968 - Swallow and evolve

Chapter 968, Swallow and evolve


Not to mention that Liu Shaji could not react in time, even the Greater One Spiritual Master was unable to respond to the change at this point. 

Caught off guard, several sword lights struck the Greater One Spiritual Master. 

“Ah, you... you want to die!” Amid an ultimate roar, the Greater One Spiritual Master wildly spurted out a jet of blood, his body almost splitting apart. It should be said that He Huimin's cultivation level was also extremely terrifying. The young woman was found to have extraordinary talent, and was personally selected as the headmaster of the Clear Lotus Peak. Adding to this, after the transformation, her strength was second only to the Greater One Spiritual Master, well above the other six headmasters. Under the sneak attack, the Greater One Spiritual Master was directly blown into pieces. 

“Quickly go!” 

He Huimin turned her head around to look at Liu Shaji. 

At that moment, Liu Shaji found that the girl’s beautiful eyes were no longer clouded in black fog, but twinkling brightly and was unprecedentedly clear.

Although he did not know why He Huimin would suddenly change sides, Liu Shaji did not hesitate in the slightest to turn into a stream of light and sped away into the distant Void.

Because he could tell that He Huimin was no match for the Greater One Spiritual Master, and could only block him for a short moment. Moreover he also had little strength to continue to fight again. There was nothing he could do even if he were to stay behind and would instead become a burden. The most important thing was that he also carried the lives of more than two hundred children, thus this was not the time to try to act brave. 

In the blink of an eye, the figure of Liu Shaji had already disappeared completely. 

“You... how dare you betray the Greater One Sect?” In the midst of the black blood fog, the voice of the Greater One Spiritual Master sounded like a curse. 

And his figure had already re-condensed. 

He glowered at He Huimin and did not go after Liu Shaji. 

He Huimin's black hair fluttered in the wind as she coldly smiled, “The one who betrayed the Greater One Sect is you.” 

“Me? Ridiculous. I am the Patriarch of the Greater One Sect, how can I betray the Greater One Sect.” The Greater One Spiritual Master snapped, surging with dangerous and powerful aura, as he rapidly approached. His fierce killing intent was like a tangible object, freezing the air within thousands of meters. 

He Huimin gripped the sword in both hands in the stance of the [Central Power Sword] technique of the Greater One Sect, rapidly operating yuan qi, and the black shadow that clouded her face had gradually dispersed. 

The maiden’s hair fluttered, her fair and beautiful face looked extremely calm, but the fury in her eyes seemed like it could incinerate this world. “Patriarch? What a joke, you don’t deserve to be the Patriarch of the Greater One Sect. You are the one who betrayed the Greater One Sect. You were the one who presented the many years of foundation of the Greater One Sect to that place, and treated the tens of thousands of disciples as sacrifices of your ambition. Countless senior and junior brothers and sisters had been transformed into monsters. The real Greater One Spiritual Master was completely destroyed when you knelt down at the foot of that person and chose to surrender. Now you’re an abnormal freak, and the people of the Greater One Sect are just a bunch of pitiful tools...”

The rapidly nearing figure of Greater One Spiritual Master stopped for a moment. 

The contempt on He Huimin's face intensified, flames blazing in her beautiful eyes. 

The maiden then said in a ridicule tone, “Those brothers and elders who oppose you were mercilessly killed by you. They are the ones who really deserve to wear the combat robe of the Greater One Sect... Feng Wuhen, did you know, I have wanted to kill you long ago, but there wasn't a chance. In order to wait for my chance I had no choice but to accept that kind of demon-like transformation and become a monster. Although I can't kill you today, but to be able to save Swordsman Liu Shaji is also a sort of atonement for me... Feng Wuhen, you have been blinded by greed, do you remember the oath you made when you entered the sect? The first teaching of the Greater One Sect, once stepped into the sect one cannot turn back, must uphold righteousness and justice, and those who betrayed the sect must be killed. Do you remember?”

The Greater One Spiritual Master did not respond. 

The anger in his heart, which erupted by the sneak attack, had suddenly dissipated at this moment.

Facing the girl who was many years younger than him, listening to her resounding questioning, the Greater One Spiritual Master uncontrollably let out a sigh. 

The teachings of the sect? 

The Greater One Spiritual Master assumed a sort of trance-like expression. 

He had thought that he had long forgotten the matters of the past, but at this moment, being questioned by the young maiden, for some reason, the memory of thousands of years ago had suddenly became incredibly clear. He still vividly remembered the child who was once filled with heroic dreams, bowing and thanking the teachers in the main hall of the Greater One Peak. The peach blossoms in front of the hall were the most beautiful that year. The petals were swirling and the teachers wore a gratified smile... That was the scene of him when he entered the sect, and that was his original intention and aspiration. 

It was a pity that everything had passed away forever. 

When did the change begin? 

The Greater One Spiritual Master also did not remember.

It was impossible for an arrow to return to the bowstring that it had been shot out from. 

And he also could no longer turn back. “Die!”

The black sword in He Huimin's hand rolled up monstrous waves, drowning the figure before her. 

“Fine, you brought about your own death. Since you still have the Greater One Sect in your heart and are living in pain and suffering, then I will help you to free yourself.” The look of trance in the Greater One Spiritual Master's eyes had faded away, dark light re-occupied his pupils, and he no longer had the slightest hesitation. A blazing black sword emerged in his hands, and with the turn of his hand, a terrifying dark force burst forth, like a surging tide, to meet He Huimin's sword waves. 

Clang clang clang! 

Sparks sputtered. 

Figures moved past each other. 

He Huimin's figure was all of a sudden frozen in midair.

The life force in her body was dissipating unstoppably like the grains of sand in an hourglass. 

The black sword in her hand dropped, clattering to the ground.

“For pure you came and pure you shall go, what should not belong to me leave the body.” There was an unprecedented serene smile curving her lips, and then her arms trembled.

There was a tearing sound.

The strange black armour on He Huimin's body suddenly broke apart into pieces and drifted away. Her clothing and other items turned into fine powder, revealing a naked body that black scales had grown all over. Then, there were wisps of dark force that was visible to the naked eye seeping out from her body, scattering in the Void. Her body of black scales had vanished, revealing her fair jade-like body. Her long black hair hung down to the heel, shrouding her naked and fair body. 

“This is the moment that I'm a real person.” 

She sat cross-legged in the Void with a face of relief. 

Her last breath of life had dissipated. 

Greater One Spiritual Master stood with one hand clasped tight around the sword hilt, a complex expression across his face. 

In the end, he did not let the pitiful and respectable maiden go. As the maiden's body was about to fall from the Void, the Greater One Spiritual Master lifted his hand and drew the gradually falling cold body over, an icy fierce light flashed in his eyes as he slashed off He Huimin’s head in a backhand motion. Soon after a dark force burst forth, and small crack split open his palm. The seams were covered with teeth, and a dark python whizzed out, devouring the corpse of the maiden. 

“Haha, what delicious nutrients.” 

Carrying the maiden’s serene head, the dark light in the Greater One Spiritual Master's eyes grew more eerie and sinister.

At this moment, he had evidently made the final decision. The hint of hesitation he had before had completely faded.

The Greater One Spiritual Master looked down at the head in his hand and uttered a low and evil laugh. 

“Good, since three of the headmasters had died, I have to give an explanation to the Special Envoy. Since you betrayed the sect then I'll use your head... What a pity, the Special Envoy favoured you because of your beauty and wanted to make you his woman after the Immortal God Emperor Sect is destroyed, unfortunately you do not have such good fortune. Haha, it's good that you died. If you really became the woman of Special Envoy then you might sway him and bring great trouble to me.” 

Before his voice faded. 

The last trace of light in the Greater One Spiritual Master's eyes was extinguished like the flame of a candle. 

His eyes were completely covered in dark colours. 

The body of the Greater One Spiritual Master began to change. 

Faint layers of sinister black fog spread out, and a layer of fine silver-black scales were growing all over his bare skin, flashing an eerie light under the sun. The scales quickly covered his whole body all except the nose, eyes, lips, tongue, ears, making him look like a dark lizard and become an incredibly terrifying monster. 

“Huh? Hahaha, it’s... evolved... Haha, the little girl's constitution is so remarkable that it triggered my [Dark Demon Body] to undergo evolution?” The Greater One Spiritual Master exclaimed. After the transformation of that place, each evolution of the demon body would greatly enhance his strength. 

This was his second evolution since he had undergone the transformation. 

The first evolution allowed him to leap directly from the Immortal Step realm into the Saint realm, and the evolution this time... 

“It's a powerful feeling, this is real power...” Greater One Spiritual Master became intoxicated with his powers. Operating the dark force of the body, he felt an ethereal lightness. “This is the power of the pinnacle of the Saint realm, one more step and I will reach the Great Saint realm... Haha, the [Dark Demon Body] is indeed extraordinary. I don’t need to work hard to cultivate and only need to devour to freely enhance the strength. This is the ultimate method of martial arts in the world. Master did not deceive me, kekeke!” 

In the midst of the strange laugh, he had thoroughly grasped the new power. The scales gradually faded, restored his normal human form, and that dark aura that covered him all over also dispersed. 

Looking at the direction where Liu Shaji had fled, the Greater One Spiritual Master grinned. 

“Even the heavens is helping me too. Haha, you can stop me for a moment, but cannot stop me forever. There are inescapable nets all over the Wei River Mountain Range. Even a great saint cannot escape from here. Liu Shaji, you really think you can survive? You are just prolonging your remaining breath. At our next meeting, you will have to die in my hands, kekeke... And that Ye Qingyu, he should have reached the Wei River Mountain Range by now. Now that my cultivation had reached this level, I can easily kill you the next time we meet, hahaha!” 

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