965 - Inescapable net

Chapter 965, Inescapable net


“[Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower]... the seventh strike!” 

A fluttering lotus flower responded to the Greater One Spiritual Master.

The petal fluttered about like the windswept clouds, without too much destructive power, but if someone had seen Liu Shaji kill the headmasters of the Greater One Sect four years ago on the Storm Sword Duel Meeting, then they will know how terrifying the fluttering lotus flower petals were. It could instantly kill an expert of the Immortal Step realm. It was an incredibly bizarre sword skill. 

Now four years later, Liu Shaji had retrieved the [White Lotus Immortal Sword], had a deep mastery of the [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower], and had grown much stronger than before. It was unknown how many times more destructive was this move compared to four years ago.

Even the Greater One Spiritual Master did not dare to be too arrogant. 

“Hah, one really does not shed a tear until one sees the coffin.” The Greater One Spiritual Master snorted. “The Immortal God Emperor Sect has been wiped out. Although the world is big, there is no place you can hide now. Surrender those young children, and I'll let you die with joy. I can also give you a way out and pass on your White Lotus Sword Sect to future generations. Otherwise, today you and the more than two hundred young children, as well as the inheritance of the White Lotus Sword Sect will be destroyed forever.”

His voice faded as he directly recited a mantra. 

An ancient black turtle shell was suspended over his head, buzzing and shaking. 

At the edge of the turtle shell there was a layer of black and yellow light screen, like a layer of translucent waterfalls, protecting Greater One Spiritual Master entirely within it. Strange changes were frequently happening. In the Void behind the Greater One Spiritual Master, there faintly came the roar of the dark warrior of the northern sky, Xuanwu. 

The lotus flower petal drifted over, affixing to the black and yellow light screen. 


A terrifying force exploded. 

The Greater One Spiritual Master trembled all over, but the light screen did not shatter. 

“Your [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower] is indeed a divine sword technique of Clear River Domain, but so what?” A flicker of shock flashed across Greater One Spiritual Master's face before it died away. Shaking his head, he continued, “If it was four years ago, I really wouldn’t be able to defend against this attack. Unfortunately, Clear River Domain has changed, and I have changed. What I have mastered are skills and cultivation methods far more superior than that of the martial arts of Clear River Domain by more than thousands of years. Even if you launch out all nine strikes it will still be impossible for you to break the light screen of the [Dark Warrior Bone] and cannot hurt me in the slightest. Give up, I'll say it for one last time, hand over the more than two hundred young children.” 


Liu Shaji still wore a calm expression on his face, turning a deaf ear to Greater One Spiritual Master's words. 


The [White Lotus Immortal Sword] began to vibrate, preparing another attack. 

At his feet, the last two remaining refined petals shook, drifting down from the Lotus platform, riding the wind, swirled around, and with an untraceable trajectory like the horn of an antelope, once again aimed at the Greater One Spiritual Master.

The eighth strike and the ninth strike of the [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower] were launched out simultaneously! 

After the two continuous swords, Liu Shaji's face flashed deathly white, swaying side to side, seemingly unable to steady himself. It was obviously a huge consumption of strength. 

The next moment, the lotus petals struck the light screen of the turtle shell. 

Boom! Boom! 

Terrifying power shook. 

The light screen of the [Dark Warrior Bone] rocked wildly, and a layer of ripples flickering violently. 

The Greater One Spiritual Master was somewhat nervous. 

“It's impossible... can he really break the protection of the [Dark Warrior Bones]?” In disbelief, he pulled out a sword behind his back in a backhand motion, and just as he was about to retaliate, the last wisp of power of the ninth strike of the [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower] had dissipated. The [Dark Warrior Bone] had survived. However, following some brittle sounds, a white crack was seen spreading across the already broken ancient tortoise shell. 


Greater One Spiritual Master was infuriated. 

This [Dark Warrior Bone] was a defensive treasure he had spent a lot of effort to obtain and was known to be able to resist the full strength attack of a Saint expert. To his surprise, Liu Shaji had cracked the shell and ruined its physical appearance, and it was unknown whether it still could be used again in the future. The Greater One Spiritual Master felt his heart aching. 

“It ends here. Let’s put an end to the grudges at the Storm Sword Meeting back then.” The Greater One Spiritual Master transformed into a stream of light, his black sword flashing.

Liu Shaji's figure flashed, the illusory Lotus platform at his foot buzzing, directly speeding over in the direction of the Greater One Spiritual Master. 

“Open!” Greater One Spiritual Master grinned, his footwork was swift and confident like flowing water. With a backhand slash, black sword qi burst forth and easily severed the White Lotus Platform into two like cutting tofu with a knife. 

But it was at this moment—— 


The lotus platform had exploded following an abnormal sound. 

The terrifying energy almost collapsed the entire valley, the movement of air was violent and unsteady, and the Void shattered into pieces.  

The Greater One Spiritual Master had an abrupt change of expression. The black sword in his hand was rapidly vibrating, transforming into endless sword shadows. The sword qi burst out, instantly eliminating all objects between the heavens and earth. When he looked up again, the shadow of Liu Shaji had already vanished without a trace. 

“Heh, run? Within thousands of kilometers, there are already inescapable nets, you think you can escape?” 

He transformed into a black light and chased after following the remaining aura of Liu Shaji in the Void.

The valley was quiet. 

Gradually all of dust had settled. 

After the time to have a cup of tea. 

A rock on the ground was turned over and a figure drilled out of the dirt beneath the rock. 

It was Liu Shaji. 

His body flashed, a jet of blood spurting out of his mouth. Liu Shaji slowly sat down by the rock. 

He flicked his long sleeve and a gentle force flashed across. 

All of a sudden there were more than ten boys and girls on the originally empty valley. The average age was about thirteen to fourteen years old, all were wearing a white robe with a small sword hanging around the waist, like a little adult. The children immediately crowded around Liu Shaji who was panting heavily. 

“Uncle Liu Shaji, are you all right?” 

“Are you hurt?” 

“Uncle Liu Shaji, it’s our fault.” 

The children's faces were etched with worry, and one little girl bursted into sobs.

Liu Shaji finally revealed a warm smile on his face, and reached out to stroke the little girl's head, comforting, “Child don't cry, let alone the fact that I owe an old friend of Heaven Wasteland Domain a favour and must protect you guys, you little fellows have learnt the sword skills and mantra of my White Lotus Sword Sect so I must protect you.” 

“Uncle Liu Shaji, I’m very stupid and do not remember the mantra, and cannot hold my breath. Leave me here, take everyone and go first.” The little girl cried with a face of guilt and shame.

She had always thought she was the one who dragged Liu Shaji into this. It was not only the few children here that Liu Shaji had to protect. In the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box] there were more than one hundred little fellows. Although the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box] can temporarily store everyone, there was no air inside, and a living person could not breathe or eat inside, like a dead person. She was the weakest of all the children, thus it was impossible for her to hold her breath for a long period of time. There was no way she could stay in the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box] for too long. Every two hours she had to come out to take a breath of fresh air. Not only did she bring trouble to Liu Shaji, but also to the other companions from Heaven Wasteland Domain who had come to Clear River Domain to learn martial arts. 

“I have promised Patriarch Nan Guyun that I will take you out guys to brother Ye Qingyu.” Liu Shaji smiled and flicked the little girl's forehead. “I can't lose any one of you two hundred and four people. Stop thinking nonsense, hurry and activate qi to correct your state.”

After several moments. 

Liu Shaji waved his sleeve and once again hid the little fellows into the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box]

“The Greater One Spiritual Master must be telling the truth just now. If there really are inescapable nets everywhere then if we go out we most likely will die. The most dangerous place is the safest place. It is better to go back, Patriarch Nan Guyun had mentioned that Tieyi, Old Hu and brother Ye Qingyu are in Clear River Domain. I hope they have heard the news and will come in time...”

It was then that he suddenly sensed something, his complexion abruptly changed. 

He saw that there were masses of dark as ink clouds rippling out, and from which there were four figures emerging, all masters of the Greater One Sect. 

The Greater One Spiritual Master had also returned with a flash of black light. 

The five great experts surrounded Liu Shaji from all sides. 


Several blood-stained heads were hurled down from the sky. 

Liu Shaji overflowed with murderous spirit when he saw this. 

Because he recognized that the heads were all elders of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. A day ago, it was these elders who were instructed to escort him away from the Immortal God Emperor Sect. At that time the war had already started, but in just one day of time these powerful elders had all been killed. 

Could it really be true that the mountain gate of Immortal God Emperor Sect had been captured?

Liu Shaji had a bad feeling. 

That night, Patriarch Nan Guyun had asked him to come to Emperor God Peak, but he did not tell him too much, and just asked him to take the youngsters that Ye Qingyu had sent to the Immortal God Emperor Sect. Liu Shaji already had a bad feeling at that time. Could it be that Nan Guyun had already calculated something? But if the Immortal God Emperor Sect really were in trouble then why not break the siege with all their strength?

These thoughts flashed across Liu Shaji’s mind. 

The next moment there was no time to think about it any more. 

Because the battle had already began. 


The clatter of sword against sword echoed throughout the mountains.

He Huimin, one of the eight main headmasters, made a move. The dark sword light that filled the sky had submerged Liu Shaji. 

“Kill, attack together, and capture him. We must torture him until he says where those boys and girls went.” Greater One Spiritual Master was murderous-looking. He was fooled by Liu Shaji just now. It was a huge humiliation that he was unbelievably tricked under such a huge advantage, and had lost his last trace of patience. 

Liu Shaji waved the [White Lotus Immortal Sword], meeting the enemies head on. 

There seemed to be no way for him to escape.

Soon, he was splattered with blood and severely wounded again. 



“Another ten thousand kilometers is the mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect.” 

Nan Tieyi was somewhat looking forward. 

If the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was going to descend in the area of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, then perhaps it might be advantageous for the Human Race to compete for the treasures of the hall. After all, the Immortal God Emperor Sect was incomparably familiar with this area. Although this would bring attack to the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but he believed that, as long as the Greater One Sect does not fully participate then there would not be too much of a loss if the mountain gate were sealed. The army of the Greater One Sect would not be able to launch an offensive, and by the time the matter of the Reincarnation Hall was over, there was going to be another end to the situation. 

“Yes, well, since it’s nearby, why don't we stop by Immortal God Emperor Sect first.” Ye Qingyu also wanted to see Bai Yuanxing and the others. 

The three people sped along. 

After an hour. 

The mountain gate area of Immortal God Emperor Sect was already in sight. 

But there was a strange fog that blurred their vision, and in the air there was a strong blood stench and the residue of chaotic power lingered. 

“No.” Ye Qingyu had a bad feeling. 

Nan Tieyi had repeatedly sent several signals but did not receive the slightest response. 

Three people rushed through the fog. 

“How could this happen?” 

Ye Qingyu and others were aghast at the sight ahead—— 


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