914 - A head

Chapter 914, A head


Li Wanhai slowly recovered from his surprise after figuring it out. 

He cast a glance at the fat man. Although what the fatty said was harsh and had infuriated him, at this moment he was still inevitably a little curious and wanted to know what was held in the exquisite black lacquer box. What could it be? He had never heard that the Demon King Ye Qingyu had given gifts to other people. What was happening? Why would the Demon King tell someone to come find him? 

Could it be that the legendary Demon King Ye Qingyu also knew what had happened these days, was well aware of the strength of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, and thus was afraid that Lin Zheng would ruin things so he wanted to settle the matter. And to do so, he specifically sent a person over to present him with a ‘huge gift’? 

With this thought, even if Li Wanhai had long trained his mind to be unaffected by honour and disgrace, he was still a little complacent.  

He cast a glance at Wang Lijin, knitting his brows in a frown, “Out of respect for Palace Lord Ye Qingyu, I will not argue with you for now, when I see Palace Lord Ye Qingyu himself, I'll negotiate with him... bring the gift box over here.” 


Wang Lijin wore an obnoxious expression. 

He looked at Li Wanhai with an expression like he was looking at an idiot, then tried to say something and finally held back, tossing the black lacquer box to him with a sneer on his face, “Old boy, catch.”

Li Wanhai caught the box with one hand. 

Looking closely, he found that the wooden box was pitch-black, and did not seem to be strengthened with any seals. There were some detailed engraved patterns and totems, and adding to this, there was a chill emitting from the box. 

It was not heavy! 

Catching it with one hand, Li Wanhai began to guess what sort of valuable things could be contained inside, and then finally opened up the box.


A strong smell of blood gushed out of the box right away. 

Li Wanhai went stiff all of a sudden like he was frozen, as if he had seen the most unbelievable thing in the world. He even lost control, letting the lacquerware box drop to the ground. 


A bloody head rolled out of the lacquer box. 

The sudden change made everyone’s eyes go wide with shock. 

It was a head?  

This... what was going on?

Even Lin Zheng had no idea that such a scene would happen. 

When he looked closely, he found that the face of the head was clear and discernible, and seemed to be somewhat familiar. He was able to identify who it was - Young master Fu Yan of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, who had given him and the others an extreme headache to the extent that they did not know how to deal with him. 

Fu Yan had died? 

After a brief shock, Lin Zheng understood everything. 

It seemed that Lord Ye Qingyu had already known about the situation once he came back, and had directly taken action by killing the young master of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, who had committed crimes across Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

This was in line with Palace Lord Ye Qingyu’s style. 

And the other courtiers, after exclaiming in surprise, also realized the situation. 

This... really was a big deal. 

Their Palace Lord Ye Qingyu really was a merciless man. 

The other courtiers could not help sighing. 

While Li Wanhai, after the initial great shock, was trembling all over, tottering, and almost collapsed to the ground. The youngster behind him hurriedly reached out to support him. Li Wanhai's chest was heaving up and down rapidly and violently, seemingly going crazy with shock. 

“Young master!”  

He knelt down slowly, took back Fu Yan’s head, held it carefully in his arms, and carefully identified it four or five times in a row before he finally confirmed that it really was the head of his young master. 

“Heaven Wasteland Domain! Ye Qingyu!” 

Li Wanhai's eyes were blazing with rage, and an indescribable anger almost drowned him. He roared in a thunderous voice and then suddenly sprang up, eyes as ruthless as a knife, sweeping across all the people present. 

“You're going to pay for this... foolish lower domain citizens, I swear, all of you will die a miserable death, a very miserable death!” 

Li Wanhai hissed through gnashing teeth.

“I'll be back, and at that time it will be your death.” 

Then he firmly held onto the head of Fu Yan, no longer willing to say another word. His face was terrifyingly gloomy, as he turned and stormed straight out of the main hall, disappearing in the distance in a flash. 

Lin Zheng also did not chase after him to explain. 

Because there was no need for an explanation. 

Since it was something that Lord Ye Qingyu had done, it represented the will of Heaven Wasteland Domain and Her Majesty. That young master Fu Yan, who was guilty of terrible crimes, deserved to die to repay his crimes. If Li Wanhai had willfully persisted to take revenge, then the Heaven Wasteland Empire also would not back down any further.  

Even Lin Zheng vaguely felt somewhat elated. 

The other courtiers, too, all had this mentality.  

Don't be patient and accommodating, and stand up straight!

This was the choice that Palace Lord Ye Qingyu had helped them make, and it was no doubt a choice that all living creatures in Heaven Wasteland Domain would be proud of.

Heaven Wasteland Domain was not easy to bully. 

Fatty Wang Lijin also had a smiling expression on his face. 

“Oh, that old boy has quite a bit of temper, it most likely won't take long before he would kneel down to take back all he had said.”



The higher-ups of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce were located at the encampment site in Snow capital.

The atmosphere there was exceptionally tense. 


A divine jade and gold bottle that was worth hundreds of kilograms of Origin crystal fell to the ground, sending jade fragments splattering everywhere.

The ruthless expression within Li Wanhai’s eyes made everyone in the room shudder in fear and felt as though they were walking on thin ice.  

“Ye Qingyu... how dare he? Huh? How dare he kill the people of my chamber of commerce, is he crazy? That stupid, arrogant lunatic, I want him dead! You idiots, you let Ye Qingyu take away and kill young master Fu Yan under your noses? Are you pigs? Don't you know to protect young master? What is the use of you?” 

The roar of the chief supervisor almost broke every eardrum. 

In the room, there were more than twenty people of the chamber of commerce, who all had their heads held low and dared not to make a single sound.

In truth, they had no idea when young master Fu Yan was captured by the Light City, let alone beheaded. If Li Wanhai had not brought Fu Yan's head back, they would still be thinking that Fu Yan was drunk and sleeping in his room. 

After a moment, Li Wanhai’s anger appeared to quiet down. 

“Lord, it's no use getting angry now, that Ye Qingyu is very ruthless, Young master’s body is still in Light City...” An adviser-like middle-aged scholar made a light cough. “Now is not the time to be angry, we have to first think of a way to bring back the body of young master Fu Yan, or President would be furious.” 

Li Wanhai flew into a rage when he heard these words. 


The remaining pair of the divine jade bottles were also shattered. 

“Lord, why don't I bring people there to snatch the body back, flatten that bullshit Light City, and kill that Ye Qingyu... What so-called [Ice Sword Killing God], he does not deserve his reputation. Do you think our Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce would be afraid of him?” The leader of the guards of the chamber of commerce, Yang Jifeng, volunteered himself.  

“Yes, their Heaven Wasteland Empire wants to die. Why don’t we directly inform the President to dispatch the Sky Suppressing military division, and directly wipe out the Heaven Wasteland Empire to avenge young master Fu Yan.” A member of the chamber of commerce gnashed his teeth in anger.

The Sky Suppressing military division, a private force of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, was similar to the army and was extremely strong, not in the slightest inferior to the many large sects or the Iron Blood corps of the imperial court. It was the military force that had once flattened countless hostile forces for the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce and allowed them to establish themselves in the Vast Thousand Domains. 

Li Wanhai also gradually calmed down. 

“The destruction of the Heaven Wasteland Empire is certain, but it cannot be rushed. Ye Qingyu that murderous maniac, he should not have angered our Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. Even the Dragon Human Race is somewhat courteous to us. This time, I want to let that mad dog know what is a real iron plate... Send someone to invite the chief supervisor of the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce, the Divine Symbol Chamber of Commerce and the True Spirit Chamber of Commerce over, let them know that I agree to their previous proposals and conditions, ask them to come over...”

A series of commands were issued. 

Everyone left the room. 

Li Wanhai uttered with a cold smile, “Ye Qingyu, you ignorant and foolish mad dog, aren't you going to guard the Heaven Wasteland Empire? Haha, this time, I'm going to make you kneel in front of me and beg for mercy. I want you to know that there is no medicine for regret in this world...” 


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