960 - Southwest direction

Chapter 960, Southwest direction


Three days of time went by in the blink of an eye.

The news of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had been released from various channels. But because the news had come too suddenly, and the matter was too astonishing, in that short period of time it did not attract too much attention. Many people listened to the news like it was a joke. After all, the name Chaos Demon Emperor had never been heard before in the long history of martial arts. 

Ye Qingyu also passed the news to the Domain Alliance. 

As to how the Domain Alliance will react, it was not known. 

In any case, when the news got out it would be impossible for forces from the dark side or the light side to do things secretively. The ordinary sects and forces had never heard of the name Chaos Demon Emperor, but that did not mean that everyone did not know about it. The sects that had thousands of years of foundation naturally had their own channels and ancient records. They knew about many secrets of the world that were unknown to many people, and naturally had a deep understanding of what the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor represented. 

Domain Gates were already established and opened in Flowing Light City, and were directly connected to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Under the guidance of the Patriarch of the Hundred Spirits Sect, the refugees in Flowing Light City were transferred to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

This matter would no doubt carry some consequences, and would certainly cause some dispute in the future, but at such a critical time they could not care too much. They were prepared to bear the responsibility with Ye Qingyu.

On the third day, Ye Qingyu, along with silly dog Little Nine, Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi, left Flowing Light City to meet up with the million-year-old soul at Greater One Mountain Range.

On the way, Ye Qingyu roughly mentioned that they would travel with an elder of the Human Race on this operation, but had not specifically spoken about the true background of the million-year-old soul. He first had to ask the million-year-old soul before he could tell them in detail. Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi also did not ask any further. 

Half an hour later. 

They came to the periphery of Greater One Mountain Range. 

Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi waited at the periphery, while Ye Qingyu traveled to the eighth peak of Greater One Sect alone.

But to his surprise, an unexpected thing had happened. On the central peak, where the Storm Platform was previously, there was completely nothing. The huge Storm Platform had vanished without a trace. If it was not for some markings on the ground, which proved that the Storm Platform was once here, Ye Qingyu simply would have thought that what he saw three days ago was nothing but a dream. 

What was going on? 

The Storm Platform had vanished?

“Elder? Are you there?” Having released his divine sense and made no discovery, Ye Qingyu couldn't help asking out loud, his voice echoing across the Lotus Flower eighth peak. 

“Little guy, you came?” a familiar voice sounded.  

It was the million-year-old soul. 

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh of relief when he heard his voice. He really was afraid that some sort of accident had happened. After all, the million-year-old soul had not completely refined the Chaos Demon Heart yet, and seemed to possess no combat power. However, when he looked around and still could not see any figure in sight, he couldn’t help asking again, “Elder, where are you? Has the Chaos Demon Heart finished refinement? Please show yourself.” 

“Haha, I'm right there in the same place, look closely.” The voice of the million-year-old soul sounded again, and from the voice it was clear that his mood was obviously very good. 

Ye Qingyu was taken aback. 

He looked again at the original location of the Storm Platform , and there was still no discovery.

The power of his divine sense was released out like the tide, yet it still did not detect any power or fluctuation of life force.

“Hahaha, look closely, I'm still here, just turned a little smaller...” The million-year-old soul teased.

Turned a little smaller? 

Ye Qingyu took a more careful look at where the Storm Platform originally was. There were dozens of small stones, one of which, flashing a faint glow. The appearance was a bit strange, and on a closer examination it really was a bit similar to the Storm Platform, except that the size differed significantly. 

Could it be?

Ye Qingyu could not believe it.  

 At this moment, the small black stone jumped up and floated over to Ye Qingyu. On the surface all of a sudden a mouth opened wide as a voice spread out, “Four years, I have finally refined this Chaos Demon Heart. It feels pretty good. Haha, little guy you didn't expect it, right?” 

Ye Qingyu was a little dumbfounded. 

He really didn't think of that.  

He originally thought that the so called refinement of the Chaos Demon Heart was to refine it into a tangible body, but never thought that the final result was that the huge Storm Platform was transformed into a little object, the size of a child's fists. This... this was the new body of the million-year-old soul? 

Ye Qingyu really gave a wry smile. 

How could a small stone be associated with the word ‘body’?  

The million-year-old soul seemed to have noticed Ye Qingyu's astonishment. The black stone opened its mouth again, “The refinement of a body is not that easy. Since ancient times, there are too many materials that cannot bear my consciousness power. I can only take it step by step. The impurities of this Chaos Demon Heart have all been removed, but there is only little essence left. Fortunately it is just a carrier.” 

Ye Qingyu sort of understood. 

“Elder, there are two other things that I must apologize for not asking for your agreement beforehand. I have two friends who are now in the periphery of the Greater One Mountains and want to go with me.” Ye Qingyu introduced Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi, and then described in detail what had happened in the past three days, including how he acted on his own initiative and spread out the matter of the impending arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. 

“Don't worry, what you have done is what I wanted to do. The more people pay attention to this matter, the more that scheming is not feasible. That means everything will depend on strength.” The million-year-old soul stone jumped on to Ye Qingyu's shoulder, “Next, we will head southwest, you can do whatever you want, just treat me as a real stone, don’t let others know, when we reach the place I will let you know.” 

Head southwest? 

That was the direction of the Wei River Mountain Range of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. 

Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath. 



In the direction of the southwest.

It was less than ten thousand kilometers from the Wei River Mountain Range. 

In a torn and desolate small village, there was a terrifying strong smell of blood drifting in the Void. There were only the devastating traces of war left behind in the originally peaceful and stable village. The buildings and houses had collapsed, and everywhere there were discarded corpses.

Not far away, more than ten bandits were circled around a group of frightened, shivering refugees to kidnap the women. 

“Please let us go... Master, she is still young, she is only nine years old...” A trembling old man, unable to bear his granddaughter being taken away, tightly held on to her in his thin and weak arms. 

“Old thing, you want to die!” Armed with a small knife, a fierce-faced bandit lashed out with a kick to the old man’s stomach, and with a backhand slash a grey-haired head was seen rolling across the ground. The nine-year-old girl was lifted up. 

“Quickly hurry up, kill everyone else except for the females!” On the other side, a tall and burly bandit leader with zigzag scars across his face picked up two women who were so frightened that they were paralyzed like chicks, undisguised lust in his eyes. 

“Mummy, I'm scared...” On the other side, a thin little boy was curled up in his mother's arms, shivering with fear.

“Hurry, run...” The mother looked weak and was ashen-faced from fear, but in the face of danger, she gathered up the strength to pick up the child and flee, but unfortunately the next moment she was sent flying. The child also fell to one side.

“You want to run? I’ll kill your son first...” The next moment, the bandits’ knife was raised again and was about to be brought down at the weak and thin boy.

“No... don't...” the mother screamed, tears of despair burst forth. 

Watching the tragedy about to happen, incredibly bizarre things began to take place. 

The leader found that his body was imprisoned by a mysterious and bizarre force, no matter how hard he struggled, his body could not move at all.

He glanced around and found that all the brothers around him were motionless and stiff, looking ahead with an aghast face. 

This... what was going on here! 

He turned around to the crowd.

He could only see that at the end of the village there was a pure and faint white light slowly coming towards their side.

The gaze of the bandit leader and the others uncontrollably moved to the white light.

Gradually, the white light grew clearer and it was then that they saw a layer of soft cloud-like mist shrouding a beautiful and graceful woman in white, who was coming towards them.

Faintly, it could be seen that her black hair reached the ground, tied with a green-blue ribbon, and the ends of her hair fluttering with the wind. Between the strands of hair, there was white brilliance intertwined around them. Her white robe was whiter than snow, spotless, pure and untainted by a speck of dust. Although her facial features were blurred under the dense mist, from that charm and aura she simply did not look like a mortal but more like a fairy of the Ninth Heaven. 

Throughout the village, it suddenly became extraordinarily serene. 

All of the people looked on, enchanted. 

Some people even started to hold their breath, as though afraid that the slightest movement would disturb the fairy.

And the woman did not stop. 

She was half floating in the air, as if she was just passing by, and slowly drifted past their side.

After a few moments. 

“Oh my god, a beauty...” the bandit leader exclaimed, eyes lighting up, and bit his tongue to check if he was dreaming. “This woman is simply a fairy from the heavens. Hahaha, I can’t believe there is such a beautiful woman on this world. Brothers, what are you waiting for!”

But no one responded to him.

It was quiet, bizarrely quiet.  

“What's going on?” Confused, the bandit leader spun around. 

Then, he witnessed a scene that he would never forget.

From the more than ten bandits’ bodies, at the same time there was a pure small white flower blooming out, light slowly diffusing, and after a few moments the bandits were transformed into white fireworks, dissipating into the atmosphere. 

“What is that? How... How could it be... who did this?” The bandit leader was aghast.—— 


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