915 - I invite everybody to watch a show

Chapter 915, I invite everybody to watch a show

There were a total of seven top chambers of commerce that had come to Heaven Wasteland Domain this time, including the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce and Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce. In addition to them, there was also the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce, the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce, the Immemorial Chamber of Commerce, the Sunrise Chamber of Commerce, and the Free and Unfettered Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the top chambers of commerce, there were many little chambers of commerce, which were also the partners that Empress Yu Xiaoxing had carefully selected in Heaven Connect City. Moreover, this was only the first batch of chambers of commerce forces. Heaven Wasteland Domain was a huge domain, with vast territory and in the future there would be countless chambers of commerce, aristocratic families and martial forces settling here. This was exactly what the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had to do.

In less than a moment, the three main chiefs of the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce, the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce and the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce were invited to Li Wanhai's secret meeting hall. 

Although there was a competitive relationship between the large chambers of commerce, partnership and cooperation among them were more common. They each operated different businesses, and were not considered as enemies. Their entry into Heaven Wasteland Domain this time was an opportunity to emerge as the top, to form a temporary alliance and to advance and retreat together. In particular these four chambers of commerce had long reached an agreement. 

When Li Wanhai said this, the chief supervisor of the other three major chambers of commerce were also surprised to know that Demon King Ye had unexpectedly returned to Heaven Wasteland Snow capital, and with such thunderous force, and even killed Fu Yan.

“That Demon King Ye really is crazy.” The head of the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce, Xie Yuyun, let out a long sigh. What Demon King Ye had done was not only hitting the face of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, but simply not attaching any importance to the seven major chambers of commerce. 

The heads of the other two major chambers of commerce did not speak, pondering about the signals that the matter represented and what they could each get from it.  

“Gentlemen, I, Li Wanhai do not like to waste time talking nonsense, my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce is willing to offer another thirty percent of the profits of the previous agreement, and you all can get a share of it. However that is only on the condition that you will cooperate with my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce and deal with that Madman Ye. If that so-called Empress wants to shelter that mad dog, then we will bring this matter to the Domain Alliance. In short, I must be able to vent my anger. That mad dog must be dealt with. At that time the one who will be unable to speak of their bitter suffering would not be my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. Since that mad dog dared to bite my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce today, in a few days, you also will absolutely not end well.”

The head of the other three chambers of commerce nodded with a ruminative expression. 

The matter was basically made into a deal. 

As to how to implement it concretely, it was necessary to discuss in detail.

For the next hour, the four men were discussing in the room. 

After the discussion, Xie Yuyun and the other three people left. 

Li Wanhai closed the door, his expression growing serious.

Fu Yan had died in Heaven Wasteland Domain. No matter what, he had to bear this responsibility. Once the news reached the president's ears, Li Wanhai knew that he could not escape punishment, because he was well aware of how much the president valued Fu Yan. What he could now do was solve the matter to the greatest extent before the president found out, then perhaps he would be exempt from punishment.

And the best way to do so was to kill the murderer Ye Qingyu. 

The gathering of the Leaders of the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce, the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce and the others was only the first step in Li Wanhai’s plan. What he had to do next was the real trump card. 

After informing the bodyguard outside to not allow anyone outside to come in, Li Wanhai then set up a number of prohibitions in the room, carefully took out an object that was similar to a silver mirror, which was engraved with many formation markings, and injected a wisp of yuan qi. The mirror gradually began to flash. 

After around ten breaths of time.

A strange face appeared in the silver mirror.  

Li Wanhai spoke out in a loud and clear voice, “That mad dog has returned to Heaven Wasteland Domain. Wen Fusheng, you have been building momentum, and now the time has come. In the shortest possible time, find a chance to challenge Ye Qingyu and then kill him.” 

“Is that your orders, or the order from above?” There was a hoarse voice in the silver mirror, and then a strange face opened its mouth and spoke.

“Whoever it is, you have to hurry up to do it.” Li Wanhai roared. “Young master Fu Yan has died, and was killed by that crazy dog, do I still need to explain myself?”

“Got it,” the hoarse voice sounded in the silver mirror. 

Then, the brilliance in the mirror flashed away. 

Everything returned to normal. 

Palace Lord Ye Qingyu had returned! 

The news, which was enough to bring Heaven Wasteland Domain to a boil, began to spread on a small scale.

However, only some of the Empire’s upper courtiers were vaguely aware of the news.

After seeing Li Wanhai off, Lin Zheng and the others had found it incredibly difficult to restrain their excitement. They did not want to discuss other matters, and after a simple and half-hearted discussion, it was already the end of what should have been a very lengthy meeting. Then, under the leadership of the Commander of the Light Camp Wang Lijin, they couldn't wait to head to Light City. 

Liu Gelao and the others, of course, were extremely keen to go, but they had no choice but to stay here until it had been approve.

After all, Light City had completely restored its majesty and status of the early days of the Snow Empire. If a courtier was not summoned, it was not easy to gain entry into Light City. Moreover, after the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had returned, the process of the rating assessment and various matters began to spread, and coupled with the Empress’s intentional publicity, the Lord of the Light Palace, Ye Qingyu, was wildly worshipped by countless people of the Empire, and Light City had become an imperial shrine. 

An hour later, Lin Zheng came out of Light City with a look of joy on his face.

“Palace Lord Ye Qingyu plans to invite the pillars of the empire to a banquet in Light City this afternoon.” 

This news came from the mouth of Lin Zheng and was passed on to each of the courtiers of the empire that Ye Qingyu had invited to the banquet, which made every invited person feel honoured and excited, and also a bit surprised. It was said that this was Palace Lord Ye Qingyu's first time taking the initiative to entertain the courtiers of the empire. Moreover, the Empress was currently cultivating in seclusion at this time, therefore it was a little strange to hold a banquet and invite the courtiers without passing through Her Majesty. 

Some of the slightly more intelligent people realized that the banquet might not be that simple.

But everyone who was invited was still excited to appear in Light City. 

Lin Zheng and the others were the first batch of people to come.

Everything in Light City had long been ready. The venue of the banquet was in the Fire Grove next to the underground fire spirit sword pit. Simple stone tables and stone chairs were set up in the Fire Grove on which there were very simple wine and vegetables. There were not any delicious delicacies or exotic food. The wind rustled the fire trees, creating a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere. 

Lin Zheng and the others were not surprised by this. 

After all, Palace Lord Ye Qingyu was a divine dragon-like person. Three years ago he was already invincible in Heaven Wasteland Domain. His banquet was obviously substance over style. Even if there were only plain tea and simple food on the stone table, there would still be countless people scrambling for a place to attend the banquet. 

Lin Zheng was the person who notified the people on the banquet list, so he naturally knew that there would be others in addition to the courtiers of the empire. The representatives of the four foreign territories were also among those invited. 

Gao Han, who could be regarded as only below Ye Qingyu in Light City, personally greeted the arriving ministers and courtiers of the empire and took them to their seats. 

This martial arts genius of the Snow Empire who wholeheartedly wanted to live in seclusion back then, was now an authority who could influence the fate of the empire. All the operations of the whole Light City were basically handled by Gao Han, followed by Li Changkong and other people. Even Lin Zheng, a minister of the empire, could only ponder over what Gao Han had said. Of course, Gao Han understood his duty and kept to his role of supervising Light City and never participated in the political affairs of the empire. 

But the officials of the empire who came to the banquet all greeted Gao Han politely. 

After the time needed to burn an incense stick. 

All of the people on the list had arrived.

Among them were the Golden Summit Prince, Hu Yu, the First Princess, and other important figures of the empire.  

There were also the two youngsters Heng Weilin and Shang Rui, who were seen as the trusted aides of Lin Zheng.

Among the people, these two were the youngest, and had the lowest position. At the beginning of the welcoming, the two youngsters could not believe that they could get such a chance to sit here, and were unable to calm their excitement. They were grateful to Lin Zheng for recognizing their worth and employing them, and had incomparable respect for him. But when it came to a true idol, it was still the Lord of the Light Palace Ye Qingyu. These two were known as the most remarkable rising stars of the empire in the past two decades, but listening to the beautiful sound of the Fire Grove, there was a surreal dream-like feeling. 

The other officials of the empire, seeing that the two young men had also appeared at the banquet, could not help but improve their opinion of them.

As Ye Qingyu appeared in the Fire Grove in a white robe, everyone uncontrollably stood up.

There was a hot, crazy, but peaceful strangeness in the air. 

Everyone was incomparably excited, but also dared not to be the first to speak. 

“Everybody, it’s been a long while, please sit down.” Ye Qingyu, who was seated on the central main seat, smiled and gave a cupped fist salute. He then looked at the First Princess, the Golden Summit Prince and the other people. “Princess, Prince, thank you for coming.” 

The atmosphere soon relaxed. 

The banquet began. 

The fruits and vegetables, as well as the drinks on the table were not ordinary items, but were spirit fruits and divine wine that Ye Qingyu had obtained from outside of Heaven Wasteland Domain. After drinking, everybody felt refreshed, unprecedented comforted, and some were surprised to find that the injuries in their body from many years ago and chronic ailments were gradually eliminated. 

“All of you are the pillars of my Heaven Wasteland Empire. I returned to Heaven Wasteland Domain three days ago, and the first thing I wanted to do was invite you to the Fire Grove to discuss the opening of the Domain Gate, the beginning of a new era for Heaven Wasteland Domain, and the future of the empire.”  

Ye Qingyu raised his glass first in salute. 

Everybody raised their glasses in salute. 

Finishing it in one gulp.

Ye Qingyu smiled, “Actually, the reason I invited everybody here today, in addition to the banquet, there are some things I want to discuss with you. But before we go into the discussion, I ask you to come and watch a show first.” 

As he was speaking, he gently moved his hand in a waving motion. 

Gao Han, who was standing at Ye Qingyu's side, immediately went away to prepare. 

Everybody was curious.  

What was the show that Palace Lord Ye Qingyu wanted everybody to see?

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