963 - Saint experts like ants (1)

Chapter 963, Saint experts like ants

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Ye Qingyu held back Little Nine by the neck, and he finally loosened the bite.

Suddenly a few clear tooth marks had appeared on Hu Bugui's heel. 

“Damn it, it's just a saying, I...” The bandit leader felt very wronged.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to say to Nan Tieyi, “Brother Nan Tieyi, send a message again, contact your sect to see whether there is anything happening.”  

Nan Tieyi had passed back the news of the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor to the Immortal God Emperor Sect through special channels three days ago. However, he had not received corresponding information back from the Wei River Mountain Range, nor did he know what the leaders of the Immortal God Emperor Sect were thinking. Ye Qingyu felt that the worry of Hu Bugui was justified, and that it was very likely that the Greater One Sect was gathering up strength to concentrate on the full fight against the greatest enemy. In the entire Clear River Domain the only one that could receive such solemn treatment from the Greater One Sect was only the Immortal God Emperor Sect. Thus, Ye Qingyu was worried that there would be a problem in the Wei River Mountain Range. 

Nan Tieyi nodded. 

Of course he knew what Ye Qingyu meant. 

In fact, he also had the same concern. 

But after half an incense stick of time, such a fear was completely dispelled. 

Because after Nan Tieyi had contacted the Immortal God Emperor Sect in front of Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui, they immediately sent over the message that everything was good and that nothing had happened.  

“Did I guess wrong?” Ye Qingyu faintly felt that something was not quite right. 

Nan Tieyi answered, “Perhaps because the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had been directly let out by us, which shook the world, the plan that the Greater One Sect had was affected and they have to change their strategy. And now they don't dare to continue their previous arrogant and domineering style. After all, Clear River Domain had become the focus of the whole world, and the top forces of all sides had come. If the Greater One Sect continues to be domineering, it would inadvertently provoke some foreign major forces.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded. This was a possibility. 

In the blink of an eye, another three days of time had passed. 

Ye Qingyu and the others continue to head southwestward, stopping along the way.

“My judgment is correct, that mysterious feeling is becoming more and more clear, the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is coming,” the voice of the million-year-old soul sounded. He had turned into an ordinary stone ornament that hung on Ye Qingyu's waist belt. “It's approximately in the southwest direction, but I still can’t be sure... we are not in a hurry, slowly move forward.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

Now he could only listen to the judgment of this existence. 

In fact, the three of them, although they could not sense the aura of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, were aware of some other signs. 

One of the most obvious signs was that the laws of the heavens and earth of Clear River Domain had gradually become disturbed. The tide of the spiritual qi of heaven and earth was also a bit unstable. Such a bizarre situation had rarely appeared before. After all, Clear River Domain was in the prime of its life, the laws of heaven and earth were very stable and there should not have been such a phenomenon. There was only one explanation that could explain this—— 

The arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had disturbed the energy field of Clear River Domain. 

After another four or five days the trio was even more certain of this explanation. 

Because at this time, not only were the laws of heaven and earth disordered, but the tide of energy between heaven and earth was gradually affected by a kind of wild force, which contained shreds of strange vicious currents.  

The vicious currents did not seem strong and would not affect the cultivation base of martial artists. But soon Ye Qingyu and the others had a change of expression as they became aware of the terrible changes, because the vicious currents had unexpectedly affected the nature of the living beings in this domain. Ye Qingyu had witnessed a harmless rabbit quickly become violent after it inhaled a wisp of the vicious current. It actively attacked its own kind, and even violated its animal instincts and provoked a giant snow wolf, and eventually swallowed it up... 

“This aura makes creatures crazy, making them aggressive and fierce...” Hu Bugui sniffed the cold air. 

The look on Nan Tieyi's face was also extremely solemn. 

All kinds of strange scenes had appeared. Clear River Domain seemed to have gone demonic. 

It was most likely that it would not be long before the creatures in the domain, like the little white rabbit, became violent and fierce, and only have killing intent left in their mind. 

“This is the demonic power of the Chaos Demon Emperor, be careful to not inhale this vicious current, otherwise it will affect your mind. Especially martial artists. On the surface, it seems that the inhalation of this kind of vicious current has no effect and one can rely on one's cultivation to suppress it, but once one steps into the Reincarnation Hall the demonic nature and vicious tendencies will break out. At that time one will lose consciousness, become a slaughtering machine, and be controlled by the power of the Reincarnation Hall...” the million-year-old soul reminded Ye Qingyu. 

Ye Qingyu was aghast when he heard this.

Over the next few days, things really got worse. 

Along the way, Ye Qingyu had witnessed countless killings. The eyes of the beasts up the deep mountains had turned scarlet red, attacking what they saw. The bandits in the mountain village frantically harmed themselves. The martial artists he saw along the road had become irritable and violent. The monsters under the water were setting off huge waves, and the Demon Race showed its true form, devouring living creatures. The underground fire penetrated the crust to burn the primeval forest, the sleeping beast smashed the mountains, and battle pets killed their own owner... 

Killing began to spread like the plague. 

The further they moved in the southwest direction, the more terrifying the sight was. 

Another ten days had passed. 

Gradually, even Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi felt irritable. Their hearts overflowed with murderous spirit that they want to vent.  

“No, this demonic vicious current seems to be able to penetrate the skin and is impossible to defend against effectively...” Ye Qingyu was more and more shocked. The laws of heaven and earth were more chaotic than before, and even at his cultivation level, it was gradually difficult for him to use the power of the law. The tide of spiritual qi between heaven and earth had been depleted and replaced by violently surging demonic qi that was invisible to the naked eye. The living beings under the Heaven Ascension realm was already unable to resist the penetration of this violent aura. While experts under the Immortal Step Realm had to activate their yuan qi in order to keep themselves calm and not to kill. 


A gap cracked across the sky. 

There were meteorites roaring to the earth with heavenly fire, like stars falling from the sky. 

This was a scene arisen because the law of the Void was chaotic, the space wall barrier was disturbed, and the order was in shambles. 

In the face of the power of heaven and earth, the strength of living beings, no matter how strong they were, was ultimately limited. 

“I feel that the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is approaching, it is still the southwest direction, and it is coming...” The tone of voice of the million-year-old soul had become more serious.

Ye Qingyu, Hu Bugui, Nan Tieyi and Little Nine continued to move in the direction that he was referring to. 

After one day.

“Another three hundre thousand kilometers and it will be the edge of the Wei River Mountain Range.” Nan Tieyi looked very worried.  

All indications had made it clear that the Wei River Mountain Range seemed to be in the center of an invisible vortex. These days the direction they were moving towards was precisely where the Immortal God Emperor Sect was located. Ye Qingyu knew that the direction was right because along the way the laws of heaven and earth was increasingly chaotic, the demonic aura was increasingly strong, and there was a feeling of approaching the source of chaos. 

The feeling in Ye Qingyu's heart was not very good either. 

He remembered the images that he had seen in that divine sense over and over again, and had a bad feeling about the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

But Nan Tieyi had several times contacted the higher-ups of the Immortal God Emperor Sect and the answer was still very reassuring. The Wei River Mountain Range had not suffered attack from the Greater One Sect and everything was well.  

“I hope I am mistaken,” he comforted himself in his heart. 

But the other two clowns were quarreling and fighting noisily along the way, and evidently didn't think too much. 

“Bandit head, what are you looking at?” Little Nine opened his eyes and saw that the bandit leader Hu Bugui was glancing at him.

“Looking at you, please?” 


“Hey? Let go... let go... ouch ouch ouch.”

Hu Bugui anxiously and furiously tried to fling away the silly dog, but Little Nine hung on to his wrist like a koala, not loosening his grip at all. 

Ye Qingyu was speechless.

The silly dog was affected by the vicious demonic current, becoming irritable. These days he had several times found excuses to bite Hu Bugui. 

The three people and the dog continued along the way. 

Half a day later. 

It was less than one hundred thousand kilometers from the Wei River Mountain Range. 


Hundreds of kilometers away there was suddenly a flash of light, like the wrath of the heavens. 

“Huh? There are experts fighting ahead?” Ye Qingyu’s [Eye of the Void] were flashing purple. Looking into the distance, he saw that there were a number of figures flashing and sensed that there was a number of Saint experts in fierce battle. One of the figures was incomparably huge, like a giant of mythical legend, covered with thundercloud-like blue demonic qi. He was evidently a Saint expert of the Demon Race. Tyrannical power was frantically being activated, producing a series of raging roars. It was like a scene of doomsday. 

And the existence battling the Saint expert of the Demon Race was a wisp of sword light, which was extremely fast like the speed of light.

Ye Qingyu was surprised. 

It was the first time they had encountered the confrontation between Saint experts along the way. 

The demonic vicious currents had already affected the Saint experts? 

“Go and see.” 

The three people transformed into streams of flowing light and sped over. 

But when they arrived, although it was only a few breaths of time later, the battle had already ended.  

The great Saint expert of the Demon Race had died in battle, turned into a corpse, lost its vitality, and collapsed on the ground like a mountain. Dark green demon blood gushed out of the wounds, like a river had burst its bank, and instantly drowned the earth. The land within dozens of kilometers had been turned into a dark green sea.  

“A Saint expert was like an ant, dying instantaneously.”

Ye Qingyu felt the cruelty of the upheaval brought about by the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.  

It was evident that the Emperor's opportunity had an unparalleled attractive force. This time the competition was much worse than when the door of darkness of the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss appeared. It had only been a dozen or so days, but too many top experts and masters had already showed up in Clear River Domain... The power of a Saint expert might have been enough to shake the entire Clear River Domain in the past, but it had no deterrence at this gathering of masters—— 


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