962 - The star plate collapse

Chapter 962, The Star Plate collapse


Clear River Domain. 

On the east bank of Sky Splitting River.

A tall youngster stood there watching the Sky Splitting River rolling southwestward with a pensive expression on his face.  

He was covered up and down with a halo that looked almost unreal, like the glowing aura of a monk who had achieved the Dao, like the bright divine light of a God who ruled over all living things. A strange lake appeared, and following the long breathing of the youngster, the grass on the bank of the river leaned over in the direction in which he stood, as though bowing to an emperor over and over again. 

After a moment.

Two equally dazzling mysterious yellow brilliance swept over from the end of the sky. 

“Young Lord, there's a message from above that we’re ready to go.” A middle-aged man in an orange-yellow battle robe spoke in deep voice, like the chiming of an ancient bell. 

He was one of the guardian elders who accompanied the Sacred Son of the Sky Meteor Sect at the Black Demon Abyss. 

And the young lord opposite the guardian elder was the son of the Patriarch of the Sky Meteor Sect——Wang Hengyi.

When the Sacred Son of the Sky Meteor Sect died in battle it had shaken all sides. Everyone thought that the Sky Meteor Sect had lost a successor that they had painstakingly cultivated all these years and would be greatly weakened. When Wang Hengyi had just been pushed out by the Sky Meteor Sect he was seen only as a substitute for the Sacred Son of the Sky Meteor Sect. But Wang Hengyi, like a comet streaking across the sky, rapidly erupted out with a brilliance and power that shook all sides, displaying a power far stronger than the former Sacred Son of the Sky Meteor Sect. Many people had now forgotten the former Sacred Son of the Sky Meteor Sect, and only knew Wang Hengyi. 

Wang Hengyi was still very young, only seventeen or eighteen years old. He was dressed in a bright yellow armour with flame markings He wore an ice-cold expression and had short hair, fair and clear complexion, sharp eyes, sword-like brows, and was very handsome. Some people had said that Wang Hengyi had the shadow of the [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu. Therefore on the Road of Chaos he was also given the nickname [Little Qingyu], believing that he was another rapidly rising super genius of the Human Race after Ye Qingyu. 

But Wang Hengyi hated the nickname.  

“Haha, I finally can stretch the muscles... this Clear River Domain is quite lively. I heard that the [Ice Sword Killing God] is also in Clear River Domain. He must have also come for the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. Wait till I tread on him, then the fools of this world will know who is the real genius. It is simply a disgrace to be equally as famous as a citizen of a lowly domain!” Wang Hengyi sneered. 

On his young, handsome face, there was a disdain for the world. 



It was late at night. 

It was as though endless thick ink had smeared across the sky. The night fog was hazy, the moon was like a hook, and heaven and earth were silent.

Wei River Mountain Range. 

The mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

This mountain area was located in the southwest area of Clear River Domain, and on the other side of the Greater One Mountain Range. 

Unlike the towering peaks of Greater One mountains, the Wei River Mountain Range was mostly surrounded by rivers and mountains, and rolling hilly terrain. There was less of a majestic atmosphere, but more leisurely, quiet and peaceful. Back then when the ancestors of the Immortal God Emperor made their mark here, a lot of energy and manpower was spent to converge the spiritual veins of the heavens and earth underground in this mountain area, and to set up huge protection formations. After generations and more than thousands of years of maintenance and management, the current Wei River Mountain Range was abundant in spiritual qi, beautiful scenery, and there were countless treasures across the mountain area. It could be called a paradise in Clear River Domain.

In the deepest part of the mountain range, there was a towering, magnificent, sword-like peak.

This mountain peak, which was the highest peak within thousands of kilometers, looked as if it was extending toward the end of the sky or like a giant sword pierced down from the sky.

It was isolated, icily arrogant, overlooking the entire Wei River Mountain Range. It looked as if it did not belong to the secular world, but resembled an armoured giant guarding the surrounding countless mountains.

Such an imposing manner perfectly encapsulated the stance of the Immortal God Emperor to the world. 

This was the main peak of the Immortal God Emperor Sect—— 

The God Emperor Peak.

 At this moment, a figure was standing tall on the peak. 

This figure seemed to be around sixty years old, his look lofty, his silhouette defined, and his brows resembling swords. Dressed in a purple gold robe, his long dark purple hair draped over his back like a waterfall pouring down, fluttering in the wind but was not disheveled. He radiated an unworldly Immortal grace was the Patriarch of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, Nan Guyun. Ever since succeeded to the head of the sect, he had always maintained the system of the sect and lived a reclusive life, and rarely traveled around Jianghu. Therefore, in recent decades, Nan Tieyi, the successor of Immortal God Emperor Sect, took care of the majority of the matters of Clear River Domain. 

But the legends about Nan Guyun had never been forgotten in Clear River Domain.

Those who really knew him would understand what the name Nan Guyun represented and what kind of weight it had. 

It was rumoured that the Patriarch of the Immortal God Emperor Sect not only possessed extraordinary inner yuan which dominated Clear River Domain, but also had a profound knowledge in the art of mysterious derivation. Moreover he was exceptionally gifted, able to look into fate, and almost no one in the entire Clear River Domain could compare to him in terms of the accuracy of predicting the future based on the relation between the yin and yang and the eight divinatory trigrams and with the heavenly stems and earthly branches. In the past hundreds of years, there had been many representatives of sects, which were either in great trouble or deteriorating, requesting Nan Guyun to calculate the future of their sect. However, he had to refuse because the recipients were bound to suffer for prying into the mystery known only to heaven and the prediction of the future. Even Nan Guyun would also have to pay a certain price. 

But at this point he had made an exception. 

Because a few days ago Nan Tieyi had sent back a message. Nan Guyun finally decided to derive the mystery known only to heaven. 

In front of him was a tremendous bronze star plate, floating in the middle of the sky, emitting an ancient and mysterious aura under the stars, and flashing mottled starlight. 

[Celestial Star Plate]! 

The secret treasure of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

Nan Guyun applied all his derivation skills on the star plate.  

Under his control, the [Celestial Star Plate] produced continuous operating sounds, and dense symbols and markings, like the world's most sophisticated machines, were operating in accordance with their own order and constantly combined into different stars. At the same time, a gorgeous white brilliance blossomed out from the star plate, ancient and bizarre. A surging aura burst forth, slowly floating up and down, and radiated toward the surroundings, instantly illuminating the entire God Emperor Peak, like the starry sky. 

After a moment. 

The light on the star plate grew brighter and brighter. The specks of stars were incomparably dazzling. The twenty-two stars moved on their own, the first ten heavenly stems, followed by the last twelve earthly branches, and finally the last sixty-six that made up the formation based on yin and yang and the eight divinatory trigrams one by one returned to their original position. They condensed into a light pillar, connecting to the stars of the sky. 

Nan Guyun looked focused, constantly mouthing the incantation. 

That was when—— 


A light noise broke out. 

The starlight on the night sky suddenly went dim. 

The gorgeous dazzling silver starlight suddenly vanished, and the [Celestial Star Plate] fell to shreds.


Nan Guyun's mouth overflowed with blood, his expression changing abruptly. 

He seemed to have been struck by a bolt of lightning.  

“The star pushed the road, the fate was shown, the force can't be reverse, this... why would it be this, now... it seems that the disaster is imminent...” Nan Guyun stared at the damaged star plate in front with shocked disbelief. He appeared to have aged hundreds of years.  

The Immortal God Emperor Sect had a deep foundation and several hidden cards, so he was very confident that even if the Greater One Sect had the support of foreign forces they cannot break through the mountain gate of Immortal God Emperor Sect and the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect would be safe in the chaos of war. But unexpectedly, according to the final scene derived from the star plate and the collapse of the plate, it was a sign of extinction. It signified that the entire Immortal God Emperor Sect, as well as all of its disciples across the Wei River Mountain Range, would undoubtedly die!

Such a result was difficult for Nan Guyun to accept. 

The mountain wind was unprecedentedly cold. 

Nan Guyun’s hair had became grey within moments, and he looked incomparably old.  

“The news that Tieyi sent back... could the place that the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is going to descend be the Wei River Mountain Range?” 

The great master looked miserable, sighing repeatedly. 

The will of the heavens. 

It was the will of the heavens. 

The Mandate of Heaven must not be disobeyed. 

The heavens and earth was silent for a moment, not a sound could be heard. 

It was unknown how long it was before Nan Guyun slowly drew back his eyes. 

He sighed a heavy sigh and turned to the Dao child standing not far away, and ordered in a very solemn tone of voice, “Go and invite Master Liu Shaji to come to God Emperor Peak.”


Since ancient times, what outsider had ascended the God Emperor Peak? 



Ye Qingyu and the others took three days of time to travel less than thirty thousand kilometers.  

Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi had been listening to Ye Qingyu's command all along. They did not know about the matters of the million-year-old soul and Ye Qingyu had been secretly asking the million-year-old soul for directions. But unfortunately the million-year-old soul could not fully determine the location of the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, and could only constantly use the power of the Chaos Demon Heart to sense the location to determine an approximate position. They took many stops along the way and were more like they were strolling around and looking at the scenery. 

However, along the way, the trio were aware of some clues. 

The first was that the forces of the Greater One Sect had suddenly quietened down these days. 

Prior to this, the Greater One Sect had fought north and south, swept all sides, and suppressed almost all forces, races and sects of Clear River Domain. Everyday there was smoke everywhere, the whole domain was enveloped in the flames of war, and as soon as there was the familiar shrill bugle sound piercing through the sky, the black immemorial battleship descending from the sky, all the creatures were shuddering like it was doomsday. Everytime a battleship appeared, it meant destruction, killing, and conquest. 

But these days, from the news received from all sides, the Greater One battleship had not appeared again and the huge cities that had been taken over by the Greater One Sect and the disciples of the Greater One Sect stationed at the mountain gate seemed a lot more restrained. 

This phenomenon was not normal. 

After all, the momentum that the Greater One Sect had shown before was as though it wanted to completely rule and unify Clear River Domain. However, now they seemed to have given up.  

“That group of dogs, son of a bitch... might be gathering strength before they cause a big disturbance again... Gee, ouch ouch, let go...” Before Hu Bugui could finish what he was saying, Little Nine, who was sleeping on Ye Qingyu's shoulder, immediately jumped up in anger like someone had trampled on his tail, and bit Hu Bugui's heel.  

“Woof... you make it clear to Woof, what's wrong with dogs? What’s wrong with son of a bitch?” A low roar emitted from Little Nine's throat, “You son of a mother!”  


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