969 - There is no Liu Shaji on the world anymore

Chapter 969, There is no Liu Shaji on the world anymore

In a deep ditch that was filled with the stench of blood. 

“Swordsman Liu Shaji, why don't I carry you?” Bai Yuanxing suggested when he saw that Liu Shaji was severely wounded. 

He had come out of the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box].

Because Liu Shaji's injury was extremely serious, the force of darkness had invaded his body, and his yuan qi was disordered, he indeed needed a bit of support and Bai Yuanxing was the strongest among everyone in the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box]. Thus Bai Yuanxing volunteered to come out to help him.  

“If you carry me, none of us can escape.” Liu Shaji forced himself up with the support of a black boulder and said with a smile, “I can't escape, the Greater One Sect had come prepared this time, there are inescapable nets everywhere. The task of bringing the children out of here can only be handed to you.”

“Me...” Bai Yuanxing was taken aback. He vaguely understood what Liu Shaji meant. “Swordsman Liu Shaji, no, you can't give up. I'll carry you. You will be able to get out of here. Didn't you say that Master is already nearby? As long as we’re lucky and find Master, we will be safe. Master is now well-respected, the Greater One Sect certainly would not dare to make him their enemy."

The Master that Bai Yuanxing mentioned was naturally Ye Qingyu. 

The White Horse sword slave back then was now Ye Qingyu's great disciple.

Liu Shaji just gave a smile when he heard this. 

He felt his legs grow weak, and slowly sat down leaning against a rock. Blood had already drenched the soil at his foot, and the condition of his injury was very severe. He had already lost control of his qi, and there was dark power flowing around his body, destroying his life force and inner yuan. At this moment his yuan qi and inner yuan were scurrying about uncontrollably. He knew that he could not withstand anymore. Moreover, he had traces of a dark force in his body and would absolutely not be able to escape. The Greater One Sect would be able to trace him down.

“If you carry me on your back, then nobody can escape... Haha, back then brother Ye Qingyu entrusted you to the Immortal God Emperor Sect, and then Patriarch NanGuyun entrusted you to me. If anything were to happen to any of you, I would have no face to see brother Ye again.” Liu Shaji's face was calm, with an unprecedented relief. “Four years ago, at the battle of the Storm Sword Meeting, brother Ye Qingyu's power was already astonishing. Throughout my whole life, I have been wandering around the world, only hoping to recover my sect, but unfortunately it is beyond my power. I have nothing left, except for brother Ye Qingyu, big brother Hu Bugui and Young Lord Nan Tieyi, who are as close as brothers to me. It's a pity I can't see them again...” 

Bai Yuanxing wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Liu Shaji. 

“Little Bai Yuanxing, listen to me.” Liu Shaji coughed out a mouthful of blood. “The Greater One Sect wants to kill me. They know that I took you guys out, and so as long as I die, they will give up the pursuit and you will have hope to escape.” As he was speaking, he spread his palm wide, presenting a palm-sized jade box to Bai Yuanxing. “This [Sky Deceiving Jade Box is where all the children are hid in. Take it and quickly leave. brother Ye Qingyu had taught you the [Heavenly Blind Road] that even Patriarch Nan Guyun was amazed with. It is a top escaping technique. Everyone's safety will be left to you.” 

“Swordsman Liu Shaji, you...” Bai Yuanxing did not know what to say.  

“Life and death, and success and failure are decided by the heavens. Four years ago, I killed the three headmasters of the Greater One Sect on the Storm Platform and had already avenge my sect.” At this moment of life and death, Liu Shaji was even calmer than before. He handed a jade scroll that was flashing a divine light to Bai Yuanxing. “This is all the sword techniques and inheritance of my White Lotus Sword Sect, including the [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower]. Give it to your Master for me and ask him to find a suitable person to give it to, so that the hard work of my ancestors and elders of the White Lotus Sword Sect will not end like that.” 

Bai Yuanxing saw that he had made up his mind and also knew that it was the only viable way. 

“Go.” Liu Shaji pushed Bai Yuanxing away. “Quickly go, don't waste time.” 

Bai Yuanxing stood up, putting away the jade scroll and the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box], and bowed respectfully to Liu Shaji, saying in a solemn tone, “Swordsman Liu Shaji, take care, I hope we... will see each other again.” 

With that, he turned and left. 

A smile appeared on Liu Shaji's face. 

“Tell your Master that I, Liu Shaji, did not disgrace the brother name, and did not disgrace the honour of fighting together on the Storm Platform.”

With that, he leaned against the rock, gripped the sword with one hand and slowly stood up, stumbling in the opposite direction. 

Bai Yuanxing hesitated for a moment then immediately like a shadow disappeared where he was. 

Liu Shaji heaved a sigh of relief.

He walked leaning upon the sword like an old man, leaving bloody footprints behind him, as he walked along the chaotic, barren and bloody wilderness. The dark power in his body and the chaos demonic currents in the atmosphere were frantically destroying his body. The wounds all over his body were overflowing with black pus, but he seemed not to realise this, opened his mouth wide and began to sing loudly... 

“The colour of the white Lotus is bright and clear, the silver sword tip never age, destroying devil and the evil. One sword strike beheads a group of demons...!”

The ancient White Lotus Sword song sounded again in the land of Clear River Domain, which had once been guarded and defended by the White Lotus Sword Sect.

After about a stick incense of time, a black rainbow pierced the sky. 

It was obvious that the Greater One Spiritual Master had detected the dark power mark and came here following the trace.

Liu Shaji halted. 

Holding the sword in one hand he was like an indomitable god of war. 

“Old fellow, it's been hard on you.” He did not even glance at Greater One Spiritual Master. His eyes were fixed on the White Lotus Immortal Sword, his gaze as gentle as water, as though he was looking at his first love. The smile on his face was calm and relieved. “You have accompanied the White Lotus Sword Sect for thousands of years, and fought with me for four years. Today, this is our last battle!”

With that, he transformed into a stream of light, gather up his last strength to charge towards the Greater One Spiritual Master.

The White Lotus Immortal Sword was a valuable treasure, which Liu Shaji wanted to give to Bai Yuanxing, but he did not do so because if the White Lotus Immortal Sword was not at his side, given the Greater One Spiritual Master's mistrustful nature, he would know the truth and will continue to hunt for Bai Yuanxing.


“Hmph, fighting desperately like a cornered wild beast.” The Greater One Spiritual Master swung his sword casually.


Liu Shaji was sent flying, exploding into flesh and blood in midair. 

At the same time, a jade light shot out from the sleeve of his single-arm, but was struck by the Greater One Spiritual Master's sword intent. Following a loud boom, bizarre formations were shattered into jade fragments and blood. It was as though the body of hundreds of people was exploded at the same time and dissipated in the Void like smoke.


The White Lotus Immortal Sword was propelled up by the force before it was inserted into the ground. 

From then on there was no Liu Shaji on the world. 

The Greater One Spiritual Master flashed over to the White Lotus Immortal Sword and putting his hand around the hilt of the sword he pulled it up, face lit up with a glimmer of joy.  

“This sword is not an ordinary object... I let that bastard of the White Lotus Sword Sect die so easily. From now on, the White Lotus Sword Sect has died... that glow of light just now must be the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box]. That Liu Shaji must have known that the children will die miserably if they fall into my hands so he directly shattered the jade box and killed all the children... Nevermind, since they’re all dead, then I won’t have to waste energy to chase after them. I should go back to the ruins of the Immortal God Emperor Sect and wait for Ye Qingyu's arrival and kill him. Then all should be over. The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is about to descend, I will certainly be able to obtain an opportunity. At that time, who in Clear River Domain would dare to compete with me? Kekeke!”   

In the midst of wild laughter, the Greater One Spiritual Master transformed into flowing light and left. 




A beam of sword light shot up the sky. 

Ye Qingyu used the [Divine Emperor] sword intent right away.  

“Hahaha, you want to stop me? Too naive, my [Taiyi Golden Pagoda of the Xuan Sky] is impenetrable, and can defend against tens of thousands of swords....” The owner of the mysterious brass formation pagoda burst into laughter upon seeing this. He arrogance did not avoid the sword intent, controlling the brass pagoda to withstand against the sword and to continue to suppress Hu Bugui to snatch the Emperor qi tile. 

But after a clang, as the golden light radiated in all directions, everything was different from what he had thought. 

Not only did the brass pagoda not withstand the strike, it was directly split into two like tofu, instantly losing all its divine brilliance. The numerous ancient formations were also instantaneously destroyed, power dissipating, and the two broken pagodas collapsed to the ground.  

“What? It can't be...” 

The owner of the brass pagoda went pale, aghast at the sight.

At the same time, there was another bright silver sword light streaking across. 

The shocked head of the owner of the pagoda flew up into the sky, jets of blood gushing out from the broken neck like a spring.


The headless corpse had lost all of its divine power, plunged from mid-air, and shattered to pieces on the ground. 

Ye Qingyu stood there indifferently. 

He had unleashed two beams of sword light in the blink of an eye, and the whole process was as natural as flowing water. His remarkable sword mastery had astounded everybody. 

For a moment, there was only the sound of people drawing their breath. 

“Zhong Tianqiu is dead? Killed in two moves... this... he is a top expert of the middle stage of the Saint realm. That brass pagoda is also a well known treasure of the Saint realm, and is known to be invincible against everyone under the Great Saint realm, yet it was unable to withstand a single blow?” 

“No, it's just that the opponent is too strong!” 

“Those two beams of sword light were bizarre, contained righteousness and justice, and can sever anything. The pagoda was broken in one sword, and he was killed in one sword. In the blink of an eye, Zhong Tianqiu was defeated, his spirit was destroyed and his body shattered like an ordinary person... That sword is too terrifying!”

“Who is the young man in white? Why is he so powerful?”

It was at this moment that the experts around all realized that Ye Qingyu was not the soft persimmon that everybody had thought he was, at least he did not look as weak as he did on the surface. Even if they were after Hu Bugui's Emperor qi tile, still dared not to attack again. They were indeed astonished by Ye Qingyu's matchless [Divine Emperor] sword intent—— 

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