupied one of the Doors of Darkness on the Taowu Mountain Ridge in the Black Demon Abyss, and he was one of the Heaven’s pridelings who successfully escaped alive. It’s believed that he obtained a supreme opportunity in the 18th district and has since been cultivating hard in the Sinful Pit, and thus has rarely shown himself recently. Who would’ve thought that he’d appear here at this time? But on second thought, a top-level force like the Sinful Pit certainly has vast sources of information and surely would’ve gotten wind of the matter in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, which has caused a stir far and wide. Looks like he already has some cultivation attainments, and now intends to snatch another opportunity from the Reincarnation Hall.

Ye Qingyu snorted.

He was not afraid of the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit when he was on Taowu Mountain Ridge, and was all the more not going to be afraid today.

However, after what the Young Lord said about him, many people now looked at Ye Qingyu with a strange expression in their eyes. After all, there were not many people who could make the Young Lord remember them, and even fewer people who could make him say something like this. Some people began to realize that they might have been mistaken.

“He’s Ye Qingyu.” Someone cried out in a low voice upon recognizing Ye Qingyu’s identity.

And he was not the only one who recognized the latter.

Everyone’s countenance changed at once.

The [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu was certainly not unknown, and had become an eminent, supreme Heaven’s prideling during this period of time. At first, the crowd did not associate the powerful white-robed young man with the name [Ice Sword Killing God], but after hearing what a few people said, they took another look at him and could immediately confirm his identity without a doubt.

White clothes, black hair, as handsome as jade.

Together with the peerless sword light he displayed when killing the master of the little brass pagoda, all of these perfectly fit the description of the [Ice Sword Killing God]. Who else but that legendary Human Race rascal could possess such temperament and cultivation?

At once, the people who were already in fear and awe of Ye Qingyu drew even further away from him.

Furthermore, several people who had held their ground firmly no longer dared to look straight at Ye Qingyu, afraid of provoking this fiend.

After all, the words [Ice Sword Killing God] was no cuter in meaning than “the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit”. Both referred to fierce and wicked beings who were said to have killed many people. Each of them was no kind person and was instead an extremely terrifying lunatic whom nobody in their right mind would provoke.

For a time, the surrounding atmosphere was somewhat strange.

Just then, a bout of heavenly music drifted by and caught everyone’s attention.

A mix of divine chime and drum roll sounded throughout the world in a tone beautiful like no other. At first, it was extremely faint and seemed to spatter down from the palace in heaven, causing anyone who heard it to feel as though they had transformed into an Immortal and was treading on air. Later, as the music became increasingly clear and the heavens to the northwest tremored, auspicious purple clouds arrived tumblingly, while it could vaguely be seen that divine war chariots, horses, and divine knights holding Immortal flags and banners were coming soaring through the sky.

Everyone was stunned.

Who are these people?

Everyone hurriedly retreated.

Could they be from the ancient super forces which are said to be hiding in the dark?

Their momentum was certainly a little alarming, as though an Immortal king was touring the world.

In a twinkling, the purple clouds vaporized and suspended in the air above the ruins of the Immortal God Emperor Sect.

Among the tumbling clouds, a magnificent war chariot could be indistinctly seen in the middle of the cluster of divine beast mounts being urged to move by the divine knights riding them. Through the auspicious purple clouds, one could vaguely see a beautiful fairy reclining lazily in the war chariot.

“It’s the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy]!”

Someone could not help exclaiming upon realizing something.

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was a supreme female talent who had emerged in recent times, and, together with the [White Jade Capital] successor, the Four Stars holy girl, and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, was called the Four Bright Pearls of the Vast Thousand Domains, or four of the most splendid and beautiful flowers. Among them, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was the most famous, though this was not because her inheritance was the most illustrious or her strength was the greatest, but because she was the most extravagant and indulgent, and paid great attention to her appearance and display of splendor. Wherever she passed by, there would be an extreme amount of hype generated such that everyone would know of her coming and cast glances at her.

“There has long been news that the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] is coming to the Clear River Domain, and indeed so.”

“I’ve heard that this woman’s looks are considered supremely peerless and that she’s called a goddess. Many people fell inextricably in love with her at first sight and became willing to do anything for her, even if it meant betraying their sects, abandoning their families, or even dumping their wives just to get a whiff of her aroma. Some rumors even allege that she is a reincarnation of a former goddess, I wonder if that’s true or not.”

“She’s indeed beautiful. Just a blurred view of her figure already causes my heart to palpitate and gives me an impulse to chase her forever.”

“Such supreme looks. If I could just get a whiff of her aroma, then...”

“Hmph, is a disaster-causing demon who knows no sense of honor also fit to be called a fairy?”

Discussions were rife throughout.

Many people were aroused. Just like in the legends, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] possessed a strange power which could capture one’s soul, and even a look at her from afar gave one an impulse to rush over and kneel down beneath her long dress.

Fortunately, the people who could show up here today were all extremely strong and were able to restrain this impulse. But even so, most pairs of eyes were focused in the direction of the auspicious purple clouds.

The appearance of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was apparently even more sensational than that of the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, and this was mainly because there were too many legends about her, such that a layer of intrigue shrouded over her. In particular, the rumors regarding her beauty possessed great sensational effect, and so, for a time, countless pairs of eyes gazed at the woman on the war chariot among the auspicious purple clouds. Unfortunately, the mist hid half of her face, but nevertheless, it could be seen from the outline of her figure that she indeed possessed a heart-stirring charm.

Ye Qingyu also took a swift look.

Two women were mentioned in Tang Chong’s letter. Aside from the [White Jade Capital] successor, the other one was none other than this [Fatally Beautiful Fairy].

Ye Qingyu did not expect that, such a short time later, he would actually see this person in the flesh right here and now.

However, he simply took a casual glimpse and did not gain much of an impression. Aside from the slight sense of wonder he felt initially, he felt an increasing repulsion toward her for some reason. He vaguely felt that her manners were exaggerated and came with a nouveau riche vibe which was extremely frivolous.

More strangely, he had a persistent feeling that he had seen her somewhere before.

Time went by.

More and more people turned up.

Apart from the figures of experts from various races remaining still in the Void all around, Ye Qingyu could also clearly detect the presence of wafts of fierce, terrifying aura, suggesting that there were many more experts who were hiding in the dark and bracing themselves.

“That ain’t right, why would so many people be here? After the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] has also appeared. They probably aren’t here to see the ruins of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. This can’t be a coincidence. And there are more and more people around, could it...” As he pondered, he suddenly realized something.

Just then, the million-year-old soul’s voice rang out, “I’ve gained a clear sense of things. The site where the Chaos Demon Emperor’s Reincarnation Hall will descend is right here, within these one hundred kilometers… More people will soon appear, and we cannot remain standing here in the central zone, which will become the center of a vortex. Young one, bring your friends to find a safe place first.”

Ye Qingyu shuddered inwardly.

Is it indeed so?

The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor will actually descend on the site of the Immortal God Emperor Sect’s mountain gate?

Is it finally confirmed?

No wonder more and more people turned up, and even more old monsters are hiding in the dark. And perhaps even more terrifying experts whom I’m unable to detect have also arrived long ago. While quietly awestruck, he had a bad premonition that the Greater One Sect had arduously wiped out the Immortal God Emperor Sect and laid this place flat not simply to contend for hegemony of the Clear River Domain, and instead had something to do with the descent of the Reincarnation Hall. However, he was unable to guess what the relation was for the moment.

After taking a look at Nan Tieyi, who remained in a stupor, he sighed inwardly.

He quietly whispered to Hu Bugui before retreating to the periphery of the ruins.

The million-year-old soul was right. Standing at the centermost of the ruins had made them excessively conspicuous, such that every force had seen them upon arrival. This was not a good thing especially at this time, when, being exposed, they could easily have been beaten to death.

Many people had their sights fixed on the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] and did not take much notice of Ye Qingyu’s movements. However, within the war chariot among the purple auspicious clouds, the supremely elegant figure’s beautiful eyes were constantly gazing at Ye Qingyu as she thought about something, with a faint smile and a rather complicated expression on her face. “Are you considering whether to take in that little fellow?” Beside the war chariot, a young man in divine armor noticed this scene and thus asked jealously.

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] gave a faint smile and did not reply.

“If you fancy him, I’m willing to help you capture him and make him serve you,” the young man said, gnashing his teeth.

“You can’t persuade him.” The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] sighed with seemingly-infinite regret.

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