966 - Huge trouble

Chapter 966, Huge trouble


The mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect had been completely destroyed and turned into ruins!

The expected magnificent mountain gate and range upon range of beautiful mountains did not appear in front of the three people, instead the scene was replaced with crumbling stone walls, collapsed stone statues, palaces, as well as innumerable corpses...

The trio was rooted to the spot. 

After a long while. 

“No, that's impossible!” Nan Tieyi erupted and roared like a mad lion. Trembling, he turned into a stream of flowing light and quickly swooped down. 

Completely in shock, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui had no time to react and instinctively followed behind. 

Below, it was already a land of death. 

The brutal slaughter had only left behind a dead city. 

Within hundreds of kilometers, it looked as though a very tragic and bloody massacre had happened. It was reeking of blood, and there was not the slightest life force remaining. There was not a disciple of the Immortal God Emperor Sect in sight. The former martial arts field where everybody always gathered at had turned into a blood lake, only broken tiles and bricks were left of the altar where the elders used to deliver the scriptures of the sect, and the beautiful Wei River had been destroyed, The river water flowed backwards to form a lake, where several disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect were floating... 

The moment they stepped on the ground, Nan Tieyi's heart instantly sank into the abyss. 

He could already sense that the incomparably familiar yuan qi aura that was still lingering in the air were from the elders and disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui who followed behind were also constantly searching for surviving people. 

The two had an unprecedentedly shocked, serious and grave expression. 

All three of them had almost lost the ability to think at that moment. 

Especially Nan Tieyi, blood was almost dripping out of his eyes, body violently trembling, and the yuan qi in his body gradually went out of control. 

“No, it's impossible... why...” It was as though he had gone crazy. 

The beautiful mountains, the verdant hills and enchanting scenery of the Wei River Mountain Range in the past were covered in blood. All spiritual grass and flowers had been turned into charcoal. There was a lifeless atmosphere everywhere. The rivers of blood meandered and converged into a large blood lake, exuding thick black fog. Affected by the vicious currents of the heavens and earth, the strong yuan qi of the dead experts had become demonic blood light. Bloody qi filled the air, scattering in all directions. The laws of Heaven and earth had turned completely chaotic and the spiritual qi had depleted. There were Void cracks from the explosions and tearing everywhere. The roaring fiendish qi and demonic vicious currents were as intense as ink, tumbling and producing resounding mournful noises. 

Except for the God Emperor Peak that was still standing alone in the depths of the mountains, all of the buildings and mountains had collapsed and shattered into ruins. The remains of the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect were piled up, not one of them was spared. 

“Impossible... I've been in touch with a couple of elders today... how could it be!” 

Nan Tieyi still couldn’t believe the scene before his eyes. His mind was completely blank, the sight in front of him blurred up, he frantically grabbed his hair, roared, yelled, like a wounded beast, like the lost cub of an angry bear. His expression was complex, startled, grieved... and there was unstoppable anger. 

Ye Qingyu also didn't know how to comfort Nan Tieyi. 

Hu Bugui was even more shocked and speechless. 

The Immortal God Emperor Sect had an ancient and profound foundation, and even the buildings had been standing for thousands of years and contained the protective formations and spiritual qi of Heaven and earth. It could be called an indestructible forbidden area. When the Greater One Sect dominated the Clear River Domain, it wasn’t that they had not thought to deal with the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but that they had failed repeatedly after a few attempts. Moreover, Nan Tieyi had contacted the higher-ups of the Immortal God Emperor Sect several times and the news they sent back was that the sect was safe and well... 

But now, why? Why did it turned to the scene in front? 

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui couldn’t figure it out. 

Nan Tieyi even more couldn't figure out. 

“No... this isn’t true... I must be dreaming... it's not true... I need to wake up... hurry and wake up.” Nan Tieyi's emotions seemed to be going out of control. He had completely lost his mind. He had lost the ability to think, frantically roaring and constantly looking back and forth at the shocking scenes across the mountain gate. All of a sudden he frantically bombarded his body, blood overflowing his five senses. “Ahhhh, wake up, this must be a dream!” 

“Brother Nan Tieyi, snap out of it.”

Ye Qingyu went over to stop him. 

It was not surprising that Nan Tieyi had gone mad. The Immortal God Emperor Sect was his home. All of the disciples in the sect were his family. As a descendant of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, he was a blood relative with many disciples. How could Nan Tieyi not be filled with deep sorrow. 

Hu Bugui went forward, firmly pulling Nan Tieyi back, not letting the Young Lord, who had lost his sense, harm himself any further. 

Ye Qingyu was similarly burning with anger, somewhat blaming himself. 

Why was this happening? 

Ye Qingyu tried hard to organize his thoughts. 

Previously, Nan Tieyi was very confident, which also indicated that the Immortal God Emperor Sect indeed had many hidden cards. Even if the Greater One Sect had the support of a foreign power to support them, it would still be impossible for them to break through the mountain gate. But the situation now was the complete opposite. The Immortal God Emperor Sect had been destroyed. All along, the enemy they had was only the Greater One Sect, but could the strength of the Greater One Sect really reached such a powerful level? 

The Immortal God Emperor Sect had been established in Clear River Domain for so many years, they should not have made the mistake of underestimating the enemy.

The only explanation was that the enemy was too strong, far beyond the expectations of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

“Over there... is that not the arsenal of the Immortal God Emperor Sect?” Hu Bugui pointed to the few shrines not too far away. 

Nan Tieyi's body trembled upon hearing this, eyes evidently clearing up. 

His footsteps were heavy, his fists clenched, and it was as if he had exhausted all his strength to approach the collapsed shrines.

The huge shrines had been completely destroyed, the stone walls toppled over and only the foot of the walls remained. Even the defense formations had disappeared. The weapons and treasures that the Immortal God Emperor Sect had accumulated over thousands of years had all been looted and the ancestor statues crushed to broken fragments.

Surveying around, except for the God Emperor Peak, the defense of these arsenals and treasures were the strongest across the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but none of them survived.

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows in a frown, releasing his divine sense.

He discovered that the rare treasures that had been preserved for thousands of years in Wei River Mountain Range were all completely gone. The former heavenly land had turned into a barren place, and upon a careful look one would find that in addition to the corpse of the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect there were some unfamiliar faces, wearing black armour, which were no doubt the disciples of the Greater One Sect. 

In the distance, dozens of other battleships were destroyed, the remains scattered all across the ground. 

It looked like the force that attacked the Immortal God Emperor Sect really was the Greater One Sect. 

Nan Tieyi also noticed this. 

“Ahhhhh, Greater One Sect, I, Nan Tieyi, swear that I will avenge the Immortal God Emperor Sect, I... will kill... everyone of Greater One Sect!” Nan Tieyi's eyes flashed with rage that almost condensed into a solid substance, heart surging frantically with flames of anger, blood and qi. He was like a volcano on the verge of erupting, about to be ignited by the roaring anger. In the end the last clear and bright light in his eyes was completely engulfed by blood. 


Suddenly, a mouthful of blood spouted from Nan Tieyi's mouth. 

The rage and yuan qi that covered Nan Tieyi from head to toe suddenly dissipated, as his body went weak and collapsed.

“Brother Nan Tieyi!” 

“Little Nan Tieyi!” 

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui quickly supported up Nan Tieyi.

After a careful examination and making certain that he had not gone demonic, and had only lost consciousness from the fury getting into his heart, the two people finally relaxed a little. 

“How did it turn out to be like this... what do we do now?” Hu Bugui carried Nan Tieyi on his back. 

Ye Qingyu let out a long sigh. 

This situation had completely disrupted his plan. 

In truth, Ye Qingyu was also incredibly anxious.

Because Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er, Li Ying and Li Qi and the more than two hundred young geniuses of Heaven Wasteland Domain were also in Immortal God Emperor Sect, and based on the situation it most likely bode ill rather than well for them. Like Nan Tieyi, he could not accept such a picture and hoped that it was a nightmare. But now he could only hold onto the last glimmer of hope that as long as the body of Bai Yuanxing and the others were not found, he believed that they were still alive and would continue to search for them. 

Ye Qingyu released his divine sense to look for some clues. 

At this time, Hu Bugui suddenly cried out in surprise, eyes fixed on the distance, “Huh? No, Little Ye Qingyu, look over there. A year ago I came with Little Nan Tieyi to the Immortal God Emperor Sect and I vaguely remember the surrounding terrain. Is that not the core area of Immortal God Emperor Sect over there? It was incredibly bustling back then, but now... is that... is that an abyss? No, it's strange. Let's go over there and have a closer look.” 

Ye Qingyu folowed along the direction of his gaze. 

It was thousands of meters away from the God emperor Peak. 

A strange abyss extended hundreds of kilometers. 

From the traces of the steep and precipitous cliffs on the edge of the valley, it didn’t look like a natural formation.

The two transformed into streams of light, arriving at the edge of the abyss. 

Looking down, the cliff abyss was bottomless, like it was leading to a spirit realm. 

With a thought, Ye Qingyu sent out his consciousness power down toward the abyss. 

But the consciousness power could only travel down thousands of meters. All of a sudden, there was a deep rumbling coming from the depths of the cave, as though a sort of existence was infuriated by the consciousness power. The ground began to quake, and then a very bizarre vicious current and incomparably terrifying yuan qi, like the qi of the god of death, gushed out along with the roar. Like ocean waves assaulting the two men. 

What kind of power is this? 

“Not good.” 


Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui rapidly stepped back. 

At the same time, the two people erupted with yuan qi, silvery white and yellow-brown brilliance protecting the two within, spurted out a mouthful of blood, and frantically activated defensive force to just barely be able to resist the power that was gushing over. They stumbled back hundreds of meters to stabilize themselves, gasping for breaths. In that split second, it was as though the god of death had descended. 

“What's going on? In the abyss there seemed to be something.” Hu Bugui looked at Ye Qingyu with indescribable shock. 

Ye Qingyu was also in shock. 

Given his current cultivation level, especially after his consciousness power had been refined by the [Cloud Top Cauldron], he could be said to be peerless, comparable to a Great Saint. However, just now he had only released his consciousness power to investigate further but it was immediately rebounded and shattered. Ye Qingyu trembled all over like an ant facing a dragon, indescribable fear drowning him. Fortunately, in that moment he reacted swiftly, severed off the consciousness power right away, and then rapidly moved back. Otherwise, he would have been immediately crushed into powder. 

What was this power? 

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

Even a Great Saint was not as terrifying. 

Could it be... 

“No, the shape of this valley, seems... somewhat strange...” Hu Bugui seemed to have discovered something, He suddenly shot into the sky, looking down at a height of thousands of meters. His face changed dramatically, body quivering, as if he had seen an incredibly frightening scene. “Brother Ye Qingyu, come over to see... this... is huge trouble!”——


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