964 -There are also peaks that can't be turned over

Chapter 964, There are also peaks that can't be turned over 

The several experts around looked at Ye Qingyu and the others with a bit of sympathy. 

As they say a man's treasure will arouse the envy of others. It was not a strange sight to see people with treasures being hunted by others. But it was the first time that a group of people was targeted because of their possession of a dog. However, the dog's ability to transform into a white beast and to devour Saint realm experts could indeed explain everything. In a way the white puppy could be considered as a valuable treasure. 

“If you don't want to die then hand over the divine dog.” Seeing that Ye Qingyu and the others appeared unconcerned, the young demon expert fumed, “I'll only give you ten seconds, otherwise, die.” 

Little Nine looked incredibly excited. 

“Woof, there are actually people in this world that know what's good, hahaha, see? Divine dog, Woof, hahaha.” He excitedly bounced up and down on Ye Qingyu's shoulder, exclaiming in a satisfied, complacent voice. “Young demon, you have a good eye, Woof really admires you, but if you want to get Woof you have to ask whether Woof's owner agrees first.” 

He wagged his tail, pointing to Ye Qingyu. 

Ye Qingyu simply ignored the silly dog. 

He ran his eyes across the experts gathered in a circle watching, and glanced at the young demon expert blocking the path. Having experienced this sort of situation again and again, Ye Qingyu clearly knew that he absolutely couldn’t show weakness in such events. Otherwise the fierce wolves that were glaring at him like they were watching their prey would instantly pounce on him and tear apart his bones. 

“I'll also give you ten seconds of time to get out of the way. Quickly get lost, otherwise don't think of leaving here.” Ye Qingyu's face was calm and indifferent. 

“What? Hahahaha.” The young demon expert laughed. “Who do you think you are? How dare you say such a thing to me? Little pitiful creature of the Human Race, if it were the Saintess of Jade Pearl, the Third Prince of the Kaiyang clan, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, or other peerless heaven's prideling experts, I would have immediately turned around without saying anything, but you? Hahaha, what a joke.”

Like he was looking at an idiot, Ye Qingyu said, “Since you know the Saintess of Jade Pearl, the Third Prince of the Kaiyang clan and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, then you should also know who I am.” 

As he was speaking, a beam of Divine Emperor sword intent burst forth, like a blade cutting through tofu, pierced through the Void with a burst of cold air, ice crystals dancing in the breeze.

Che! Che!

Amidst the light noise, the young demon expert and the dozens of masters at his side were simultaneously severed into two with no chance to resist at all. 

“You... you are...” This young demon expert only felt a cool sensation at his waist, before jets of blood were seen spurting out, a silver ice pattern spread out along the wound. He was in utter shock, his soul flying beyond the sky. Before he lost consciousness he suddenly realized something, a name exploded in his mind like a rumbling thunder. He screamed, “You are the [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu, that mad demon of the Human Race, you...” 

Before his voice faded. 

The dozens of demon experts were shrouded in ice that had spread out from the wound, turned into lifelike ice sculptures, and fell from the Void. 

All around there were sounds of inhaling cold air. 

The experts who originally looked at Ye Qingyu with pity or gloating eyes, like frightened rabbits, opened up the distance between them, moving back as far as possible. 

As they say, the name of a person was like the shadows of a tree. Even if they had not seen the real Ye Qingyu, the name that shook the Road of Chaos and that illustrious achievement had demonized the title [Ice Sword Killing God] in the eyes of many foreign races. Like a fiendish star it killed anyone that it laid it eyes on. It would be throwing away their life if they went up to provoke this human demon. 

“Sigh, that young demon has good tastes, but just a bit too stupid. He didn’t even understand the situation, like breaking a rock using an egg.” Little Nine sighed with regret. 

Hu Bugui was a little excited, “Haha, brother Ye Qingyu, you are fearful and powerful, those grandchildren are all scared away.”

“Those were all some inferior forces, the situation is not as optimistic as you think, Old Hu. Don't lower your guard.” Ye Qingyu shook his head. 

And what happened next, indeed quickly confirmed the words of Ye Qingyu. 

The news spread and someone had specially come to this area. 

“Are you Ye Qingyu? The [Ice Sword Killing God]?” A Human Race youngster with arrogance across his face and a conceited expression stopped Ye Qingyu's path. “I want to challenge you.” 

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows in a frown. 

“I want to prove to all people that I, Lu Wei am the real strongest genius of the Human Race. You, Ye Qingyu, do not deserve the reputation. I heard that your swordsmanship is unmatched, draw your sword. I'll let you know what is true swordsmanship. You are just a little fish of an inferior domain, and is not worthy of such a reputation.” The young man named Lu Wei sneered. His eyes glowed with a fierce light, like he saw the brilliant glory of his defeat of the famous Ye Qingyu. 

“We're all humans, why fight at this time for the sake of some reputation?” Nan Tieyi persuaded.

He could tell that the Human Race youngster indeed had a bit of talent, and did not want to see him do anything wrong. 

Lu Wei swept a glance over Nan Tieyi, “What are you, step aside, it is already an honour for you to see this battle. What qualifications do you have to speak here.”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. It was not beneficial to talk to a fool like him. 

“Take this.” He smiled, lifting his hand and pressing his thumb into the Void. 

A gush of Divine Emperor sword intent burst forth. 


Almost at the same time, a muffled sound rang. 

Opposite, with a shock and blank look across his face, Lu Wei was staring at his hand where only the sword handle remained. 

What had just happened? Before he could react, killing intent and powerful qi were coming at his face. Just as he drew his sword, everything blurred in front of him, and the sword had already snapped.

What kind of power was this? 

“Since you are part of the Human Race, I won't kill you. Leave Clear River Domain. With your cultivation level you can only survive for one day at most.” Ye Qingyu turned away. 

He was a little merciful facing the Human Race and held back from killing. He had finally mastered the [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra], able to kill with one thought. That Lu Wei who had reached the Saint realm at such a young age could be considered a genius of the Human Race. On the surface it seemed that his yuan qi and cultivation level were about the same as that of Ye Qingyu, but based on real fighting strength and experience there was still too great of a distance between him and Ye Qingyu. 

Lu Wei’s face turned ashy. 

It wasn’t until Ye Qingyu and the others disappeared into the horizon that he snapped out his trance, indignant and shocked, and felt too ashamed to show his face. 

“Is this the strength of the [Ice Sword Killing God]? The difference between him and I is just too great...” He turned blue and red, and eventually had to accept the fact. Although he was arrogant, he was not a fool. He knew that Ye Qingyu had already held back his strength. If he really wanted to kill him, it wouldn’t be any more difficult than snapping a sword. Thinking back to his arrogance and domineering behaviour before, and thinking of that indifferent demeanour of Ye Qingyu, Lu Wei suddenly felt that he was far inferior no matter from which aspect. 

A white-haired old man slowly appeared behind Lu Wei. 

“Grandpa...” Lu Wei looked ashamed. 

The old man smiled kindly, “Now you know the gap between you and others? You are talented and have been training in martial arts since a young age. Everything had gone too smoothly for you, so you’re inevitably arrogant and conceited. You now know that there is always someone out there that is better, right?” 

“Grandpa, I was wrong.” Lu Wei bowed his head 

“It’s never too late to correct your mistakes.” The old man nodded. “Sharpen your mind, and in the future you will still have the chance to fight Ye Qingyu.”

Lu Wei's expression eased a little. Looking at the old man, an intense colour of worship emerged in his eyes, “Of course, it’s because I have an invincible Grandpa.” 

The old man just smiled when he heard this, “Invincible? Before I see that I would already be buried under the soil. Victory or defeat is not important, but if don’t become an Emperor, then all hope and efforts would have come to nothing.”

“This time the opportunity of becoming Emperor in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor must be yours Grandpa,” Lu Wei said firmly. “In this world, who can compete with a Quasi-emperor? Back then, Li Xiaofei also just barely lost to Grandpa. Except him, who can win against Grandpa?” 

“The world is wide and immense, there is always a taller mountain. In the future, do not say anything like this. Just as you cannot beat Ye Qingyu, Grandpa also has mountain peaks that I cannot climb.” The old man’s face grew solemn, seemingly thinking of the past, eyes clear as the abyss, like the sun, moon and stars aligning, like the evolution of the universe. 


One day later. 

Ye Qingyu and the others were covered in blood. 

The Divine Emperor sword intent engulfed the sky, the power of the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] broke out, and the world shook. After a bitter battle, they finally killed a top Saint expert.

The [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] grew bright-red as it drank up the blood of the top Saint expert, before returning to the palm of Ye Qingyu. 

“In another three days the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor will really come. It is earlier than expected.” The million-year-old soul stated, “Continue southwest, I have approximately determined where it will descend, we can speed up.” 

Ye Qingyu was a little excited when he heard this. 

It was finally coming?

The trio sped up, moving in the southwest direction.

At this point, the location was only fifty thousand kilometers away from the Wei River Mountain Range. 



Ridges and peaks collapsed and the ground subsided. 

Heavenly fire had descended onto the world of mortals. The world resembled hell. The living beings were howling in grief, and smoke and dust filled the air. It was dark without any daylight. 

A drawn-out sword song resounded through the land of desolation. 

“The White Lotus colour is bright and clear, the silver sword tip is not old, destroying devil and the evil. One sword strike beheads a group of demons...” 

The White Lotus Sword song again echoed across the land of Clear River Domain. 

The bright and pure white-coloured lotus flower was like a divine light that washed away the darkness of the world, blooming in a huge valley, dispelling the darkness and demonic qi within dozens of kilometers. The figure of a tall swordsman was standing straight on a white lotus flower, which at this moment only had the last three of its originally nine petals. 

The swordsman looked solemn, without sorrow and without pain, as the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] activated the seventh strike of the [Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower].


The Greater One Spiritual Master was standing against the wind. 

“Liu Shaji, don't think of escaping, your Lotus Flower strike has killed three headmasters of my Greater One Sect. But now, to me it is useless... Accept your death.” The Greater One Spiritual Master was surging with piercing cold killing intent——


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