963 - The first warmth (2)

Chapter 963, The first warmth


Ye Qingyu, Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi, looking at the mountain-like corpse of the demon Saint expert, were a bit aghast. When they were hundreds of kilometers away the giant demon Saint expert was as fearful and powerful as a Fiendgod, and could shatter the sky with one hand and split the ground in one step. His whole body was shrouded in thunderclouds like a war god. But in just a few breaths of time he had been turned into a corpse. The contrast really was too shocking. 

What kind of existence could slaughter a demon Saint in such a short period of time? 

And it looked as though it was just a casual attack from the other side, yet it could slaughter a giant demon Saint. That person then left directly, leaving the Saint expert lying there. It should be said that the flesh and blood of a Saint Realm existence were valuable treasures, but were discarded by the mysterious existence like trash. The mysterious existence evidently did not see value in the demon Saint body. 

“Hey? The residual sword qi seems familiar...” Hu Bugui seemed to sense something when he saw the huge sword wound on the chest of the huge demon Saint. 

Nan Tieyi was also aware of it. “It is the sword qi of Heaven Devastator.” 

“The sword qi of Heaven Devastator?” Ye Qingyu immediately understood. “The Heaven Devastator Demon Sect?” 

“Yes, it is the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect.” Nan Tieyi nodded with a look of disbelief across his face, “For more than thousands of years, the power of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect had shook Clear River Domain. Although the sect only had one descendant, but the former sect masters all had the title of the strongest in Clear River Domain. The giant demon Saint is obviously from a foreign domain, but the aura of the sword wound on him is almost identical to the divine sword move of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, the [Earth Quaking Kill]. The problem is that, even if the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect is the strongest in Clear River Domain and can deter all sides, this is only limited to Clear River Domain and he should not be able to kill a demon Saint within seconds.” 

Hu Bugui echoed what he said, “I have seen the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect fight, he does not have this sort of strength.” 

Ye Qingyu also agreed. 

He had seen the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect in the Sword Storm Meeting before, and also saw the strength of the strongest expert of Clear River Domain. He was indeed exceptionally strong, but he was only at the Immortal Step realm. It was absolutely impossible for him to kill a Saint expert. However, Ye Qingyu also felt that the aura of the sword wound on the demon Saint was really similar to that of the Lord of Heaven Devastator Demon Sect. 

What was going on? 

Had the strength of the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect dramatically improved? 

The three people were somewhat puzzled. 

But it was irrelevant and they didn't need to think too much about it. 

Ye Qingyu pondered for a moment. 

In the palm of his hand, [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] was spinning around, immediately turned into a red sword light and coiled around the demon expert's body several times, before it returned to his hands. The sword pill had grown several times brighter like it had drank the blood of the demon. And the giant demon Saint corpse on the ground had suddenly erupted into a cloud of dust, scattering between heaven and earth. Even the dark green demon blood on the ground had lost its essence and dried up, solidifying on the ground. 

The essence of the giant demon corpse had been drawn into the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill]. 

“Let's go.” 

Ye Qingyu turned away. 

Just now he had seen through the battle using the [Eyes of the Void], and understood it more than Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui, and was aware of the strength of both sides. The strength of the suspected giant demon Saint was probably around the middle stages of the Saint realm and could be considered as an experienced Saint expert. If Ye Qingyu was against him, he was certain that he could kill the opponent within ten minutes, but he could not instantly slaughter the Saint expert like what the sword light had done. If he was to face the one who launched the sword light, whether that person was the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect or not, Ye Qingyu had no confidence in winning. 

Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui followed behind Ye Qingyu. 

After this scene, the two people had a new understanding of the degree of terrifyingness of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor and thus increased their vigilance. But the two were after all experts that had been through hundreds of battles, seen countless wind and rain, and each possessed many life-saving hidden cards. Thus they were not afraid nor did they plan to retreat. 

But the silly dog was lying on the shoulder of Ye Qingyu, looking depressed. 

It had thought that the huge fat demon body was destined to become its meal. Who knew it was fed to the sword.

This was a huge disappointment to Little Nine, so he did not even try to make excuses and directly jumped up and bit the heel of Hu Bugui. 

“Ah, ouch ouch ouch... let go.” Hu Bugui yelled, “I didn't look at you.” 


Ye Qingyu was speechless, lifted him up by the scruff of his neck with a darkened face and scolded, “Do not bite people for no reason.” 

“Woof!” Little Nine moodily promised. 

In fact, he also did not know what was going on. These days, his teeth had always been feeling itchy, as though he had to nibble on something to relieve the itch, and the bones in his body were feeling limp and soft. He had never had such a feeling before, and thus Little Nine panicked a little. 

“Could it be that I have eaten too much lately and damaged my stomach? Or is Woof finally going to be an adult and is starting to grow?”

Little Nine began to think of nonsense. 

Then his gaze fell on the little strange black stone hanging at the waist of Ye Qingyu.

Woof? The stone looks very hard, maybe it can be used to grind teeth? He thought to himself, I'll find a chance to steal it... even if I get caught it should be fine, he wouldn't be so stingy to not even give a stone to me, right?

As a result, the million-year-old soul, who had been silent all this time, inexplicably sneezed several times.

He did not think that the Chaos Demon Heart he had spent so much time to refine would be treated as a grinding stone by a dog.

Two more days had passed. 

The demonic vicious current between the heaven and earth was becoming more and more intense. 

The speed at which Ye Qingyu and the others traveled at was very slow, because the million-year-old soul was still calculating the exact location of the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall. 

“It's within a three hundred thousand-mile radius, but we still have to wait to determine the exact location,” the million-year-old soul said.

They had to wait a little longer. 

In the meantime, Nan Tieyi had contacted the Immortal God Emperor Sect several times and had received a response letting them know that everything in the sect was good. Although the three were relieved to know this, they still found it very strange why the army and battleships of Greater One Sect had disappeared, and there was no longer any traces of them during this long period of time. It seemed as though they had abandoned the attempt to dominate Clear River Domain? 

But with the passage of time, Ye Qingyu and the others also encountered trouble. 

They were confronted with a sneak attack. 

As chaos struck, massacre finally began. 

The news of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had attracted more and more attention, but increasingly more and more forces, imperial courts, and aristocratic families had realized that this news was not a joke. Those who originally saw this news as a joke also reflected over. The whole world had gone crazy. It should be said that not all living beings could overcome the greed in their heart like the Patriarch of the Hundred Spirits Sect, thus there were more and more figures descending onto Clear River Domain like moths flying into a flame. 

When so many fish suddenly appear in a small pond, it will become crowded.

This was the case in Clear River Domain. 

In the originally uninhabited area there were activities of experts of all major races. 

There were more and more. 

Ye Qingyu and the others unavoidably met face to face with hundreds of different groups of people. 

Perhaps impacted by the violent chaos demonic qi between heaven and earth, very soon tension was created between different forces, and many large and small fights seemed like it would break out at any time. Challenges were always happening. The winner of the previous moment might be dead in the next. 

Even Little Nine was aghast at the sight. 

He had originally thought it was very unreasonable for him to find some excuse to bite Hu Bugui's heel when he inadvertently looked at him, but when he saw the number of forces killing each other without any reason or even saying a word, Little Nine immediately understood that his unreasonableness was still very shallow. 

And it didn't take long for someone to take a shot at Ye Qingyu and the others. 

Because these three people and the dog did not look particularly strong. 

The one with the most powerful aura was Ye Qingyu, who on the surface was a little Saint expert. Although he might have a little deterrent ability in other places, in the current Clear River Domain he was barely just considered as a top expert and there was a large gap between him and the real top experts. Moreover, Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui had a weaker aura, but were both semi-Saint realm experts. More importantly, compared to the groups of hundreds of people traveling together, Ye Qingyu’s group was somewhat pitiful in number. 

From any point of view, the trio was a group of big fat sheep to be slaughtered. 

But when Little Nine flew into a rage and grew to a white beast, swallowing three Saint realm experts and their hundreds of followers at once, the first wave of challenges against the trio ended very quickly. 

“No wonder these three bastards dare to swagger here, they are just relying on that dog.”

“What dog is that? He could swallow Saint experts. He is most likely a divine beast.”

“Think of a way to snatch that divine dog.” 

The experts of the great forces were all thinking the same thing when they saw Little Nine unleash his fearful power. Battle beasts were also a part of a martial artist's strength. The white beast seemed to have a strange background, but was exceptionally strong. It was a waste for it to be in the hands of three semi-Saint experts. The news quickly spread, and experts that were not in this region came one after another to snatch away the silly dog.

Since the chaos had come, and order had been lost, everything depended on strength. 

“You three, hand over the divine beast, terminate the battle pet contract and I can spare your life. Or you can die.” A young demon, who looked around twenty years old, stopped Ye Qingyu and the others with contempt and disdain in his eyes, like he was looking at three lowly ants, “You three are so weak, you don’t deserve to have this powerful divine beast.” 

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry. 

It was the first time he had met someone who wanted to take away his dog. 

And Little Nine for a moment was both a bit sad and happy. 

For the first time, he felt the warmth of being praised and valued——


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