917 - You will regret it

Chapter 917, You will regret it


“Yes, the power the human Race had in the Vast Thousand Domains had crumbled, but these years there have been countless Heaven's pridelings and there hasn’t been any shortage of young people with potential. However what I cannot understand is how Ye Qingyu has risen rapidly. Logically speaking, his foundation should be unstable, but his every step is very steady. Now he has become the third deputy envoy of the Human Race, he has soared to the heavens. It really is incredible. With him supporting Heaven Wasteland Domain, it would be impossible for an ordinary person to touch Heaven Wasteland Domain.” 

An old man in plain cotton clothing behind Fu Tianao sighed.  

The old man called Ke Juxian played the role of trusted adviser in the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, and followed President Fu Tianao for many years. His relationship with Fu Tianao was between that of a teacher and friend. In the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce he was usually very low-key, and called himself ‘old servant’. Although he was not the strongest, he was terrifying knowledgeable and wise, and had often made perfect counterattacks in commercial wars with his strategic decision.  

“Haha, I can't believe how Elder Ke Juxian could be so optimistic about Ye Qingyu.” Fu Tianao smiled, stood up, came to the battleship deck and began to stretch his body. 

The old man Ke Juxian followed after, “That man analyzes every step he takes, and takes necessary risks to win. He could even come out alive in the 18th district  of the Black Demon Abyss, and made friends with [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], as well as the Phoenix Race and the Black Demon Race... That man has invincible luck. Now is his time of transforming into the dragon. No matter what we must not make him an enemy.” 

Fu Tianao nodded, turned back and smiled, “Yes, we cannot make Ye Qingyu an enemy. Elder Ke Juxian you see it as luck, but I view it as martial arts strength. In the world of martial arts, strength is the foundation of all. My Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce has spent forty percent  of the annual profit, and it took nearly one hundred years, to cultivate a Sky Suppressing military division. However, based on impact it is inferior to how Ye Qingyu became famous in a battle in Yangcheng City. If the information that was found is not wrong, and that the battle on the little summit in Black Demon Abyss really existed, then Ye Qingyu's strength has really reached an unfathomable level. Even if he were not a deputy envoy of the Human Race, we still have to bow down to him.” 

The two men chatted and laughed, seemingly extremely relaxed. 

Because according to some previous news, the diplomatic mission corps of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce had performed pretty well in Heaven Wasteland Domain and had reached a number of agreements with Heaven Wasteland Domain, as well as built many good relationships. Fu Tianao did not inform the chief of the mission corps Li Wanhai in advance about his visit this time. He wanted to personally meet the Empress and Ye Qingyu to express his sincerity.

He wanted to obtain the friendship of Heaven Wasteland Empire, especially that of Ye Qingyu, before the other big chambers of commerce.

“President, ahead is Snow capital, there are airships of the Heaven Wasteland Empire patrolling around. The other side wants us to lower the height and to be subjected to inspection...” bodyguards of the Chamber of Commerce came over to report.  

Fu Tianao nodded, “Do everything according to the rules and laws of the Heaven Wasteland Empire. We are guests, guest should do as the host thinks fit.” 


Outside of Light City. 

Xie Yuyun was drenched in cold sweat and almost too weak to stand up.   

As the chief of a top chamber of commerce, the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce, Xie Yuyun was in fact a very strong and important person. In the Vast Thousand Domains, he also had a bit of fame and was the one behind the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce controlling the descendants of the Xie family. He entered the chamber of commerce thirty years ago and had made many great achievements ever since. Now he was one of the six chiefs of power in the chamber of commerce, second only to the president, and the youngest chief ever. 

To tell the truth, his visit to Heaven Wasteland Domain was a task that he had racked his brain to obtain.

Many people of the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce understood how terrifying the potential of a new domain could be. To be able to become the head of this business district, as long as he did not make any careless mistake, in around three to five years or so, and at most ten years, he could get enough merits and achievements, and move a step further, and even potentially attack the president's throne.

Xie Yuyun, of course, had this thought. 

But, this time, he almost made a huge mistake. 

And it was a devastating flaw that was almost fatal.

Thinking back, half an hour ago, when Xie Yuyun received the hundreds of thousands of urgent messages from the headquarters of Heaven Connect City, and learned that the present Ye Qingyu had become the third deputy envoy of the Human Race, he almost lost consciousness from fear.

Because before that, he had made a deal with Li Wanhai of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce to join forces to fight against the Heaven Wasteland Empire, forcing the higher-ups of the Heaven Wasteland Empire to sanction Ye Qingyu.

Xie Yuyun's way of thinking was same as Li Wanhai. They both thought that since Ye Qingyu had done so much for Heaven Wasteland Domain and came from Heaven Wasteland Domain, he would be the same as many geniuses, in that he would be restrained by his people and that Heaven Wasteland Domain would be his achilles heel. Although the chamber of commerce alliance did not have much advantage facing Ye Qingyu directly, but if they pressured him from the side, and sanctioned him through the Heaven Wasteland Empire, then the winner would certainly be the chambers of commerce alliance. 

After all, Xie Yuyun had used the same method in many other domains before.

But it had never occurred to him that Ye Qingyu had soared to the sky, becoming the third deputy envoy of the Human Race of the Domain Alliance.

After reading the urgent message from the headquarters, Xie Yuyun almost went crazy. 

After the great shock, he immediately issued a series of orders, did not hesitate to unilaterally tear up the agreement he had reached with Li Wanhai, and then ordered people to, in the shortest possible time, prepare a generous gift, then personally came to the Light City and respectfully asked to see Ye Qingyu. 

And just now, through several Light soldiers, Xie Yuyun came to know that a few moments ago, Li Wanhai along with dozens of top elite experts of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce had aggressively stormed towards Light City. 

This was a strategy that the chiefs of the major chambers of commerce had discussed before. Li Wanhai would take the lead, and then he and the chief of the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce and Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce would gradually enter Light City, pressuring the higher ups of the Heaven Wasteland Empire. 

“It seems that Li Wanhai has not received the urgent message from the headquarters of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce yet, and did not know that Ye Qingyu had become the third deputy envoy of the Human Race... Next, Li Wanhai was bound to be killed, not only Li Wanhai, the whole Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce really has met with bad luck. It's all because of that Fu Yan!” 

Xie Yuyun was soaked in cold sweat with this thought. 

At this moment, several waves of people were coming in the distance. 

It was the chief of the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce and the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce appearing with their trusted aides. 

Xie Yuyun, upon a glance at them, immediately knew that they were also aware of Ye Qingyu’s identity. Thus, like him, they rushed over to make amends. As for Li Wanhai... that idiot who was seeking death, they could only let him fend for himself. 

Given the events, the choice of each chamber of commerce was strangely consistent, betraying the pig Li Wanhai.



“Today, I, Li Wanhai will put the words out there, if Ye Qingyu is not dead, the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce will immediately withdraw from Heaven Wasteland Domain, not only to withdraw, but also completely block Heaven Wasteland Domain from the Vast Thousand Domains. I will let you know what is the fire of anger of a top chamber of commerce.”

Li Wanhai screamed with extreme anger. 

He swept his eyes across everyone at the banquet of the Fire Grove, like he was looking at a group of foolish dogs.

The majority of the courtiers of Heaven Wasteland Empire all had a change of expression.

They did not know about the death of Fu Yan, so it was impossible for them to understand why Li Wanhai was so furious, and had such strong resentment towards Palace Lord Ye Qingyu.

“Oh, is the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce that amazing?” Ye Qingyu smiled, and said in a slightly mocking tone, “The fire of anger of a top chamber of commerce? Is it scary? You think too highly of yourself. Moreover, can your words really represent the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce?”

“Hmph, whether or not the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce is that great, you will soon know. The person with the surname Ye, you’re nothing but a mad dog. You do not deserve the reputation you have on the Road of Chaos. The major forces are just too lazy to deal with a mad dog like you. Do you really think that you’re really invincible?” Li Wanhai did not hold back at all. He wanted to force the higher-ups of the Heaven Wasteland Empire to sanction and abandon Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was not in the slightest angered by his words. 

Many trash like Li Wanhai had died in his hands on the Road of Chaos. Given Ye Qingyu's present status, how would he be provoked by such low-level tricks and words.

But the others could not stand it any longer.  

“Nonsense, how dare you be so rude, you deserve to die,” Gao Han snapped. No matter when, no matter what the occasion, Gao Han would firmly stood on the side of Ye Qingyu, and would never waver in the slightest. 

Lin Zheng and the others also sprang up and slammed the table. 

The situation instantly became tensed. 

At this moment, another Light soldier darted over to report that the chiefs of the three main chambers of commerce, including the True Spirit, Engraved Cauldron and Divine Symbol, were outside asking to see Ye Qingyu no matter what. 

“Hahahahaha...” Li Wanhai burst into wild laughter. “I told you I will let you foolish villagers know how terrifying the power of top chambers of commerce is. I’m not afraid to tell you that the chiefs of these three chambers of commerce are here to suppress and sanction Mad Dog Ye. If your Heaven Wasteland Empire cannot give me an account, you will regret it.” 

All of the people present had a change of countenance upon hearing these words. 

If they had only provoked the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, it would not be the end of the world for Heaven Wasteland Empire. However, if the four major chambers of commerce all refused to cooperate with them, then the problem could be really big. For the imperial empire, it would be tantamount to a disaster. What had Palace Lord Ye Qingyu done that would unexpectedly stir up such a huge trouble.

This must be a misunderstanding, right?  

Some people's eyes wavered as they looked at Ye Qingyu—— 


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